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#1 Aug 26 2013 at 6:08 PM Rating: Good
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Hey guys figured this would be a good first place to start sharing macros to help one another out.

Here is one I really like.

Icon: True Thrust
Name: Frontal Assault
/ac "True Thrust" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Vorpal Thrust" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Full Thrust" <t>

Icon: Full Thrust
Name: Rear Assault
/ac "Impulse Drive" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Disembowel" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Chaos Thrust" <t>

Icon: Heavy Thrust
Name: Flank Assault
/ac "Heavy Thrust" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Ring of Thorns" <t>

If you have something better or other really helpful ones please share!
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#2 Aug 26 2013 at 7:56 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm not a fan of those combo macros (feels a little close to botting for me), mainly because should you miss one attack (especially the initial hit), the remaining hits are a waste of TP, as the chain does not proc.

I use Q/W/E/S for my movement, so A & D are re-bound as hotbar keys. I have A/Shift+A/Ctrl+A (and similar for D) as a combo (True Thrust -> Vorpal Thrust -> Full Thrust for A, Impulse Drive -> Disembowel -> Chaos Thrust eventually for D), so I can just slide my little finder over the modifier button, holding the ring finger over the activation button. X & Shift+X will be Heavy Thrust -> Ring of Thorns, with Ctrl+X for Doom Spike, concentrating AoE on that button.

In terms of macros, as a pure DPS class there isn't as much room/need to get fancy, say like <tt> (target of target) for CNJ's attack magic, ACN using Physick or THM cross-classing a heal. A few things I have found useful/read up on (only @ 22 atm):

Attack CD macro
/ac "Life Surge" <me>
/ac "Bloodbath" <me>
/ac "Blood for Blood" <me>
/ac "Raging Strikes" <me>

Defense CD macro
/ac "Second Wind" <me>
/ac "Keen Flurry" <me>
/ac "Featherfoot" <me>
/ac "Foresight" <me>

and so on. The order can be changed, and I keep two vertical hotbars at the side of the screen with all these abilities on there, so that a) I can keep track of CDs, and b) I can manually fire one later in the order if circumstances dictate. I have the self-healing ones up top, so I can use them as reaction buttons. In a raid, I may change the order, so I can take more advantage of Blood for Blood etc. Also, the LNC/DRG-specific ones are usually going to be more potent/longer lasting (due to Traits), so they will usually be higher in the order.

If you are not so concerned with the self-healing of Life Surge as the auto-crit it generates, stick it before your hardest-hitting attack (i.e. Full Thrust >26), with a wait for lag etc.

/ac "Life Surge" <me>
/wait 1
/ac "Full Thrust" <t>

On LNC, I am currently using Straight Shot from ACH (+10% crit chance). @ 40, when Heavy Thrust gets extended to 20sec duration, they have the same duration, allowing a buffing macro (Note: Heavy Thrust only buffs from the side!). This should be separate from a standalone Heavy Thrust though, allowing the Heavy Thrust -> Ring of Thorns AoE combo to fire.

, /ac "Heavy Thrust" <t>
/wait 2.5
/ac "Straight Shot" <t>

Just a few ideas - with no gear swaps, macro-writing skills won't be as important here as in XI. Also, head to, and read up on their Macro Overview. Very useful for all classes, as a starting point.
#3 Aug 29 2013 at 6:40 PM Rating: Good
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Carmelita great ideas, I can't say is the first time I see them, but great ideas not the less.

Here is my all purpose Engage macro:

/assist <t>
/ac "Auto-attack" <t>

With this macro you only have to select your tank prior the Engage and keep spamming it until you target a mob (which will be your tank's target) the targeting system has been sort of a miss for me and this macro makes my dungeon life a breeze.

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#4 Oct 17 2013 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Sorry to necro bump this but I posted this in my job forum and this is the only thread I could find on here about Macros (Im not good at the search)

I was wondering if on PS3 anyone makes macros to use combo abilities like HT-VT-FT all in one button for the PS3 Controller...I find that I have sooo many abilities and only 16 slots but about 24 abilities I want to be able to use.

I never use VT or FT without HT first so it makes sense to group them

A- does anyone do this and have examples?

B- Does it work?

C- Do I need to bother?

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#5 Oct 26 2013 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
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ok well here goes and this is my rotation on Dragoon and ive tested it and it works also on the test dummy.

My gear consists full Dark Light Armor & Accessories + Garuda Lance.

1. Heavy Thrust
2. Impulse Drive > Disembowel > Chaos Thrust
3. Internal Release > Blood for Blood
3. True Thrust > Leg Sweep > Vorpal Thrust > Life Surge > Full Thrust
4. Phlebotomize (DoT)

5. Heavy Thrust
6. Impulse Drive > Disembowel > Chaos Thrust
7.True Thrust > Leg Sweep > Vorpal Thrust > Full Thrust
8. Phlebotomize (DoT)

Sometimes i will put Phlebotomize 1st on the rotation before Heavy Thrust depending on the type of fight and if the fight requires alot of dodging and moving around.

I have found that i would crit Full Thrust without using "Life Surge" before "Full Thurst" i would crit somewhere about 650-680 and using "Life Surge" before "Full Thrust" 869-900.
#6 Nov 01 2013 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey all, I'll just leave this hear in hopes of bringing this thread back from the dead!
/macroicon "ability name"
/ac "ability name" <mo> or <t>
/recast 2.5s
/wait 2.5s
/ac "ability name" <mo> or <t>
/recast 2.5s
/wait 2.5s
/ac "ability name" <mo> or <t>
/recast 2.5s
/wait 2.5s
for a general purpose combo macro ( if you use them)

Some examples of others I use:
/macroicon "Piercing Talon"
/ac "Piercing Talon" <mo>
/recast 2.5s
-I like to keep this one handy for when things get messy

/macroicon "Leg Sweep"
/ac "Leg Sweep" <mo>
/recast 20.00s
#7 Nov 04 2013 at 11:20 AM Rating: Decent
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Mildose, may I ask why you're using /recast on abilities that are on the Global cool down? My understanding is that it displays the time remaining until the skill can be cast again in your chat, but for GCD abilities, after a wait of 2.5s (in reality it rounds up to 3s) it will always say no time remaining and is therefore pretty redundant!?

Most people stay away from chaining combos together on one button as the /wait only works with integer values, so you lose 0.5 seconds of DPS per skill that you macro like this. Added to that, it also removes some of your flexibility.

Back to topic:

I keep almost all my cooldowns on crosshotbar 2 and have created a macro for each of them that automatically changes back to crosshotbar 1 when used. This just helps clear the clutter a little, as with all your abilites plus a few cross class skills you won't be able to fit them on one crosshotbar.
The macro is something like: (away from PS3 so can't check)
/macroicon "Skill name here"
/ac "skill name here" <me>
/ac chotbar1

#8 Nov 06 2013 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
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I agree that macros can be a waste of TP and often create more of an issue than they are worth especially when tanking. Simple Key binding is really all that is needed. The only macro's I usually facilitate are to mark, throw a weapon/shield and perhaps taunt. Using taunts in macros can be tricky as taunts are subject to DR and should be saved for "Oh Sheet!" moments.

I have read now that SE plans to model a great deal of their up-coming 24-man Raids after World of Warcraft's 25-man Raid Progression if so... not to come across like an elitist beotch but from my years of MT-ing 25man raids if the main tank(s) (all players really) is/are not using his/her mouse to navigate the encounter and often (on the fly) move the boss very quickly around various obstacles, into Buffed areas or out of various "pools of death" then you will greatly suffer for it; you and your group. (of course while on a PC - not certain what facilitating PS 3 or 4 entail or what the results would be).

I would suggest to any Tank desiring to raid or do upper End Game content to try to learn to move with their mouse and also key bind skills which pull mobs or trigger any taunt or CC effects for utility ease onto any additional mouse keys available. The WoW Raid Mouse is an unbelievable choice for key-binding essential Tank skills, though I am certain their are other choices available.

Good Hunting and Happy Raid Progression to all of you!
#9 Nov 08 2013 at 2:47 AM Rating: Good
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I'm not a fan of macros for the purpose of auto-generating combos. To optimize DPS you need to interlace the buffs/interrupts between regular attacks, preferably stacking them up for ideal overlapping.

[Sidebar - Long Range Example]: Keen Fury > Jump > Piercing Talon > Featherfoot > Heavy Thrust > Blood for Blood > Phlebotomize > Leg Sweep > Impulse Drive > Internal Release > Disembowel > Power Surge > Chaos Thrust > Life Surge > Dragonfire Dive > Heavy Thrust > etc.

I do like macros for auto-targeting which is helpful if you get a tank that marks enemies, and have one of these for every attack skill. This will attack #1 first. If that fails it will immediately roll over to #2, #3, and finally the target like a regular attack. (Disabling Warnings in General tab recommended)

[ Damage Skill ]
/macroicon "Damage Skill"
/ac "Damage Skill" <attack1>
/ac "Damage Skill" <attack2>
/ac "Damage Skill" <attack3>
/ac "Damage Skill" <t>

If it wasn't mentioned, you should always start with /macricon "Skill Name" to show the cooldown on your hotbar.

FYI "Jump" doesn't work with /macroicon, so I don't have a macro for that. Probably confused with the hippity hoppity jump everyone can do. I reported a bug but it's buried on the forums somewhere.

Edited, Nov 8th 2013 3:48am by ErikHighwind
#10 Jan 31 2014 at 3:47 AM Rating: Decent
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you can actually set up your hotbar on a gamepad controller to pull up another 8 slots for moves when you pull both triggers simultaneously. I play on my pc with an xbox controller and was having the same issue, but messed around a bit with the hotbar settings and discovered this, it's must faster and easier to just pull both triggers to bring up 8 more moves than it is to switch with the RB button, using the RB button is ok, but can confuse you sometimes if you're not paying close attention and might put you in the wrong set of abilities. hope this helps.
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#11 Apr 29 2014 at 9:20 PM Rating: Decent
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MarieElena wrote:

I would suggest to any Tank desiring to raid or do upper End Game content to try to learn to move with their mouse

I would have to disagree with you on using your mouse to move. I always use the keyboard+right click (look around) to move, and to my understanding this is preferred by a lot of "elitists" Maybe this is what you meant I do not know but I don't see how you can possibly move around with just your mouse without turning your back to the boss, a major no no in WoW.
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