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OOT has been hit with a spam bomb.Follow

#1 Oct 26 2013 at 11:36 AM Rating: Good
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NO time to report all of them, good luck!
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#2 Oct 26 2013 at 11:40 AM Rating: Good
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I think all the mods are AFK.
Theophany wrote:
someproteinguy wrote:
Aethien you take more terrible pictures than a Japanese tourist.
Astarin wrote:
One day, Maz, you'll learn not to click on anything Aeth links.
#3 Oct 26 2013 at 1:47 PM Rating: Excellent
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They're gone now. It's that same creep out of India that keeps thread spamming everything. Same guy is also doing the SEO and Fake ID **** too, as well as all the ones that advertise UK based illegal services. He's apperently got access to about 400 different IP address pools, maybe proxies, maybe botnet, and he never sticks with one long enough to make it even worth an IP ban. I've even tried calling a few of the ISP's to see if I could get more information about where he is based out of, but I don't speak Hindu so that didn't work well. I'm not sure what else to do to minimize the impact at this point. We've forwarded the fake ID ones over to the FBI cybercrimes reporting center but they haven't had any luck shuttting him down apperently. Blocking the entire IP range of India would impact a bunch of users. He doesn't prestage accounts so i can't pre-emptivly ban them, and he isn't making enough different accounts that the anti account creation spam features would even kick in. He also is on the exact opposite schedule of all the admins apperently, or he knows to look for orange names to time his spamming.

It's definitly a problem, and I am open to any ideas on how to fix it. I do appologize for the mess, we try to clean them up as soon as we see them though. Sometimes it takes us a while on the weekends.

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#4 Oct 26 2013 at 2:40 PM Rating: Good
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Pumpkin Lörd Kaolian wrote:
It's definitly a problem, and I am open to any ideas on how to fix it.
Bounce a call through India and prank call one of Pakistan's leaders? Wait. That would probably affect a bunch of users too. Nevermind.

Maybe find someone who speaks Hindu and offer them free premium to translate as you speak to an ISP?
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