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#1 Sep 21 2011 at 6:28 PM Rating: Good
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I would love the ability use Heroic stats in the "Limit to items with stats" and "Sort items by" sections of searching for equipment. There are several items in game with fairly close stats but huge bonuses in heroics.

Anyhow thats the only suggestion I have. Nice job keeping the site up to date folks!
#2 Sep 25 2011 at 11:47 AM Rating: Good
Just a tip: this is a cross site forum. If you have game specific stuff, you should include what game forum/database/wiki you have a question or idea about.
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#3 Sep 25 2011 at 2:39 PM Rating: Good
GBATE!! Never saw it coming
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Magic 8-Ball says: EQ Item Search function.Smiley: schooled

He wants a radio button for include/exclude heroic stats.

I'm totally psychic.Smiley: nod
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#4 Sep 25 2011 at 5:33 PM Rating: Decent
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The ability to search for heroic stats in the EQ part of site would rock.
#5 Sep 28 2011 at 2:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hey guys - I'll go ahead and forward this on to our developers.
#6 Sep 28 2011 at 3:11 PM Rating: Excellent
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Can you tell me the URL of the search page(s) in question, and give me a couple heroic stat examples/names so I can make sure I'm doing the right thing?

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#7 Sep 28 2011 at 9:45 PM Rating: Decent
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Advanced Search URL: I'm not premium so can't give an example search url, but here are all the Exclude No Drop items, with Heroic Sta and an ID above 100000:

EDIT: Forgot t mention this was from an older list, so probably alot more, but should be most between the IDs of 100000 and 111596.

Warped Steel Bracer Sta: 16+2
Warped Steel Gauntlets Sta: 9+2
Warped Steel Boots Sta: 16+2
Warped Steel Helm Sta: 16+2
Warped Steel Vambraces Sta: 22+3
Warped Steel Greaves Sta: 20+4
Warped Steel Breastplate Sta: 13+4
Alloy-Linked Wristguard Sta: 24+1
Alloy-Linked Sleeves Sta: 7+1
Alloy-Linked Leggings Sta: 8+2
Alloy-Linked Coat Sta: 11+2
Scratched Hide Wristguard Sta: 26+2
Scratched Hide Gloves Sta: 17+2
Scratched Hide Boots Sta: 22+2
Scratched Hide Cowl Sta: 16+2
Scratched Hide Armwraps Sta: 10+3
Scratched Hide Leggings Sta: 5+4
Scratched Hide Tunic Sta: 16+4
Glossy Silk Wristband Sta: 16+2
Glossy Silk Gloves Sta: 16+2
Glossy Silk Slippers Sta: 9+2
Glossy Silk Hat Sta: 16+2
Glossy Silk Sleeves Sta: 9+3
Glossy Silk Pantaloons Sta: 27+4
Glossy Silk Robe Sta: 19+4
Warping Steel Bracer Sta: 16+2
Warped Steely Bracer Sta: 16+2
Alloy-Linked Wristband Sta: 24+1
Scorched Hide Wristguard Sta: 26+2
Glossed Silk Wristband Sta: 16+2
Glossy Silk Wristwrap Sta: 16+2
Blackguard Mask Sta: 8+2
Felmight Gorget Sta: 7+2
Stonewall Pauldrons Sta: 17+2
Sliverthread Cloak Sta: 10+2
Felmight Fetish Sta: 18+1
Targe of Kulthar Sta: 15+1
Signet of Wegar Sta: 19+2
Girdle of Wirlem Sta: 4+3
Orrel's Blood Bauble Sta: 10+1
Elladrial's Auric Ringlet Sta: 16+1
Elladrial's Cloak of Shining Silk Sta: 10+2
Band of Corporeal Resurgence Sta: 21+2
Furious Visage Sta: 12+1
Epaulettes of Eternity Sta: 13+1
Fortunisa's Nightcloak Sta: 9+2
Inscribed Signet of Valarine Sta: 22+1
Flametouched Mask Sta: 4+1
Wendia's Shining Guardlet Sta: 4+2
Wendia's Sash Sta: 20+2
Mottled Deathshroud Sta: 15+2
Bloodmoon Assassin's Collar Sta: 19+4
Mechanomagical Torso Joint Plating Sta: 8+2
Flexible Boilerplate Sta: 26+4
Hollow Steamwork Finger Sta: 16+4
Girding of the Disks Sta: 17+4
Wisp of Flame Sta: 11+2
Solidified Spite Sta: 16+3
Folded Propellers Sta: 9+2
Shiny Ring Gear Sta: 18+2
Chain of Gears Sta: 20+2
Bloodmoon Ritual Mantle Sta: 16+2
Flexible Metal Plating Sta: 10+2
Strong Propeller Drive Belt Sta: 27+1
Mechanomagical Upper Appendage Joint Plating Sta: 15+1
Bloodmoon Cleric Cloak Sta: 19+2
Silvered Ring Gear Sta: 22+2
Mechanical Drive Belt Sta: 12+2
Bloodmoon Signet Ring Sta: 7+1
Dull Ancestral Signet Sta: 14+2
Fungus Spore Earring Sta: 19+2
Decomposing Metatarsal Stud Sta: 12+2
Bloodfang Earring Sta: 24+2
Rusty Gear Sta: 23+2
Faende's Diamond Earstud Sta: 22+1
Valorous Visage of Vigor Sta: 8+3
Pendant of the Stoic Sta: 7+3
Blood Soaked Pauldrons Sta: 17+3
Obsidian Drape of Battle Sta: 10+3
Badge of the Resolute Defender Sta: 18+2
Gilded Targe of Kulthar Sta: 15+2
Inscribed Signet of Wegar Sta: 19+3
Barded Gird of Wirlem Sta: 4+4
Orrel's Nightmarish Bauble Sta: 10+2
Elladrial's Singular Auric Ringlet Sta: 16+1
Elladrial's Scintillating Cloak Sta: 10+2
Ring of Healing Visions Sta: 21+2
Mask of the Deathbringer Sta: 12+1
Pauldrons of the Ageless Rage Sta: 13+1
Fortunisa's Arcane Nightcloak Sta: 9+2
Gilded Signet of Valarine Sta: 22+1
Visage of Dancing Flame Sta: 4+1
Wendia's Gleaming Guardlet Sta: 4+2
Wendia's Golden Sash Sta: 20+2
Deathshroud of the Graverobber Sta: 15+2
Balkor's Collar Sta: 19+4
Gearmarshal's Emblazoned Joint Plating Sta: 8+2
Engineered Boilerplate Sta: 26+4
Fuzzbert's Power Finger Sta: 16+4
Bildarol's Belt of Gears Sta: 17+4
Everburning Infernite Sta: 11+2
Writhing Spite Sta: 16+3
Ivy Etched Folded Propeller Sta: 9+2
Chamberlain's Ring Gear Sta: 18+2
Jon E's Control Device Sta: 20+2
Vorash's Ritual Mantle Sta: 16+2
Fine Mesh Backside Heat Protection Sta: 10+2
Fizzlebot's Propeller Drive Belt Sta: 27+1
Siegemarshal's Collar Sta: 15+1
Ralfin's Cloak of the Moon Sta: 19+2
Fuzzbert's Heart Ring Gear Sta: 22+2
Chamberlain's Drive Belt Sta: 12+2
Vorash's Signet Ring Sta: 7+1
Signet of the Deathguard Sta: 14+2
Fungusbloom Cap Earring Sta: 19+2
Petrified Metatarsal Stud Sta: 12+2
Rakno's Fang Sta: 24+2
Rusty Steamwork Eye Sta: 23+2
Archaic Plate Bracer Sta: 6+1
Archaic Plate Gauntlets Sta: 9+2
Archaic Plate Boots Sta: 25+2
Archaic Plate Helm Sta: 14+1
Archaic Plate Vambraces Sta: 12+2
Archaic Plate Greaves Sta: 15+2
Archaic Plate Breastplate Sta: 24+2
Archaic Chain Wristguard Sta: 15+1
Archaic Chain Gauntlets Sta: 15+3
Archaic Chain Boots Sta: 5+1
Archaic Chain Coif Sta: 15+2
Archaic Chain Sleeves Sta: 15+2
Archaic Chain Leggings Sta: 17+2
Archaic Chain Coat Sta: 23+2
Archaic Leather Wristguard Sta: 6+1
Archaic Leather Gloves Sta: 18+2
Archaic Leather Boots Sta: 15+2
Archaic Leather Cowl Sta: 15+2
Archaic Leather Armwraps Sta: 12+1
Archaic Leather Leggings Sta: 15+2
Archaic Leather Tunic Sta: 24+2
Archaic Cloth Wristband Sta: 15+2
Archaic Cloth Gloves Sta: 14+1
Archaic Cloth Sandals Sta: 11+1
Archaic Cloth Cap Sta: 11+3
Archaic Cloth Sleeves Sta: 23+1
Archaic Cloth Pants Sta: 15+2
Archaic Cloth Robe Sta: 16+2
Archaic Plate Brace Sta: 6+1
Archaic Plate Bracing Sta: 6+1
Archaic Chain Wristband Sta: 15+1
Archaic Leather Wristband Sta: 6+1
Archaic Cloth Wristguard Sta: 15+2
Archaic Cloth Wristbanding Sta: 15+2
Tarnished Skullhead Earring Sta: 19+1
Gnollface Mask Sta: 11+1
Gnoll's Honor Medal Sta: 6+1
Shawl of Warwishes Sta: 5+1
Mottled Stenchcloak Sta: 17+1
Putrid Antenna Sta: 16+1
Battered Gnoll Shield Sta: 20+1
Dried Stenchmoss Sta: 9+2
Veil of Plagues Sta: 19+1
Glimmerlight Amice Sta: 24+1
Inquisitor's Cape Sta: 7+1
Swarm Shield Sta: 11+1
Snakehandler Signet Sta: 7+1
Snakeskin Belt Sta: 24+2
Band of Luminescence Sta: 15+1
Hardened Wolfhide Epaulettes Sta: 9+1
Petrified Grizzly Eye Sta: 23+1
Shield of Malaise Sta: 15+2
Band of Binding Sta: 13+1
Snakefang Belt Sta: 17+1
Batfang Earring Sta: 7+1
Redshell Mask Sta: 25+2
Living Bone Gorget Sta: 15+2
Wrathborn Spaulders Sta: 15+2
Flyscale Cloak Sta: 19+1
Sliver of Life Sta: 13+2
Fireborne Carapace Sta: 21+1
Warband Sta: 10+2
Thrallbond Belt Sta: 20+3
Tarnished Skullhead Box Sta: 7+1
Lump of Resounding Clay Sta: 24+1
Mask of Dark Intent Sta: 17+2
Battered Militia Crest Sta: 7+1
Girdle of Command Sta: 22+1
Tarnished Dagger, Card of Assassins Sta: 7+1
Windcaller's Mask Sta: 9+1
Snakeskin Collar Sta: 8+1
Shimmering Spaulders Sta: 6+1
Granite Fellstone Sta: 19+2
Ornate Turquoise Shield Sta: 18+2
Signet of the Dead Sta: 18+1
Lifetaker's Band Sta: 12+1
Verdant Ritual Sash Sta: 24+2
Emblem of the Dead Sta: 30+1
Mounted Ursine Fang Sta: 12+1
Eyes of the Wolf Sta: 12+1
Amber Pendant Sta: 24+1
Chitinous Shoulderpads Sta: 26+3
Silk-Lined Cloak Sta: 19+1
Softly Glowing Gemstone Sta: 10+1
Waxing Crescent Buckler Sta: 26+1
Amethyst-Studded Ring Sta: 19+2
Putrid Bertoxxulous Etched Earring Sta: 19+1
Nightstalker's Mask Sta: 11+1
Axeweaver's Medal of Distinction Sta: 6+1
Shawl of Dreadwishes Sta: 5+1
Stenchcloak Sta: 17+1
Swarm Mistress Antenna Sta: 16+1
Axeweaver's Large Shield Sta: 20+1
Stenchmoss Sta: 9+2
Veil of the Plaguecaller Sta: 19+1
Glimmerlight Drape Sta: 24+1
Dalin's Cape Sta: 7+1
Web of Flies Sta: 11+1
Signet of Snakemaster Graxos Sta: 7+1
Fangskin Belt Sta: 24+2
Circlet of Living Light Sta: 15+1
Spaulders of Resolution Sta: 9+1
Mother's Watchful Eye Sta: 23+1
Escutcheon of the Plague Lord Sta: 15+2
Band of Lo'Eszch Sta: 13+1
Fangflesh Belt Sta: 17+1
Crimson Batfang Sta: 7+1
Mask of the Red Mother Sta: 25+2
Jelvalak's Gorget Sta: 15+2
Pauldrons of Wrath Sta: 15+2
Tsetsian Scalecloak Sta: 19+1
Seal of Life Sta: 13+2
Shield of Dancing Flame Sta: 21+1
Butcher's Band Sta: 10+2
Thrallmaster Belt Sta: 20+3
Putrid Bertoxxulous Etched Box Sta: 7+1
Resounding Heart Sta: 24+1
Face of the Malign Sta: 17+2
Bulwark of the Protectorate Sta: 7+1
Xantheos' Girdle of Honor Sta: 22+1
Putrid Knight, Card of Death Sta: 7+1
Ornate Windcaller's Mask Sta: 9+1
Torque of Scales Sta: 8+1
Shimmering Pauldrons Sta: 6+1
Kravek's Fellstone Sta: 19+2
Azureguard Sta: 18+2
Signet of K`Than Sta: 18+1
Ythara's Ring Sta: 12+1
Valdeev's Sash of Rituals Sta: 24+2
K`Thak's Emblem Sta: 30+1
Gleaming Ursine Fang Sta: 12+1
Eyes of the Stalker Sta: 12+1
Dawnheart Pendant Sta: 24+1
Widow's Shoulderpads Sta: 26+3
Trapper's Cloak Sta: 19+1
Illusionist's Glowing Gemstone Sta: 10+1
Sergeant's Crescent Buckler Sta: 26+1
T`Shar's Band Sta: 19+2
Sporerune Bow Sta: 26+3

Hope this helps,

Yther Ore.

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