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Bastion is a conveninet method of getting considerable amounts of EXP and/or Merits in a short space of time which i THINK is what it's original intention was. However this event is not widely partaken in by people on a consistent basis and as the EXP/Gold Chest Drops (BIG ISSUE) rates to name just two vary with the contition of the Pulse Martello it's making life difficult in the newer Abyssea areas for people looking to get things done effectively.

The main problem with Bastion at the moment is not having a way of freezing your visitant status while partaking in it, and you will end up blazing through a lot of Traverser Stones before you know it. Some people i know avoid Bastion altogether because they do not like using so many stones for an event they never seem to win due to a lack of players, who're probably of the same mindset, not taking part.

What i suggest is the following,
1. Bastion Opponents drop Time Extensions (Stone Fragments) when they are defeated by players with Pennant status, even if they have not targeted the enemy in question.
Detectors/Gears/Dolls: 10 minutes.
Acrolith: 15 minutes.
Chariots/Iron Giants: 20 minutes.
The notice of letting players know a stone fragment has been found accompanies the usual NPC text of "We've recovered a martello core from the enemy!"

2. Clone Ward and Pulse Martello HP and Defense is SIGNIFICANTLY improved.
This is something that really ****** me off, you start a battle ready to go and the wave of enemies crashes through the clone wards before you can get their attention (Btw: If you AoE a wave of mobs expect to die and not get any rewards from the entire fight, don't expect anyone else to either) and seconds later they zerg-rush the martello and you lose without getting anything, insult added to injury if you waited a while for the battle to start meaning you wasted visitant time. This issue can be resolved by increasing the effects of completing the various Resistance Op's so they give more HP and defense to the wards and martellos.

3. Reraise Scrolls added to the list of purchasable temporary items from Bastion Prefects.
I don't need to go into this much, you're fighting a whole load of enemies with extremely damaging area attacks from all sides and getting knocked around like pinballs by the detectors in particular.
We need these, it sucks so bad not having reraise up and having to wait until AFTER the battle to get raised only to find yourself limping away empty handed with no EXP, no cruor and no resistance credits.

4. An NPC is added alongside the maw of the area to let you know the status of events inside, this is not needed if the enemies in here drop time extensions.
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
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And yet the menace of the years
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It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
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Invictus -- William Ernest Henley
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