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#1 Sep 24 2010 at 8:36 PM Rating: Good
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The seal quests seem rather un even at the moment some need fame level 1 some fame level 3, one quest requires you to run from one side of the zone to the other taking 5-10min max
While another requires 2-5 Viscous Spittle's that can't go on the auction house are not tradable which only drop off IT+ spiders to do the quest once taking 30-60min.
As the quests are they simply aren't worth using 2-3 stones and getting a party to farm spiders in order to have a small chance at obtaining 1 seal

To make the hard quests worth doing the drop rate has to be worth the time invested
For example:-
On His Bridge, His Beloved quest keep the drop rate as it is but allow the player to have a chance at getting a seal for the job they are currently on not any one of 4.

Second Idea:-
Have the hard quests have a chance at droping multiple seals

Third idea:-
Have the Viscous Spittle's be a temp item suplied by the npc and make the quest repeatable once per game day

As it stands they are not even close to being even when one quest can be done 6-12 times in the same space of time it takes for the other to be done once or twice

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#2 Sep 24 2010 at 9:37 PM Rating: Decent
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at the very least, check which magian quests are logged and give those seals priority drop rate, or do it according to the main job you are on.

SOMETHING seriously needs to be done with these things.

I've been doing the Boxwatcher's quest for my Caller's seals b/c until just recently, no NM's were listed on wiki for dropping them. I've gotten and chunked 8 DNC seals (DNC is only 51), and 8 SCH seals (don't even have that unlocked yet). I've gotten 7 WAR seals (keeping those, as I plan on taking WAR up eventually, currently at 60)...and only 5 Caller's seals. I have 85 SMN and the feet logged for it. The only other feet I have logged are for my SAM (which is already 85 and only gotten 1 seal for it so far as well--chunked some THF seals as it's only 51). That's another bad one. I would keep 3 of the 4 seals from Bad Communication (76 WHM and plan on doing BST one day too)--but after burning almost 90 minutes on it, I only got 1 SAM and the rest were THF.

I've done this on BLM/WHM, SMN/WHM, and WHM/BRD, on multiple days/moon phases. The only time I've managed to get SMN seals has been an odd one here and there on ice/thunder's day around new moon. I've burned up roughly 20 stones so far.

This is ridiculous. Lately, I have only had time to do these solo at times when my shell is pretty much empty or everyone is afk bazaaring overnight, so dependable NM farming hasn't been an option except maybe 1 day a week.


OK, died 5 more times tonight on boxwatcher's thanks to the NM's being left wandering the path to conflux 00. And for the love of Pete people, don't pull themn all the way back to the was raping people as the pop back to finish the quest, add time, or exit the zone. Got my 8 WAR seals for when I get 21 more levels on that job and manage to get the base feet to drop. Tossed 4 more DNC and 2 SCH seals...and no SMN. Still at 5/8 on SMN seals. My last 4 stones are gone until Joachim makes me more /sigh...guess it's back to unlocking my final stages on elemental staves again.

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#3 Sep 25 2010 at 4:11 AM Rating: Good
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Yea, I still don't get why the system seem to favor items you don't want. Like my WAR friend only gets SMN and I only get WAR. If we could trade, we'd both be done. But now we are both more like at 2 seals.
#4 Sep 27 2010 at 8:39 AM Rating: Default
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at the very least, check which magian quests are logged and give those seals priority drop rate, or do it according to the main job you are on.

Neither of which are great options, since you can't have more then 5 trials open, so if you have 3 elemental weapons and the NQ WS one, you only have one slot left for 3 armor pieces per job.
And some jobs are not as fit to do certain quests as others.

NM hunting is a better alternative for certain repeatable quests, IF you can get people to assist.
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#5 Sep 27 2010 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
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yeah, this is true... but consider this:

I had 4 staves going and the caller's pigaches logged. Since then, I have completed two of those staves and logged another staff and the SAM feet. I have nearly finished another staff (32 kills) and half way throught another (125 kills left)--it's convenient when you run across mobs on two lists in one area. Anywho....I have burned up 28 stones just spamming the quest for the caller's seals.

Finally finished my +1 feet this morning. During that time, I have gotten enough seals to complete WAR, DNC, and SCH. I have actually gotten MORE than enough for those jobs. I kept the WAR seals (got 9 before I started tossing them), for when I eventually level it up. Just for ***** and giggles I let the DNC seals pile up and tossed 9 of them at once...and continued getting them. I didn't count the SCH seals, but I was dropping those 2 and 3 at a time as well.

I have a 60 WAR, 51 DNC, and SCH isn't even unlocked. The whole time this was going on, I had caller's feet logged. Sometimes I was on SMN with the feet equipped even. The only ting that seemed to influence the drop rate was if I did it on ice/lightning day during the last phase before new moon--and if I died along the way so I could run full speed to finish it faster. Thankfully I had a 76 WHM with an xp buffer to use once I figured that part of the pattern out. But even then, I was burning up around 2 hours of time to walk away with only 1 SMN seal some times.

All we're asking is for something to be done to balance this thing out. If they could just add a specific trigger for getting the seals we need (preferrably one that didn't mean dying). The simplest thing for the player would be to make it detect your main job or logged trials.

Let's face it...not much point in doing it unless you are trying to complete the item anyway, as it is a time sink no matter how you look at it. And to say some jobs aren't good for doing the quests...REALLY? Don't mean to sound like a douche... but at 81+ you can't sub or main a job that gives some form of sneak/invis and possibly Reraise, or find a way to get your hands on items to grant the same effects?

#6 Sep 28 2010 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
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The irony is that to get AF+2 we'll need to kill those seal dropping NMs, and nobody will want to have any of them, because we'll all have quested them first.

Of course if all NMs dropped AF+2 items, we'd be living the dream.
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