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Free 50 Dollar iDevice App! Limited Time! Music LoversFollow

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If you own an Apple device I strongly suggest you get this 50 dollar app while its free. It's for free until December 4th. Anyone who loves music should look into it. It's a DJ system for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The name of it is called DJ Player.

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Busaman the Mighty wrote:

OMFG that sh*t drives me character is my @#%^ing character damnit, not a 'toon'. Everytime I hear wow lingo I think I'm on a *** **** set:
"OK in this fight basically the toons are gonna tank and spank. hey man stop playing with your twink! How much is a kraken club now? 30 million gold?"
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Ok, now you're just spamming. Knock it off.

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