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We had a dream thread on here several months back (I seem to recall it was something about teeth falling out). I had TWO dreams last night that I was looking for interpretation on.

1. Out of control driving dream: I've had this one several times; I'm driving a car through a storm, and the car is out of control. It usually doesn't have anything to do with the brakes being out or anything, but that the storm is so fierce that I literally cannot stop. I know that out of control car dreams usually mean your life is out of control... but mine is actually stable for the first time in months. I've got a new job, a new apartment, plenty of money saved up to pay bills and whatnot. I've been relatively healthy and I've lost 8 pounds (through healthy eating and increased exercise) in the past month. Best I can figure is that the storm might represent alcoholism (which I've been worried about developing), and the out of control part is not really knowing where I'm going in life... but that doesn't seem to fit quite right, as I'm not worried about where I'm going, but staying on the road.

2. Repeatedly trying to save a (usually fictional) person from a tragic fate: Last night I had an odd dream where I was trying to save Faith from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" after a demon cursed her to commit suicide. The dream kept repeating, with me trying to change the circumstances so that she wouldn't kill herself; finally ended with me taking her place. It's odd in several ways, since it's been years since I watched the series, and I always felt Faith was a jerk (and as far as I know, she never died in the series; at least, I never got to a season when she did). Back when I was a tween, I had a similar dream about saving a Final Fantasy character. I've had other dreams about saving presidents like Lincoln or Kennedy, and a few about saving high school friends (real, amalgamations, or fictional) from either a disaster, self-inflicted wounds, or even bullying. Sounds like a hero complex combined with pessimism about actually succeeding, but it seems odd to me that the people are often fictional, or ones I've never met/liked.

Also, I'm curious what other kinds of recurring dreams people have.
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I had a dream last night, I can't remember it now. But the odd part of this dream was that I woke up shortly afteward (about 4:00am) with the very vivid thought that it was a continuation of a previous dream (which I also cannot remember). I think my dreams are taking on subconcious story lines that I'm not privileged to. Anyone else have that?

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gbaji wrote:
You guys keep tossing facts out there like they mean something.

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I rarely dream. When I do? They are epic stuff! I've found that changing your diet or eating strange food often causes dreams.
I know for example eating the spinach and mushroom pizza from a certain place gives me the most fantastic dreams.
Locke, Your dreams still reflect your fear of again going out of control. While things seem stable now. Life can toss you
off the bridge at any time and you know this. I suggest making sure you have some nest egg saved for emergency's.
Having good health and insurance coverage also. Having peace of mind will help you to get rid of the dreams.

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Tailmon wrote:
I know for example eating the spinach and mushroom pizza from a certain place gives me the most fantastic dreams.

eating the spinach and mushroom pizza

spinach and mushroom pizza


Fantastic dreams, you say?Smiley: jester
Jophiel wrote:
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The first dreams sounds like a recurring dream I used to have. Only mine was elevators. Super fast, out of control elevators. They went up, down, side-to-side, did loops, you name it. They never stopped on the floor I wanted to be on, sometimes the doors wouldn't open... These dreams went on for years. And it was because of the man I was with. So, maybe your life is basically ok, but is there someone or something in your life that's a bit chaotic?

No recurring dreams for me these days (not since the elevators from ****). But last night I dreamt that I was with some woman I didn't know and we were in some hotel/convention center to give a presentation of some sort. We got to the room where we'd be giving the presentation and couldn't get the lights on. So I went looking for someone from the hotel to help. I was walking down the hall, trying to find the front desk, when I was blocked and surrounded by about 20 hotel employess. I think they were going to kill me, but the alarm went off before anything happened.
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