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#1 Aug 10 2012 at 7:53 PM Rating: Sub-Default
Transformers 4 is set to premire in theaters June 29th 2014 and Michael Bay says that it will be his last film until further notice. Bay confirms that the 4th installment will be a serious sequel and not a reboot.

For now lets take a look at who the cast members will be


Johnny Whitworth (as the main human protagonist)

Emmanuelle Chriqui (girlfriend of the main human protagonist)

Tyrese Gibson to reprise his role as Robert Epps

Ray Park

Scarlett Johansson

Jeremy Renner

Christian Bale

Anne Hathaway

Timothy Olyphant

Paula Patton

Tom Hardy

Joseph Gordon Levitt

Bruce Willis

Ben Kingsley

Next up are the autobots and the people to voice them

Peter Cullen to voice Optimus Prime

Leonard Nimoy to voice Sentinel Prime

Colleen O'Shaughnessey to voice Override

Peter Renaday to voice Ultra Magnus

Brian Bloom to voice Trailbreaker

Chris Cox to voice Hound


Sumalee Montano to voice Moonracer

Robert Foxworth to voice Ratchet

James Remar to voice Sideswipe


Bruce Greenwood to voice Springer

Phil LaMarr to voice Windcharger

James Avery to voice Silverbolt

James Horan to voice Fireflight



Sky Shadow

Michael Clarke Duncan to voice Omega Supreme

and now for the Decepticons and for who should voice them

Lance Henriksen to voice Skyuake (the main villain)

Steve Blum to voice Blitzwing

Robin Atkin Downes to voice Cyclonus

*Kim Mai Guest to voice RatBat

Miguel Ferrer to voice Scourge

Brad Garrett to voice Octane

John DiMaggio to voice Dirge

Mark Rolston to voice Thrust

Kevin Grevioux to voice Onslaught


Rick D. Wasserma to voice Treadshot

Nick Chinlund to voice Vortex

Fred Tatasciore to voice Blast Off


Be sure to keep in touch for future updates

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Unnecessary use of multiple colors! Fifteen post penalty!
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Oh God! My Eyes! What would make you think this thread was necessary? Let alone with the colours? **** you, man.
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Shaowstrike the Shady wrote:
Unnecessary use of multiple colors! Fifteen post penalty!

What you meant to say... :)

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I'm making fun of this thread too!

Only I'm doing it secretly.

Can you tell how?

I bet you can't.


Srsly, stop being dumb.
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I'm just going to leave this here...

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2014? About time someone brought this up.

I take it this is one of those "I totally think these guys should be in this movie, because it'd be totally cool and amazing" wishlist threads? Because I sincerely doubt that Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Bruce Willis and Ben Kingsley were cast for the same movie. Funny how the first three are the main characters from the last Batman movie, huh? Why not put ol' Chucky in there for good measure?

Emmanuelle is welcome to star in the movie, though, on the condition that she wears skimpy outfits. That woman, man. First I saw her in Zohan (don't ask why) and then Entourage. I think she's stalking me. Smiley: sly


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