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The Saga: Chapter III - Rise of the undeadFollow

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(Just joining us? Chapters 1 + 2 can be found here:)

Chapter III: Rise of the undead

As i walked in search of direction, i felt a cold chill. The sun was setting and a cold breeze blew throughout the Valkurm Dunes. A kind old man in Selbina had told me i would find my answer in the Gustav tunnel. He assured me that the secrets of the Gustav tunnel would ease my curiosity. I knew that i could possibly be initiating my own brutal death by entering that zone... "Is it worth my life?" I thought. I knew that without discovering the answers to my being, i couldn't live. Wouldn't live. My only option was clear. I headed Northwest and didn't look back.

I could hardly see the mobs in my path. The cold darkness of the night had blinded my vision. I continued to walk what seemed an endless valley of white sand. I hadn't seen another adventurer in some time, and was beginning to wonder why. "Maybe the rest had enough common-sense not to journey this deep", i pondered. I began to doubt myself. I had a gut feeling that i was lost. It was then that i saw a figure in the distance. I approached cautiously, as to not show intentions of harm. As i drew nearer, he stood motionless. I approached and began to speak. "Excuse me i'm a bit lost" i said to the figure. "Could you point me in the direction of Gustav?" I asked. Only an uncomfortable silence followed, as the figure showed no sign on acknowledgment. "I apoligize if i am disturbing your staring aimlessly" I said saracastically, as i was offended by my presense seeming invisible. His eyes slowly focused on mine. "Come for your Blessed Hammer, weakling?" He replied. "Huh? No i just need directions" I explained. The figure grinned. "Your weak healing powers cannot break my strength, you mortal fool! I will foil any attempt of becoming a supreme White Mage at the cost of my demise! I will only grant you death, you ignorant fool!" I quickly realized this figure was no ordinary adventurer, and i may be in deep trouble.

"I come without false intentions!" I explained. The figure looked at me doubtfully, then proceeded to examine me. He began to laugh uncontrollably and withdrew his defensive stance. "You have great courage to approach something of my kind,and show no fear of my presense". He stated. "I am the target of many level 40+ white mages, and am always on my gaurd of foulplay". He continued. "I respect your courage, young adventurer. But where are my manners... Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marchelute."
The shadow explained the origins of the price on his head. His Tavnazia pass that he holds dearly is the target of many white mages that seek their Blessed Hammer. The more i conversed with the dark shadow, the more uncomfortable i felt. "I can tell you where to find the answers you seek, but at a price". "Anything!" I quickly replied. At this point i really was willing to do anything to find my path and meaning. "You must journey to the island of Karyuto. There, the wisest of all the undead shall shine his knowledge upon thee." "I really appreciate your guidance, Marchelute". I responded. "I shall call the boat of the undead for you, young one. You shall board it when it arrives to the shore of the secret beach." "Thanks again" I replied.

I headed in the direction of the tide. It was soon that I realized what Marchelute meant by 'at a price'. The ship appeared before me and the Pirates ordered me to board.

To be continued...
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