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How important is proper grammar/spelling?Follow

#52 May 18 2004 at 12:47 PM Rating: Good
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When I'm chatting on FFXI, I use capital letters, commas, periods, and punctuation marks. That's just the way I type, grammatically correct. If you type in this way, you will seem to notice that you'll get more attention from others and more respect.

Really, I do not care if someone is typing in incorrect grammar. As long as I can understand it. If it gets too bad where the person is not communicating efficiently, I will send that person a tell suggesting that they improve their grammar skills so I won't embarass them.

But, I do prefer someone with great grammar skills than someone who cannot form a sentence correctly.

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#53 May 18 2004 at 8:21 PM Rating: Decent
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Singforu wrote:
And I am going to judge YOU by your writings! From your writings, I can tell you're;

...a snob.
...a liar. elitist wannabe... **** at that.

Uh huh... so I suppose I'll have to assume you're a sniveling little 14 year old who likes to be a badass while hiding behind his daddy's computer monitor. Let me state this as simply as I can, so I don't lose you:

You are an ignorant ******* who likes to hear himself talk. You think that by typing like you're from a gutter in England you'll sound more like a pirate and someday you'll be able to sail the seven seas with a little parrot on your shoulder. Well keep up the smartass attitude boy, because someday you'll talk **** to the wrong person, and end up bleeding on the pavement. ^_^

Totem wrote:
Trendiness and hipness aside, quality writing shows the true measure of a writer. Such strength of character includes proper spelling, syntax, grammar, and when done well, a deviation from said rules to provide a sense of style so as to give a distinct signature to a post.

Yes, I am an internet snob and the vast majority of you FFXIers are beneath me. Deal with it.

That pretty much sums up what I feel... well done!
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#54 May 19 2004 at 5:08 PM Rating: Decent
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#55 May 20 2004 at 5:11 AM Rating: Good
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I do enjoy proper typing far more than abbreviations, because I believe that such unnecessary abbreviations like "ur," "thx," and even the hilarious ones like "omg" may be teaching the next generation of English-speakers to be lazy about their grammar. Whew... how coincidental that I ranted on and on, and formed a run-on sentence, while discussing proper speech! ^^;

Truthfully, I don't look down upon people who write that way, nor do I think they're stupid. I have relatives who type that way as well, and they're educated people who can communicate perfectly in real life encounters. However, there is a reason people are educated in a certain way, and it's for the sake of knowledge. If the next generation of children grow up using computers from a very young age, which is incredibly likely, what if they all become so accustomed to this slang terminology that they begin to use it in schoolwork? Letters? Job applications? That may sound silly, but it's very possible. Not everyone has intelligence they can simply "turn on" and say, "Oh, maybe the way I've learned to use this in written text is wrong, so I think I'll write it out like it is in the dictionary." They may not even think about it.

Therefore, I do wish people would practice writing words out in full, and I wish they'd use proper punctuation as well. These are good things to practice. It will help them get jobs, communicate successfully, express themselves professionally, and so on. Time is not really an issue, either, because the more they practice, the better their typing will get, and they'll be able to converse just as quickly without abbreviating. For example, I'm a lucky sot; I've been around computers ever since I was about two years of age, even though they were monochrome beasts back then. Because I loved them, I played various games on them while growing up, including educational and typing tutorial programs.

As a result of all this, I can type 90WPM without errors, and 120WPM with errors. I can tell you that the next generation of children, who will probably be far more likely to have access to computers than I did (and I lived in a legitimate ghetto!), will be spending a lot of time in front of the monitor screen, too. They may be able to type very quickly when they're grown, but they may not have practiced proper spelling, grammar, and overall form while they were learning. In adulthood, that could hurt them.

Of course, the adults who type that way are just being lazy, too. ^^ I hope.

Just my two cents on the matter. Some people may think those are ridiculous words, but I believe that those who want to sit and think about it will realize how likely it is. Though not all of us are, very many people are impressionable and, to a degree, gullible. If they are not encouraged to do it the right way, they may never do it properly at all.

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#56 May 20 2004 at 7:38 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm less forgiving than most, or something. I'm not too **** about correct spelling and grammar as long as it's not incomprehensible.

However, I've ALWAYS hated net slang. Always. It's so **** irritating and I always want to ask, "WHY THE **** ARE YOU ABBREVIATING A _THREE_ _LETTER_ _WORD_?!"

Of course I use terms like omg, omfg, omgwtfbbq, and lol, but usually when I'm being retarded around my LS buddies. If I'm asking for help I definitely keep my manners about. After all I get a million "u raise?!?!!?!?!?!?1111111" /tells whenever I play as my WHM, and I doubt that if I don't appreciate something someone else will. I won't say that there isn't a corrilation between how people write and how they play, either, at least insomuch that rude behavior, lack of knowledge, underleveled subs, bad equipment, etc is often accompanied by lack of good spelling/grammar.

Sadly, it's a reality of the internet that you have to live with. Personally, though, communication is important to me, and I don't think twice about spending the time to be coherent.
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