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#1 May 04 2004 at 1:33 PM Rating: Decent
Ok, this is kinda freaky. Go here and enter your info. It'll tell you your "Day of Death." Smiley: lol

Mine: Wednesday, November 27, 2024.

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#2 May 04 2004 at 2:12 PM Rating: Good
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Tuesday, April 18th, 2056.

I have some time on my hands.
#3 May 04 2004 at 2:30 PM Rating: Good
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Thursday, April 9, 2043
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#4 May 04 2004 at 2:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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Beat you bothSmiley: smile

August 18th, 2072(apparently I'm slated to live to be nearly 100 despite the fact that according the thier little table I'm a fatso with massive health risksSmiley: rolleyes)

Hopefully no one takes this website seriously...

Unfortunately there will be people out there that say, "OMG the skinnier I am, the longer I'm going to live. I need to go on a diet now so that I'll live longer" It's crap ideas like those that keep the diet industries going. Oh well, to each his(or her) own I guess.Smiley: smile

#5 May 04 2004 at 5:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Tuesday, October 18, 1977

Wednesday, April 3, 2069

not bad for someone who has cigarettes for breakfast, 7-11 food for lunch, and pizza/raman for dinner.
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#7 May 05 2004 at 9:29 AM Rating: Decent
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Sunday, September 26, 2038

Hmmm....only 34 years to go....
#8 May 05 2004 at 9:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Interesting...I changed my BMI several times to see what would happen. The years varied slightly, but it was always September 25th or 26th for the date of death.

#9 May 05 2004 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
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5/11/85 - 4/20/78 wow...93 years for a least ill die on 4-20
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#10 May 05 2004 at 12:53 PM Rating: Good
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Seems I died on October 20th last year. Hmmm figured someone would have mentioned this to me before now.
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#11 May 05 2004 at 5:21 PM Rating: Decent
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****, probably time to stop smoking cheese.

This was a neat link when I first saw back in '93. It's a little tired now.

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