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#1 Mar 07 2011 at 8:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi guys im wondering if i can solo any of my seals for my af3+1, im a single dad i dont get alot of play time so i could like to be able to solo some seals if i could I have Nin Mnk Blm Whm Rdm Brd that I could use to get my seals.
Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks alot
#2 Mar 08 2011 at 2:22 AM Rating: Excellent
A good deal of all NMs for seals can be soloed by either a Nin/Dnc and basically just going at them with an evasion build, or as a Rdm kite nuking around. Granted some will be considerably more difficult than others, but you're unlikely to come across an NM that can't be soloed by one of those two jobs. However, if soloing isn't really what you're aiming for, there are quests that can help you collect seals, but those are just for supplement purposes really, not very time efficient for the sake of collecting the necessary seals.
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#3 Mar 12 2011 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
I wouldn't advise soloing for seals over going with a standard WHM/RDM, BLM/BRD, BLU, and NIN or THF tank setup. In an hour of shouting (hopefully less), and an hour of killing, you should get half your seals for a head/leg/foot piece, more if luck be a lady. Make it an hour and a half to two hours of NM killing, and you'll be done before you know what hit ya.

Hands and body will be harder because they're in Heroes areas thus higher level, are a bit more expensive to pop, and in my personal experience, harder to get ppl for. No idea why, they're newer so people should actually be more likely to need them...
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#4 Mar 13 2011 at 9:48 PM Rating: Good
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In the long run, if time is short it will be better to line up a group to go with because A) Yellow really helps the drop rate and B) Nobody ever wants bard so you won't have competition. C) a 'group' can be as little as 2 people now.

Feet: Gnawtooth Gary is the easiest. You can easily duo him at 90 with nin/thf/dnc and a blm who subs whm. My suggestion would be to go blm/whm and find a tank who is interested in Smn/Pup/Blm seals. You could probably even go blm/brd if your nin/thf/dnc was good, can't remember.

Legs: Funeral Apykallu. Same set up as before with the same drops. Get that same person you fought Gary with to go with you. Also, this drops a key item that people hunt occasionally. If there is a group there be sure and ask them politely if you can have the brd seals in return for pop items. Even if there is a group farming seals it is likely they aren't after bard and it never hurts to ask.

Head: Gaizkin can also be done with a blink tank and blm/whm for healing. It drops mnk feet which are in high demand, along with drg and sch. Again, if you see a group be sure and ask if you can trade pops for brd seals as it also drops a key item many groups are after. If they are going to trash the seals you may as well get them right?

Hands: Upas-Kamuy. I did this on ninja with a whm alt. This might be the toughest to get as it doesn't drop a key item and it's other seals are not very sought after (rng, pld, blu) so there is little motivation for others to do it. It may very well be your best bet would just be to nin/dnc and hope for the best as the quests suck and the other nms are troublesome. It might even be dangerous for a nin/dnc as it has a paralyze aura. Finding a mage is safest.

Body: Gamayan. There are soooooo many monks chomping at the bit for body seals that it would be easy to shout and get 1-2 people. It drops thf body too so finding someone to tank it while you went for yellow procs will be easy. Again, most likely there will be groups relentlessly camping this vnm. Try to see if they will let you join in exchange for procing yellow. We threw away 20 of these completing our mnk bodies and many people will be doing the same. I can tell you from experience, I would MUCH rather have given away brd seals than having someone competing with us for the pop.

#5 Mar 19 2011 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
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With the Aoidos' hand seals, I've found Teekesselchen a safer choice. With a dedicated stunner (BLU or BLM) and anyone who has the Brugaire's Ambition quest, the "Tea Kettle" is almost completely harmless.
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