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#1 Sep 21 2010 at 4:43 PM Rating: Good
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Don't know much about actually playing bard, so looking for some input!

One of my newer-player friends is nearing 30 and looking forward to jumping into Bard. When it happens that I befriend someone young enough in their FF career that they're still hurting for gil and trying to decide which job to play, I like to put together a 'care package' to help ease them into it and make sure they are not missing any gear or spells they didn't know existed but can't live without. I'm getting pretty good at it for melee jobs and mages, but not sure what to get her for Bard.

Quick glance at wiki, I've come up with this list of songs:

Ferdoulemiont - South Sandy - Minne
Hortense - Bastok Markets - Minuet
Hortense - Bastok Markets - Paeon
Hortense - Bastok Markets - Requiem
Boncort - North Sandy - Madrigal
Dohdjuma - Selbina - Mambo
Hortense - Bastok Markets - Paeon II
(Windy) AH - Foe Lullaby

which omits a couple (Threnodies and Herb Pastoral) but seems to have the basics through ~15. Stumped on instrument though, if I pick only one. String or Wind? I was looking at the Cornette+1 because Minuet is so common. Cornette isn't level 1 though, so they'd be on their own for a few levels. Does that instrument have a good lifespan or gets replaced in two levels? Should I eschew instruments altogether in favor of a Signa? Thoughts?
#2 Sep 21 2010 at 6:24 PM Rating: Good
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That looks like just about everything to me. Cornette +1 would be the perfect starting instrument. As of right now it lasts until Gjallarhorn (relic horn) or Apollo's Flute (level 83, afaik it hasn't been discovered yet).
#3 Sep 22 2010 at 3:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Any Bard should get the <song> +1/+2 instruments, for at least Minuet, March, Madrigal, Prelude, Lullaby, and Paeon. Most the the instruments will be the Wind variety, but should always keep a String one for AoE Ballad in case of getting some sort of manaburn party.

Also, the player him/herself should be purchasing them, instead of some well meaning friend shoving them into the /delierybox. Not all instruments are available/usable right away, so it's not a huge financial burden all at once.

However, the critical point is that if one doesn't like Bard enough to want the extra potency/duration from the instruments and work toward getting them, that person probably shouldn't be playing Bard.

Itazura of Ifrit
#4 Sep 22 2010 at 3:52 PM Rating: Good
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I agree, to a point. Certainly things in this game are more meaningful if you work for them. On the other hand, small care packages or a +1 gear piece can go a long way to stretching a newbie's wallet and allowing them to actually play the job rather than have to spend much time farming. It's for this reason that over the years I have toned the handouts down to a few cheap scrolls/pieces of armor and maybe a single +1 weapon.

On loans I'm much less inhibited. I keep a lot of melee gear stashed for level caps, community chest, and what not. It doesn't bother me ethically to loan out for a few days a weapon or set of armor I had stored. Is it really any different that they didn't farm for hours to wear chainmail for a few levels? I guess not, but I don't perceive it as being as bad as handouts.
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