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#1 Jul 26 2010 at 8:53 PM Rating: Decent
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looking for a decent dd gear setup for brd thanks in advance
#2 Jul 26 2010 at 11:30 PM Rating: Decent
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If I had to pull something out of my *** would look something like this:

Main: Acc Magian dagger (Might be better options, though odds are you will need acc on any mobs that matter)
Sub: Joy(DW) or.. Genbu's Shield I guess?
Ammo/Range: Instrument
Head: Turban
Neck: PCC
Ear1/Ear2: Brutal/Suppa(DW)/Aesir Ear if not DW
Body: Goliard/SH/Paluwahn
Hands: Dusk
Ring1/Ring2: Rajas/Sniper/Woodsmans/Toreador's
Back: Cuchulains/Foragers
Waist: Swift
Legs: Byakko's
Feet: Dusk

Main: Duh
Sub: Duh again
Ammo/range: ...
Head: Heca Cap
Neck: Sea Gorget
Ear1/Ear2: Brutal/Aesir
Body: Heca
Hands: Heca /Maybe Alky's?
Ring1/Ring2: Brutal/Flame/Acc rings if needed
Back: Cuchulains/Foragers
Waist: Warwolf/Potent/Viruoso
Legs: Heca/Paluwahn
Feet: Heca

Mix and match the above to get your accuracy right for the mob then load on the STR/ATT. This is off the top of my head and without any of the newer gear recently released.
#3 Jul 28 2010 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
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This is some of the stuff I currently use and/or have my eye on.

Main: Thunder Kila
Sub: Blau/Thunder Kila(x2)/Multi Attack Magian Dagger. Considering higher dagger skill (and merits if they arent taken by something else) and top tier/multi attack Magian weapons, imo Joy Toy is no longer a top contender. But still decent if you don't have any of these.

Instrument: Angel Lyre (Haste +2%)
Head: Turban
Neck: PCC/Love Torque/Ancient Torque
Ears: Brutal/Suppa (You really should be DW if DDing on BRD now. /DNC or /NIN.)
Body: Avalon Breatplate/SH(+1)/Goliard Saio(haste set)/Paluwahn
Hands: Dusk(+1)/Goliard Cuffs
Rings: Rajas/Acc Rings
Back: Amemet +1/Cuchulain's/Foragers/Relic Cape
Waist: Haste belt
Legs: Byakko's
Feet: Dusk(+1)

This setup can put you near the haste cap at 25% gear haste (I think I remember reading some testing to the effect that it actually takes 26% haste to truly CAP...I could be remembering wrong) without Dusk HQ's and only 4% swift belt.

Instrument: Oliphant (Acc+3 Attack +3)
Head: Heca/Moogle Expansion WS hat
Neck: Love Torque/Ancient Torque/Sea Gorget
Ears: Hollow/Brutal/Pixie/Delta/Attack Earrings
Body: Heca/Kirin's Osode/Relic Body <==(my favorite)
Hands: Heca/Tarasque Mitts +1
Rings: Rajas/Dex Rings
Back: Amemet +1/Cuchulain's/Forager's/Charger Mantle
Waist: Warwolf/Cuchulain's Belt
Legs: Heca/Oily Trousers/Byakko's/Tumbler Trunks
Feet: Heca/Lithe Boots

I don't have any experience yet with Mordant Rime. Wiki quotes it as having a 30% DEX mod and 50% CHR mod, but is only a two fold attack. It should be possible to boost it with similar gear sets with some hybrid DEX+CHR gear (Tumbler trunks and Delta Earring for example). Someone with more experience with this WS would have to comment on gear swaps for it.

BRD can certainly put together some very respectable DD builds. Especially now with top tier weapons from Magian Trials.

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#4 Aug 05 2010 at 10:09 AM Rating: Default
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I'm goin for somethin' like (since i have no HNM LS or Sea LS)


Main: Dweomer Knife/Blau Dolch/Trial Dagger (I'm personally goin for Kila with DEX+6 Acc+12 or Evisceration DMG +10%)
Offhand: Joyeuse (Or Genbu's Shield if you're /mage)
Range: Angel Lyre (2% Haste)
Head: Walahra Turban (5% Haste, 7% total)
Neck: Peacock Charm/Amulet
Ear 1: Brutal Earring
Ear 2: Minuet Earring (OR Suppanomimi, if you got that for you're earring, I got Beastly Earring a while back since I'm gonna lvl BST soon... thinking about doing a redo)
Body: Goliard Saio (4% Haste, 11% Total)
Hands: Dusk Gloves (3% Haste, 14% Total)
Ring 1: Lava's Ring
Ring 2: Kusha's Ring
Feet: Dusk Ledelsens (2% Haste, 16% Total)
Legs: Byakko's Haidate (5% Haste, 21% Total)
Waist: Swift Belt (4% Haste, 25% altogether)
Back: Amemet Mantle +1 OR Cuchulain's Mantle if you can afford it.. (there's also Bard's Relic Cape with Acc+7)

So yer gettin' around

Haste : 25%

ACC : 25
DEX : 16

ATT : 25
STR : 3


Main: Trial Knife/Blau Dolch/Dweomer Knife
Offhand: Joyeuse/Genbu's Shield
Range: Oliphant
Head: Optical Hat (Magian hat works great too if you're not gettin' it for any other job..Or Hecatomb Cap if you can get one)
Neck: Sea Gorget/Peacock Charm or Amulet (Shadow, Soil, and Light Gorgets align with Evisceration)
Ear 1: Brutal Earring
Ear 2: Minuet Earring
Body: Hecatomb Harness (Relic Body works great until you can get one of one usually asks for BRD body in my dynamis LS :P )
Hands: Hecatomb Mittens
Ring 1: Lava's Ring
Ring 2: Kusha's Ring
Feet: Hecatomb Leggings
Legs: Byakko's Haiate
Waist: Virtuoso Belt
Back: Amemet Mantle +1/ Cuchulain's (if you can afford one) or maybe Bard's Cape.

So if we're counting all the FIRST mentioned pieces of equipment in each slot

ACC : 59 +3 if Minuet Ear is active
DEX : 29

ATT : 28
STR : 28

Hope I helped!

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