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Stuff I hope we get at 80-90Follow

#1 Jun 22 2010 at 12:17 AM Rating: Good
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We got some goodies gear wise, but we got shafted spellwise and we got no new instruments.

During the next patch, I'd like to see stuff like:

Mage's Ballad III: Restores 3MP/tick, stacks with II as normal; with relic horn, returns 10/tick for the stack

Instruments that provide +3 to spells such as March or Minuet

Instruments that do double duty - not to completely replace the relic horn, but say to have a "melee buff special" instrument that +2s March, Madrigal, and Minuet all together, so we can consolidate a bit.

New types of songs instead of new levels of old ones. How about a song that causes amnesia, very briefly, in a mob? How about a regain TP song?

I could probably think of a few other things if it wasn't 2AM and I just merited 25K exp in three miserable hours in {sea}.
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Thayos wrote:
I can't understand anyone who skips the cutscenes of a Final Fantasy game. That's like going to Texas and not getting barbecue.

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#2 Jun 22 2010 at 1:49 PM Rating: Excellent
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I hope we get Foe Requiem VIII, Army's Paeon VI, Knight's Minne VI and Critical Defense Bonus II. What else could a BRD ask for?
#3 Jun 24 2010 at 9:48 AM Rating: Good
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Again, Mazurka to work in dungeons. People with +movement gear can run fast in dungeon fields. DNCs can as well as anyone partied with a COR (Bolter's Roll).

Just something/anything worth looking forward to and getting excited about. I know bard is one of SE's most 'completed' jobs, but those of us who really love the job and have done nearly all there is with it, we should still get to see some things to get excited about in updates.

Would love to see a return of flee-zurka, but I know that's more than a bit much.

Also where is our Gjallarhorn trial quest?
#4 Jun 24 2010 at 10:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Very likely to get Ballad III given the tier V nukes and other more mp intense spells.

I suspect the delay with relic horn, aegis, and other upgradable gear (salvage, etc) is probably just SE trying to figure out how best to increase them given new gear coming out. My guess is eventually horn will get another 5-10 skill and +3 to spells with aegis getting more defense, but prolly won't see that until the next update (Sept. iirc). I believe they mentioned about combining instruments and other gear though that might actually be a programming concern, it would be awesome to be able to combine all my instruments and elemental staves for more inventory space.

Also, don't forget that with this update victory march got at least another half point of haste from skill and can potentially get another 1-2% more haste from skill to 99, which by then we should have another minuet or march to sing. The last max was 86 skill and we probably just got 50 skill alone level increase.
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#5 Jun 25 2010 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
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catwho wrote:
Instruments that provide +3 to spells such as March or Minuet

Instruments that do double duty - not to completely replace the relic horn, but say to have a "melee buff special" instrument that +2s March, Madrigal, and Minuet all together, so we can consolidate a bit.

By the by, the above sounds like something SE would do, but also realize if we get +3 instruments and combined +2 instruments, the only people who will use the later would be very casual brds who rarely play it and have lots of jobs leveled (and need the space). The hardcore ones it will save nothing.

Unless of course we get a 'misc. horn' which combines etudes and prelude. Or a misc. debuff +2 to combine Requiem, Elegy, Finale, Threnody. Or some other non-constantly used spells.

Of course another interesting thing might an instrument that gave +2 to all fire based spells for example (offensive or defensive). Which would reduce requirements to 8 instruments.

I strongly suspect RDM will get refresh II ~82 and we'll get ballad III ~85. A ballad +1 instrument may be nice too. (that might replace ballad III as well, who knows).

I would like something new, bind, gravity, silence, something that we can't do now. Even a dark based sleep or dispel might be nice.

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#6 Jun 25 2010 at 8:58 AM Rating: Good
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Well, the assumption is that the most hardcore of hardcore bards are working toward Gjallarhorn, and the delicious +2 all songs it entails.

As it stands, I only use 6 instruments for the six most commonly casted songs (excluding ballad), and just use a horn for everything else. If SE wants to help me reduce that further, I'd be all for it.
FFXI: Catwho on Bismarck. Once again a top bard on the server: Dardaubla 90 on 1/6/2014
Thayos wrote:
I can't understand anyone who skips the cutscenes of a Final Fantasy game. That's like going to Texas and not getting barbecue.

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#7 Jun 25 2010 at 12:11 PM Rating: Excellent
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We'll probably get some of this stuff sitting in AltanaView. I mean, no one thought we'd be getting Libra and no one knew what it is. Been sitting in there since AltanaView came out and, now it's out. And so are Tier V Nukes and Protect V, Shell V.. Cure VI. Here's some of the songs on there we don't have (yet?):

Foe Requiem VIII
Horde Lullaby II
Army's Paeon VII
Valor Minuet V
Jester's Operetta
Tier II Carols
Massacre Elegy

This is odd but they also have 3 Ballads..but when you click on Ballad II it shows the Ballad I animation..Ballad III has the Ballad II animation.. when you click on Ballad I it shows another form of Ballad that looks weaker than Ballad I..maybe we were supposed to get 3 Ballads....

Also some songs that we don't even know,

Chocobo Hum
Devotee Serenade
Cactuar Fugue
Moogle Rhapsody
Protected Aria

And some song called "???" that looks kinda hot.

So we'll most likely get more tiers in buffs, I didn't see any 3rd March though. We may get these mystery songs as well ^^.
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#8 Jun 25 2010 at 11:01 PM Rating: Good
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Come on amnesia song!
#9 Jun 26 2010 at 2:30 PM Rating: Good
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SE has had a previous pattern of introducing songs. Most songs are given to us every other level on the odd levels. Threnodies, Carols and Etudes are given to us every other level on even levels. There's a few slip up's here and there (some related to adding songs after the fact), but for the most part this is true.

As SE raised the cap to 80, we see a similar pattern, in that we received new songs every other even level (it switched). Knowing their previous pattern, it would be likely to assume that they plan on continuing this until the cap. This leaves us with 9 more generic songs (82,84,86,88,90,92,94,96,98). This most likely applies to: Requiem, Minne, Paeon, Minuet, Madrigal, Prelude, Ballad, Mambo, Elegy, and Similar Songs

A few bar-status songs were released out of cycle and also broke the one-song per level rule (actually the Unique Songs they were accompanied by were the ones most likely broke that rule, so this part might not apply - see below). The standard release is assumed to be that of the previous set, every other even level. Some of the songs in the dats have signature parts that make them appear to be bar-status types (specifically, they all end with hexagonal gems like all other bar spells). These songs might be released under the generic song list above. This likely applies to: All bar type songs, in addition to these songs in the dats - Chocobo Hum(bar-??? has stars), Jester's Operetta (bar-silence), Devotee Serenade (bar-??? has rainbow-microbes), Cactuar Fugue (bar-??? has blue balls), Moogle Rhapsody(bar-??? Has purple/pink clouds), Protected Aria (bar-??? has hearts)

However, since Carols were out of tier previously, SE could do the same here. Since it was already pointed out that dats for Tier II Carols are already in-game, we can presume that we could get 8 additional songs (or more) on the odd levels. This most likely applies to: Carol , Etude, Threnody

Unique Songs have always been released out of order or paired with other songs. Songs of this type have various effects. This applies to: Mazurka, Virelai, Hymnus, ???(Colorful music staff with a few notes surrounds character, ends in a flashy halo of light), and future songs

Lullaby is an odd element, in that it was released on both an even and odd numbered level in addition to breaking the one-song per level rule. It is likely to also be considered a Unique Song. We may also presume that we may get this additional song at any level, if at all. This applies to: Lullaby, Lullaby II (?)

While this doesn't mean these are the only songs to be added, it also doesn't mean we are guaranteed to get these songs either. My goal wasn't so much to point out specifically what song we might get, but to identify the previous pattern used and the likelihood that SE may use the same pattern in the future - then to categorize which songs might belong to which pattern. Hopefully this shows that there is the possibility to add all/most of the songs in the current dats, as well as an additional Threnody or Etude Tier and any new Unique Songs SE could come up with.

Or speculation could be blown apart and SE could just give us another 20 Requiems.

tldr; version: Based on previous patterns, SE still has room to add 9-Generic/Bar songs, 10-Elemental songs, and any number of Unique songs.

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#10 Jul 18 2010 at 4:27 PM Rating: Good
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My Wishlist (although, most of it probably won't happen):

New Tiers of Old Songs:
I would love at least another tier of Ballad, March, Minuet, Madrigal, Prelude, Elegy, and each Lullaby. I would kind of like another Mambo, too, for those rare occasions I use it. Another Mazurka would be pretty convenient.

New Songs:
Double Attack
Defense Down
Magic Acc
Magic Att
Acc Down
Att Down
Magic Acc Down
Magic Att Down
Sneak/Invisible (It doesn't make much sense to burst into song in an effort to be stealthy, but neither does tearing it up on the dance floor, so if DNC can do it, BRD should be able to do it... I don't know; we can write it off as "The goblin was so distracted with dancing to our beautiful music he didn't even notice us running in front of him.")
Some kind of Shadow song? It's a stretch, but it would open up options for pulling, if BRD still pulls in abyssea parties at all..
Raise, maybe? I guess it would be convenient, and we already have Hymnus

I'm hoping for some kind of job ability (or just a natural trait) that lets a single bard keep up 3 songs at once, maybe sacrificing song duration or something (if a restriction is needed..I would hate to see them sacrifice potency). I think that's unlikely, though.
A Pianissimo-like job ability, that let's us choose 2 or 3 targets instead of just one. It would make ballading those pesky mp-using front liners so much easier. (Yeah I know, that's what Pianissimo is for, and if you have more than one target you can position yourself like we did in the old days while walking uphill, barefoot to school in the snow, but I want it anyways.)
Instruments with +3, or more than one song

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