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#1 Dec 05 2008 at 6:55 AM Rating: Good
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Okay, So I'm trying to get my hands on the Piper's Torque, got a free night where I can get help so going to go after it finally. I looked up the NM..

Counters every WS with it's Rip. Counters every nuke with instant cast AM of the same element.

He has to use both his TP moves to perform both it seems right? Silence to cast the AM, and Abrasive for countering WS.

So I figured best to come to the bard forums to see those who have fought this..rather than pay the 1.2 mil.

Only two things I can see that are it's weakness are:

1) Will not counter Avatar Blood Pacts. I have no clue how well these work, but I can always get plenty of SMN's and 70 pact it some, though I will have a tank and other jobs at the fight.

2) It won't be able to counter UNTIL it uses it's TP moves, and depending on the TP move means which it will be able to counter up with.

So that would mean I should have an even amount of nuking power / melee power?

I could also find some RDM's, who are good at what they do, anyways one suggested how sometimes they'll get a few together, do low damage to the mob like 0 with a dagger and let the enspells just eat away at it, long but a bit more safe fight. Or is that not an option here?

I'm just looking for help from the bards who got this item, I'd like it..but I don't want to pay that much for it.
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#2 Dec 05 2008 at 8:06 AM Rating: Decent
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I am also camping this NM when I have to time to do so, so far no luck. I believe its Deafening Tantra (silencega) for countering ws and Abrasive Tantra (amnesia) for countering magic.

And there seems to be conflicting comments on wiki as to weather he will or will not counter enfeebles. Can anyone confirm one way or the other?

Does anyone know what the spawn cycle is for him. Id hate to waste a whole day if hes a 48hr spawn.

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#3 Dec 05 2008 at 10:16 AM Rating: Decent
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Should be around a 3-4 hour spawn like all SCNMs.
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#4 Dec 05 2008 at 11:36 AM Rating: Decent
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he DOES counter enfeebles. bio is countered with sleepga2, and i never tried dia.

i duod it with rdm/nin + rdm/nin, using dots, and ceremonial daggers+enspells. overall it was pretty easy, and i probably could have solod it. it's was a pretty standard fight, we just ran away from each other when it casted -gas, so it only hit one of us, and other than that, we fought it just like any other mobs. it took around an hour or so.

i can't imagine a brd and a good rdm/nin having too much trouble.

if you plan to solo/duo it, if it uses abrasive tantara, it'd actually probably be easiest to spam stone or something until it runs out of mp (which @ 337 mp each, will happen pretty quick), that way it can't use any -gas.

good luck.

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#5 Dec 05 2008 at 12:11 PM Rating: Good
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Read the other thread on the main BRD page, I have a post half-way down that answers most of your questions and more. Wiki also has some good information on this mob.

But to answer:

1) You won't be able to do this with a few SMN's. There is a safe spot, provided you can get Zekka there. Unfortunately, it is impossible for a sole SMN to run from one end of the safe zone to the other before zekka kills the avatar. Most of the time, the SMN pulls hate and ends up dying. I would say you need at least 3 *GOOD* SMN's to do this, and possibly more.

Point being, you could bring 4 of whatever melee job, ditch the running back and forth and just kill it where it stands. I've done both before, and I felt dumb after we killed it with 4 melee with little effort vs the SMN method I had done previously.

2) Its counter type is determined by the type of tantra it uses. As long as you tell melee not to WS after Deafening Tantra and Mages not to nuke after it uses Abrasive Tantra, it will never counter. The fact that it can't/won't counter Avatar's is even less of a victory for SMN's in this case, because anyone who can listen to "Don't use WS/Magic" can avoid its attacks.

Thats not to say the SMN method wont work - It does. But after the 3 massive fails I did with SMN (granted, I was the first one on my server to fight it and we know more about it now than we did previously), It was just as easy to get some melee on it and fight it normally.
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#6 Dec 22 2008 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Just an FYI, it doesn't counter BLU physical spells. When my linkshell does this, they do it mana-burn style with the mages sub ninja. They also have a THF sac-pull it down to the quadav charm gate so they don't have to worry about adds.
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#7 Dec 23 2008 at 10:44 PM Rating: Decent
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I had gotten this item the 3rd day it came out, so i rlly dont remeber all the jobs that came to help me. In all honesty we just threw 12 pple together blue does help with this nm by the way. other wise we justed kicked it's ***, no thought into it, no game plan, beside pull it away from agro.
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#8 Jan 06 2009 at 2:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Sorry to mini-bump this thread... Just fought this guy a day or 2 ago. We had a group of 7 people... it was really a walk in the park. Get a PLD/NIN, a healer or 2, and a few DD/NINs. We fought it just like a regular mob, except melees wouldn't WS without shadows up, and we only debuffed it while it was in the middle of doing something else, like casting a spell or Frenetic Ripping a melee. He does not "queue" retaliations, so if you make sure to only cast on it while it's busy, you shouldn't have any problems.
#9 Jan 07 2009 at 10:53 AM Rating: Good
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Unclear wrote:
1) Will not counter Avatar Blood Pacts. I have no clue how well these work, but I can always get plenty of SMN's and 70 pact it some, though I will have a tank and other jobs at the fight.

One recommendation... if you go with a SMN Blood Pact strategy, consider bringing a COR who has Drachen Roll (ask if they have it first, since it's an extremely situational roll and not cheap, some COR try to skip buying it). Drachen Roll enhances Pet Magic Attack AND Pet Magic Accuracy, and will give a very nice boost to Magical Blood Pacts.

****, if you have someone with DRG who can help, might consider putting them in the SMN COR party as well for the job bonus enhancement to Drachen Roll.
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