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BRD as a Sub??Follow

#1 Dec 15 2003 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm a BST looking for a good Subjob. i find that teh BRD has the highest CHR bounes and some of the songs look useful. i've heard though that it is a terible sub. can someone tell me the down side to using it as a sub. i plan to be using that attacking song, the lower resistance songs and the healing one.
#2 Dec 16 2003 at 9:01 AM Rating: Decent
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The Drawbacks are:
#1 Can't use instruments.
#2 Can only have 1 Active song on a person/monster.
#3 You don't get Soul Voice (OH NOS!)

But it might be a fine sub for a beastmaster. Lets looks at some stat comparisons for a Hume Beastmaster:

Bst 70/Brd 35:
1208 0 61 65 61 51 57 57 75

Bst 70/Mnk 35:
1322 0 62 67 65 51 54 57 72

Bst 70/War 35:
1244 0 65 66 61 54 55 55 72

So you see the CHA bonus at level 70 is only 3. Theres plenty of items out there that raise CHA, so don't pick bard for the cha bonus.

Edited, Tue Dec 16 09:07:27 2003 by Necrosaro
#3 Dec 17 2003 at 4:03 AM Rating: Default
dont do it, brd is 100x more useful when not a sub. You can sub him at low lvls just to goof off with, but thats about it. With only one song, that is only part effective, you are better off subing anything else.
#4 Dec 31 2003 at 10:36 AM Rating: Default
You are funny...

Did you know that if you sub whm you only get part of the mp and can only cast the spells up to the lvl of the sub? Geez you could heal so much better if you made whm your main. Duh

Oh no, if you sub brd you can't use instruments and you can only cast 1 song. Well geez repeat yourself will ya. It is the instrument that allows 2 song effects on a person. If you had brd for main with no instrument guess what only 1 song effect (tried it). Only other thing instruments can do for you is bonus to song type.

Instead of looking at what you lose from subbing brd instead of being a brd main, try looking at what you get.

Bonus to atk, def, evasion, accuracy or ... sure you only get to pick one during the fight for melee.

Bonus to def, mp recover (main lvl 50+), evasion or ... sure you only get to pick one during the fight for mages.

WHAT??? You mean you can have different songs on differnet members of your party like a real bard can? WOW!!!

Lets not forget the DOT, spell type weakness or sleep on the monster too.

That could mean a possible 2-3 songs concurrent. Oh don't forget after the fight you have the paeons to use. What whm won't prefer to rest and let you help bring up everyone to max hp with a group regen.

Now what jobs could a brd sub help...
DRK - accuracy increase or a paeon before souleater
BLK - weaken enemy to spell type before spell cast (slows down nuking [less hate] but makes nukes more effective)
RDM - geez even more enhancing and enfeebling spells to cast what fun
WHM - no mp cost hp recovery for group
PLD - Boost Def (as if they needed more) + More healing abilities
... Be creative

Brd as a sub is playable and can be as effective as any other sub. Mostly depends on what playing style you prefer. Try it you might like it or not.
#5 Jan 05 2004 at 3:07 AM Rating: Default
I totally agree. Everyone's got bard nailed as a crippled subjob, but I think that's mostly because all the FAQs and guides out there just copy each other without trying anything themselves.

What you LOSE by playing bard as a subjob is exactly what you lose by playing any other class as a subjob... you're effectively at 1/4 of your potential power... you are at 1/2 your main job's level, and you can only put one song on a given target, as opposed to two.

As any mage class, you're at 1/2 your main job's level, and you've got half as much mana as you would have at your already halved level (so a level 30brd/whm will have HALF the mana of a level 15 whm).

Since bards don't deal in mana, I think it actually makes a splendid "magic" subjob for any already mana-less main job (whereas mana'd subjobs suffer more because of the tiny amount of mana they receive as a subjob). I'm playing bard/thief right now, and I'm planning on playing thief/bard once my bard catches up to my thief in levels. How many thieves do you know who can cast a party regen spell?

For Beastmaster, yes I think bard could make a good sub, if only for the charisma bonus. Bard is definitely party-oriented, and the songs aren't effective enough to boost your solo power as much as, say, a rdm's curative magics + en<element> magics might. But you won't have to worry about mana, and that charisma bonus will come in handy. And if you do actually play in a lot of parties, then more power to you!
#6 Jan 05 2004 at 11:12 AM Rating: Decent
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Bard as a sub honestly isn't that bad. I don't know why everyone starts screaming about how bad they are in faqs and such. It's not as useful as some of the "1337" combinations, but it's not entirely horrible either. Although you wouldn't get ballad until your main job was 50, I'm sure there are uses for a subbed bard. Personally I think mnk/brd would be very interesting to play. Melee, add to accuracy, and weaken the mob to magic. Sure it's not as powerful as a main jobbed bard, but nobody's subbed job is as powerful as their main, just like the poster above pointed out. It's kind of the point of them.
#7 Jan 06 2004 at 11:54 AM Rating: Default
I can't seem to understand why everyone chews out the idea of subbing a bard. In my case, I am planning on going all the way with my white mage. I figured that at higher levels, nothing can replace the healing power and necessity of a white mage in a party. Having a sub bard can only help my white mage. Reasons being that songs do not cost mana (and we whm's know how precious our mana is!). I see many whm's subbing black or red mages as well, but I don't see that as useful to the main purpose of being a white mage.. you're a HEALER! White mages and bards are both support classes, which makes them a great combo regardless of which one you sub. However, in my case, if I was to make bard my main job and sub my whm, I lose more than I gain. Having the mp of only half my main job, you become a back up healer (perhaps even further back than "secondary healer"). Personally, I would pick a white mage over a bard any day for a party. That's just my opinion though!

- "Peppy" lvl30whm / 7bard taru
server: Lakshmi
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