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#1 Dec 05 2003 at 3:56 AM Rating: Decent
Are there any bards on Seraph that would take in a student? Anyway, I am going to be making my way up to bard, but haven't quite decided how yet. What's a good class to take to 30 to become a bard? Is White Mage good? Do Melees make good bards or is it better to stick to mages? bards are a super-support class right? So, should you stay support all the way around and go White Mage? Please, any input is welcome and anyone on the server willing to take on an apprentice ;) just post here and I'll contact you in game. Looking for people to hang with mostly between 12noon - 7pm Central Standard Time.
#2 Dec 05 2003 at 3:12 PM Rating: Decent
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One thing i have learned about choosing a predestined path in a game often leads to failure, the lovely thing about final fantasy is the ease to switch class's , painful walking at inconvenient times, but still a simple task to complete nontheless..anyways I don't wanna say that a warrior, or whm is the easiest way to get to any specialty class..and to many people play this game "grind to the next step" they spend the entire game saying.."OK i'm gonna grind to level 18 so i can get subjob" they they get the subjob, then grind the subjob to 15 and when they do that it's grind to level 30 to get the specialty class..then its all about getting your specialty class powerful..

I say --------- SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY THE GAME ---------
mind you if your favorite thing is to be the most powerful the quickest of anyone...or if you really truly enjoy grinding endless hours to achieve victory ..then when you get there you are bored of the don't care to do the quests or play the story line and you have completely lost the point of the many final fantasy games have you played where grinding your characters was the point of the granted sometimes it required you to grind to kill "kefka", "sephiroth" etc... but regardless final fantasy is known for it's epic fantasy scenes and great story lines.. star wars galaxies absolutely lacked any story line or top end game play...don't turn this game into the same thing by turning it into one entire grind session...slow down do missions quests, explore the lands and have fun with the game..but anyway .. to your question..

Toy around with the different classes till you find something you like and when you do level it up while exploring and doing missions and stuff..maybe when you get to thirty you won't want to be bard anymore heh..and do your best not to base this game off of past MMORPG's you have played, this one is similar yes..but it's not the same game..don't make that mistake...



Ramuh <---Great server
#3 Dec 05 2003 at 6:56 PM Rating: Decent
Thanks, I already have a thief that I play with a group of friends every night. We explore way more than levelling. We try out new places, have many deaths under our caps from walking into a place we really shouldn't be in. I have come to a point where i have decided to take up a different character during the day so as not to outlevel my friends. I am sick and am required to stay in the house, so I am on during the day. Basically I am looking for some new friends to hang with, maybe Linkshell with during the day (12noon-6/7pm CST). Heh, sucks when video games are the only way you have to meet people, but I have met more great friends through games then through my school years or workplaces. So, basically, my goal is to become a bard, but goals do change as you stated. But I'm not looking to grind to 18 or 30, I am looking to meet new people and have a blast getting to know them. My character name is Fearce, look me up and drop me a line on PlayOnline if you're interested in hanging out and grouping together.

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