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#1 Nov 16 2003 at 6:31 PM Rating: Decent
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This might be a dumb question, is a BARD/WMG a viable character?
#2 Nov 16 2003 at 10:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Yes, in fact the strategy guide lists this as one of the most common choices.

It mentions that as a good choice for a tarutaru, who will then have just enough magic points to be a support healer in a group which already has a main white mage.

Bard/thief is mentioned for someone looking to break from the standard mold.
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#3 Nov 20 2003 at 3:13 PM Rating: Default
whats the difference from a bard/thief to a thief/bard?
#4 Nov 20 2003 at 8:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Bard as subjob doesn't seem to make much sense. You won't be able to equip instruments and would only be able to play one song at a time I believe. So bard would really be a main job only choice.

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#5 Dec 10 2003 at 12:49 PM Rating: Default
Things like the sleep song would still be very nice to have under other jobs, like White Mage, yea black mage would do better and give more MP but with the sleep song a white mage can put enemies to sleep EVEN if there is no MP.

Just an observation, one single song does not means it becomes a useless sub job.

Also, because of MP, a mele does not do well with a mage sub job, but as a bard sub, that does not matter, they could use the HP regen on themselves and so on without worries of MP ever lacking.

I myself want to try my hand on being a Bard as main tough, not see many arround (the other day did a /sea brd all and only got 32) and i always play bards on ever RPG i play, so i just want to try them. ATM just Red Mage 10 and War 15 tough (no sub job quest yet so each on their own).
#6 Dec 12 2003 at 12:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Bard as subjob doesn't seem to make much sense. You won't be able to equip instruments and would only be able to play one song at a time I believe. So bard would really be a main job only choice.


Lets test that theory...

lets take any class randomly subbed with bard then subbed with anything else:

umm. lets about monk, that isn't a typical combination u see.

Monk / Bard:
(Speaking from full lvl 70/35 example)
You have the great hp and damage from the typical monk you would normally see, with it's chakra and other counter attacks makes it a great fighter. Sub that with bard you now have the available abilities , with one song allows you one buff. what could a monk use to buff itself at thirty fifth level. army's paeon III for example , an incredible help in hp regen. can't claim that doesn't help. Sinewy?? increase in str, guess you don't need those mithkabobs anymore..or infact lets stack them.. 2 str bonus's increase damage output, " Magic Finale" - Cures detrimental magic effects on group" that goes without saying.
ADVANCING MARCH whats better than a attacking monk... a Hasted attacking monk. You get my point though.. there is single songs that will help out any class immensely as well as an entire group as a whole.

I don't think i honestly need to explain what other classes benefit the monk in combination, because any class i list will help the monk in some fashion or another. point being don't assume that becuase your subbing a class that it makes it worthless.

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#7 Dec 22 2003 at 11:55 AM Rating: Default
MNK/BRD isn't terrible... but it's not perfect.

MNK/WAR is better.... more defense and provoke
MNK/SAM is better also.... LOTS of TP points

BRD is best as main class... BRD/WHM is completely insane to have in your group... BRD/WHM is one of my all time favorite classes to put in my groups.

BRD/WHM can function in 2 ways.
1.) Give the group so much defensive power they hardly take any dmg at all (I can use Cure 1 at the same frequency I usually use Cure 2 it seems saving me ALOT of agro and mana)
2.) Kill the monsters alot faster allowing me to heal just as quick as a usual fight but for less time. This doesn't save me as much mana as method #1 but it does save me mana and it is AWESOME for doing EXP chains.

In both methods the Bard does emergency heals... especially on the WHM (me) to keep people from dying.

I love PAL/WAR, BRD/WHM, and RDM/WHM in my groups....if I see one I will add it... even if we already have one... I love them.... they keep me alive... each of them saves the WHM in 2 different ways.

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