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Not sure which magian axe to aim for. Follow

#1 Jan 12 2013 at 7:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Well, I just dinged 75 the other night on my Bst and I’m ready to start working on the axe trials. I understand the way to do the trials, but I’m not sure which final axe I should aim for as a BST. Like Ganelon over Farsha but specifically which kind of Ganelon (Extra damage or extra attacks) I’m mostly a soloist with occasional small group play but don’t do the big group things like Dynamis, so I’m mostly stuck with trials I can do by myself like targeted mobs or weapon skills.
I’ve seen that most high level BSts use Astolfo, usually one with a pet enhancement on it. A lot of folks seem to have Pet Accuracy or evasion. Ganelon seems really awesome to me since I usually go very offensive when soloing. I’ve heard that in the higher levels when you’re farming abysea defensive enhancements are usually more useful than offensive ones though, and magic defense or mitigation are the best. So Ganelon might not be a good option. I just got back into the game two months ago and I’m still catching up what the world is like now, so I’d appreciate any insight you guys may have.
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Farsha is an empyrean weapon. For the work, it is probably not worth it for most players as the axe empy skill is not very good. You really should make a set of pet pdt axes (stone path). Many of the difficult solos bsts can pull off, the master doesn't melee at all with the pet... So not having that damage reduction on your pet is really going to limit you. These monsters have nasty AoEs or auras, or crippling special attacks, so, master meleeing solo is not really advisable.

Now, in my opinion, those trials are easier than offensive master axe trials, so would be worth it to start there for that reason as wel.

I don't really know for sure but I seem to remember folks saying that the double attack axe is quite decent. Ask Xilk! (Ha ha) seriously thou, he'll probably be able to give good advice on this.
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I would start with pet pdt axes as suggested since they help so much(easy to run a 40-46% PDT down % for the pet), then if you want to go more offensive, could always make STR axes for Ruinator, also heard good things about the Double attack path axe, and of course, you could always build a Guttler or if you're daring, Aymur ;)
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Pet PDT axes are most useful for solo/low man abyssea farming.

However for Dynamis farming you really don't need defensive axes.

Unless you are going to make guttler, the double attack ganelon is the best dd axe, followed by str astolfo.

I suggest getting the attack+ for the master, not the pet for a str astolfo. I have the pet one, but it seems to only be worth it for higher level targets. And BST doesn't have enough attack for high level mobs.
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