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Soloing Glavoid on bst?Follow

#1 Oct 02 2012 at 12:54 PM Rating: Decent
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Heya am keep this short can a Bst solo glavoid? If so what atma and which pet you think be best to solo him am pretty sure it be long fight but can it be done?
#2 Oct 02 2012 at 1:14 PM Rating: Good
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It would be hard if not impossible. The NM hate resets which is anoying right off the bat but the problem is that it absorbs DMG during TP moves. It's hard to spam heel and get back on fight perfectly so your pet is going to often heal the NM with it's own hits. A tripple crit from Yuly would be a few % of it's life back.
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#3 Oct 04 2012 at 1:19 PM Rating: Decent
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I would disagree. The above are valid points but there's no reason why you can't Snarl hate back onto your pet. Also, a few crits during a TP move may heal him, but those few crits will take that health back off in no time. With just a pet on it you won't be feeding much TP at all so the ratio of hits that heal to those that damage will be pretty high in favour of damage. Pretty sure the FFXI wiki has testimonies of BST soloing it with not that much trouble.
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#4 Oct 05 2012 at 9:34 AM Rating: Good
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I never had much trouble w/ glavoid on bst.

I have NOT killed him solo. However, I have solo'd him down alot w/out much trouble.

Having the pet stay engaged while he absorbs is not usually a problem. I turn master around though.
I've used Yuly before, and last time I was using Broncha for the Killer Instinct and dispel (it absorbs your buffs).

You cannot have more than one pet melee'ing glavoid, or you will heal it more than hurt it.
Smn duo w/ bst Is a good lowman way to do it.

Glavoid is a fight I really wish I had a plague effect for on bst, like delta thrust from blu or shijin spiral from pup/mnk. LImiting the tp moves would be a big help. Maybe fargann w/ tp drainkiss would help in this way.

Anyway, I've never had trouble burning glavoid down to ~10% hp solo. But he tends to use alot more hp absorb and gets spammy at the end, which is when its hard to finish him off. I don't know if he woudl be less spammy solo or not.

There is a very good chance you can kill him, but I'm not sure. I didn't have trouble w/ the hate reset, but some of the AoE damage can stack up on you solo. (you can avoid the aoe spells easily enough from being far from pet when melee.. but you need to run close to snarl when hate is reset.)
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#5 Oct 07 2012 at 9:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Is not hard at all.

Need good timing and some space. Using Heel when is readying a TP to avoid healing it and nukes are manageable with atmas and reward.

When it 2hrs just Heel and Snarl, sometimes even you don't get hit.

I did my Glavoid part mostly solo on BST, using Falcorr (the intimidation isn't really an issue, and TH for placebo effect), and Fantod after a TP move is useful for break Stoneskin and chip a chunk of HP. After a few fights you get the feeling and Heel on time.

I didn't melee with pet, bc i'm always been bad at turning around with TP moves, but is possible to do.

Atmas: RR, DG and MC (used this as third just to save a little gil on reward and lazyness, can use other to speed up things)

Is a long fight, between 15 and 20 mins, and can get longer if you heal it and get stoneskin a lot, but not a hard one.

Getting the KIs, that's another story.... I did on Nin
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