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#1 Jul 14 2012 at 8:25 PM Rating: Good
As some of you may or may not be aware, they have added a new item to
the Voidwatch system called Spectral Displacer.  These items can be
purchased 1-5 at a time, for 100k each, from an NPC at the Jugner
Forest OP (one purchase per conquest tally).  I decided to try them
out duo with my BST buddy so we purchased 5 each (10 total) and
Windurst Tier 1-
Both were easy, didn't need any weakness items.

Windurst Tier 2-
Used 1 weakness item.  Fight was easy, if you space pets out around
the mob so Horn only hits one at a time.  We have tried duoing this
before the weakness items were availible and were unsuccessful, so the
item made a difference.

Windurst Tier 3-
Used 2 weakness items on the Vampyr, and it was laughibly easy.  Used
2 on the Turtle as well, with similar results.  Probably could have
been done with only 1 item each.

Windurst Tier 4-
Used 3 weakness items and the NM was a push over.  Like, literally, a
45 second fight, could have used 2 items.

Had a RDM friend join us for more weakness items (He bought 5 more,
giving us 7 total)
Sandy Tier 1-
No weakness items, killed normally.

Sandy Tier 2-
1 weakness item, super easy.

Sandy Tier 3-
1 weakness item on Fairy, 2 on Behemoth.  Super easy, coulda used 1 on
Behemoth probably.

Sandy Tier 4-
2 weakness items, was super easy.

Bastok Tier 1-
No items, as easy as the others.  Having temp items to deal with the
draw in > AoE from the worm is useful.

Bastok Tier 2-
Used up the last of our weakness items.  As easy as can be expected now.

We need to wait until tomorrow (Sunday) to get more weakness items,
but I assume T3 and T4 bastok will be just as easy (if not easier
since the Tier 4 is wind based)

At the conquest tally tomorrow, we will buy more weakness items and
finish the cities and move onto Jeuno.  Seems like these items are
basically Brews for Voidwatch.  While in a lowman setup, getting procs
is hard/impossible, if all you need are the clears than this seems
like a pretty awesome solution to finding people to do the cities and
#2 Jul 16 2012 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanx for the testimonials! I know this will help alot of ls mates who recently came back.

One other thing I'd like to share...
perhaps you missed the note on the official forums about what was said during vanafest... but
If you use the /fume emote on VW mobs it changes the weakness. you can use this to change it when you don't have it.

I recommend getting a pup in your low-man group to spam hints.
Also there were test server bst solo's of VWNM's by the 3rd VW expansion.. probalby sooner, but I don't remember exactly.
Server: Bahamut

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#3 Jul 16 2012 at 8:46 PM Rating: Decent
I totally forgot about /fume lol, thanks for the reminder.
Also good suggestion on PUP for a fast reader.
Im very curious to the viability of Solo/duo Mortas'
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