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Is all out DD gear better now?Follow

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I geared my BST for the 75-95 days (have not played as much since 99) as an all out Pet: and Defensive (PDT- axe) for soloing situations for hard NMs, and I've been able to beat many NMs in the last 2 years with this method.

But now, I'm seeing videos and numerous BSTs with all out DD gear (AF3+1 or +2, or even inferior perle or the new 95-99 armors that are likely hand me downs from their other DD jobs) now starting to outperform my Pet: set of Mirke Ward. (Pet: Att, Double Att) and Anwig Salade (DT-10%)... with their either relic axe or magian STR, att (for master not pet), and tp building axe or KC on offhand now able to solo NMs like Kirin or the new Dynamis high level NMs which I have a harder time doing with my Pet: or PDT/MDB Axe sets.

In addition, I read posts (not sure if it's just boasting) with all out DD axes, KC they are farming faster and better in Dynamis, about 30-50% more currency than I can with my current PDT and Pet: gear.

I'm curious to hear perspectives from BSTs who have both these types of gears as I'm not quite sure where to go next with gear. Building a relic is something I don't think I have the patience to do... but will working on a fire path magian axe really net worthwhile results given the time it takes to do the trials (waiting around for firesday), and if so ATT for master or pet:? And then there's the armor... is Mirke Ward past its prime as well?


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great questions! I'm interested in the answers.
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for dynamis farming, dd gear is absolutely superior.

If you are solo, you are kiling ep's because the dc mobs will not be as profitable and your chance to die is higher. damage reduction will do much less for you than the evasion when you are fighting anything significantly lower level than you. You will see that vs ep's your evasion is quite good for both you and pet. At that point the faster you proc and kill makes a tremendous difference in dyna farming.
Shucks If I proc right away on a mob in dyna, chances are I have tp for ws, and it is dead right after proc'ing. Ruinator is a very powerful Weaponskill.

The same is true for many abyssea NM's. They are lower level than you are now. Almost anything in visions and heroes zones that you solo will be alot faster with dd atma on and it won't be a particular challenge.

If you are fighting higher level mobs... well you won't find those in abyssea and it will be case by case. Its rare to get into a VW party on bst. In fact.. I can't say how it would go. I've always been requested to proc on my bluemage for VW.

The only things which will have higher level than you and pet are legion, VW and a few places w/ some VT mobs. Then it becomes a question of gil more than otherwise. Do you want to kill faster and spend more on pet food or do you want to kill slower and kill less. It will also be case by case.

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