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#1 Jul 02 2011 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
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So I began leveling ranger again after many years and have literally no gear for it except AF1. I stopped at 57 back in 2007ish because I was never able to get an EBow (went like 0/14). Anyhow, 1 aby pt later I'm now 84 with crap gear. I'd like to know what people's tp and ws sets look like. Is using the +1 fire staff still good? Or dual wield axes? What about Kirins osode. So many questions, but I guess I'm relatively new to rng so any help is appreciated.
Michimeow - Sylph
Common: STR 5/5 Crit:4/4 Evasion:3/4
75THF: Dagger:8/8 Triple:5/5 SA:3/5 TA:2/5 AC:4/5 Feint:5/5 AS:1/5
75NIN: Katana:8/8 SubtleB:1/5 NTE:5/5
75WHM: Cure 5/5 Regen 3/5 Pro V: 1/5 Shell V: 1/5 Devotion: 5/5

#2 Jul 02 2011 at 6:23 AM Rating: Default
Well I'll give you the 2011 theory for gearing RNG that I follow, and from there the choices will hopefully make themselves. Other people feel free to compare and contrast, but this should point you in the right direction.

Firstly, with all the Regain atmas, exact sTP figures aren't really important. Because you can't really fire non-stop between WSs without needing to run to the next worm, you will inevitably regain some random TP, borking a large portion of the point of an exact sTP set.

I mean technically if you get out a stopwatch and clock out the time it takes to fire your shots, then factor in regain, you could shave a few fractions of a second off your TP phase and WS that much faster. Let's just say I am a fan of getting the most out of my RNG whenever I'm on it, and I still haven't really bothered. Put on enough sTP to drop (or almost drop) a hit or two, and let Regain fill in the rough edges.

Anyways, with sTP not really being a hanging point, you're free to put on Snapshot/Rapid Shot/Velocity Shot bonuses when you draw, and max STR and RAtt when you shoot. Spellcast makes that a breeze, it's up on the windower site.

Then for WS, STR will be your best bet unless there are exceedingly high amounts of AGI or RAtt. RAcc is not an issue, even on Slugwinder.

As far as your specific questions, Vulcan Staff/Uther Grip is the top damage option, though there have been some very nice additions to the ranged attack boosting one hand weapon armory. Carabiner's Axe, Nguul, and Carabineer Dagger. Though I can't really envision a reason to use them... Outside of procing. Osode is legit, but I side with AF3+1 because of the Velocity Shot boost, whatever that does. Since Osode is kind of 2005, I go with the -3STR/AGI and hope that enhanced Velocity Shot is worth it. 15 RAcc never hurt nobody's Sidewinder, neither.

I'm afraid that bows have won the bow versus gun debate to me. A Vision Bow is a great way to shoot pointy sticks without tons of Trial work, and the STR bonuses from the atmas you'll want to use compliment SW better than SS as far as I can tell. Also, arrows are just easier to come by on the AH. A Trueflight build can be an extremely cheap way to do your fair share of damage, if you have an MKris or KC to build the TP.

The most important thing to do on RNG (or any DD) is to match your atmas to your playstyle. Strong Arm/Sea Daughter/Voracious Violet for SS/SW, Ultimate/Beyond/Sea Daughter (or a third MAB) for TF, or Razed Ruins/Gnarled Horn/Sea Daughter for Arching Arrow/Heavy Shot (which is apparently legit now, I haven't tried it because I don't have GH).

As for my exact gear, I go with

TP wrote:
AF3+1/Qiqirn Collar/Fenrir/Volley Earring
AF3+1/AF3+1/Raja/Behemoth Ring with 2 STR augment
AF3/AF2/AF3+1/Areion's Gamashes (mostly cuz I don't have AF2 lol)

WS wrote:
Aias Bonnet/Breeze Gorget/Fenrir/Triumph
AF3+1/AF3+1/Rajas/Behemoth Ring with 2 STR augment
AF3/Breeze Belt/AF3+1/Areion's Gamashes

TF wrote:
KC/Legion Scutum/Martial/Bronze
Bersail Cap/Artemis' or Uggy Pendant/Novio/Hecate's
Osode/Seiryu's Kote/Omega Ring/Behemoth Ring with 1 MAB augment
AF3/Aquiline Belt/Denali Kecks/AF3+1

I'm sure there are some cost effective upgrades I've missed, but alas I'm not 110% gung-ho on my RNG in practice these days.

parse wrote:
Damage Summary 
Player               Total Dmg   Damage %   Melee Dmg   Range Dmg   Abil. Dmg  WSkill Dmg   Spell Dmg  Other Dmg 
Stani                   295637    99.35 %       26121       12155       12606      244635           0        120 
SC: Reverberation         1923     0.65 %           0           0           0           0           0          0 
Total                   297560   100.00 %       26121       12155       12606      244635           0        120 
Melee Damage 
Player            Melee Dmg   Melee %   Hit/Miss   M.Acc %  M.Low/Hi    M.Avg  #Crit  C.Low/Hi   C.Avg     Crit% 
Stani                 26121    8.84 %     771/76   91.03 %      0/48    29.09    163      0/63   51.74   21.14 % 
Ranged Damage 
Player            Range Dmg   Range %   Hit/Miss   R.Acc %  R.Low/Hi    R.Avg  #Crit  C.Low/Hi   C.Avg     Crit% 
Stani                 12155    4.11 %       27/0  100.00 %   198/558   408.65      4   483/912  689.00   14.81 % 
Other Magical Damage  (Additional Effects and Spikes) 
Player            M.AE Dmg  # M.AE  M.AE Avg   R.AE Dmg  # R.AE  R.AE Avg   Spk.Dmg  # Spike  Spk.Avg 
Stani                    0       0      0.00          0       0      0.00       120        4    30.00 
Weaponskill Damage 
Player                 WSkill Dmg   WSkill %  Hit/Miss   WS.Acc %   WS.Low/Hi   WS.Avg 
Stani                      244635    82.75 %      75/3    96.15 %   1699/3967  3261.80 
 - Sidewinder              244635   100.00 %      75/3    96.15 %   1699/3967  3261.80 
Ability Damage 
Player                  Abil. Dmg    Abil. %  Hit/Miss    A.Acc %    A.Low/Hi    A.Avg 
Stani                       12606     4.26 %       4/0   100.00 %   2285/4007  3151.50 
 - Barrage                  12606   100.00 %       4/0   100.00 %   2285/4007  3151.50 

Low acc from Sandspin, low damages from Gastric Bomb. As you can see, 96% SW land rate without even attempting to pump RAcc.

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There are two kinds of people in FFXI, those doing the laughing and those who don't know what's funny.
#3 Jul 03 2011 at 3:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Ty for all the information! The only thing my rng had was the Hunter's attire slip lol. But currently heres what I'm using until I can get upgrades.

Vulcans staff/ / Cobra bow/scorpion arrows
Hunter's/Seiryu/Rajas/ Scorpion Ring+1/Breeze ws
Amemet+1/Scouter's/Hunters/Areion's (due to ur suggestion)

Till I get Vision Bow, and cap my skills I'll just use cheapy ammo. I dont have any gear swap stuff yet, but thats in the works lol. Pretty crapalicious atm though lol.
Michimeow - Sylph
Common: STR 5/5 Crit:4/4 Evasion:3/4
75THF: Dagger:8/8 Triple:5/5 SA:3/5 TA:2/5 AC:4/5 Feint:5/5 AS:1/5
75NIN: Katana:8/8 SubtleB:1/5 NTE:5/5
75WHM: Cure 5/5 Regen 3/5 Pro V: 1/5 Shell V: 1/5 Devotion: 5/5

#4 Jul 03 2011 at 5:43 AM Rating: Decent
I'd prioritize atma farming over gear farming. I honestly believe that 3 good atmas would take a char geared with less than 500k off the AH further than a moderately pimped out char could get with 0-1 atmas. Or at least give him a run for his money.

One last thing to max out your RNG's production is to watch your PT members' TP for SC chances. Nothing makes a SW look more impressive than adding on an extra 50% damage in Reverberation!

Edited, Jul 3rd 2011 4:54am by tertoonetwothreefour
There are two kinds of people in FFXI, those doing the laughing and those who don't know what's funny.
#5 Jul 04 2011 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
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Demon and Kabura Arrows are pretty cheap these days if you want to skimp on ammo costs but not look quite so gimp.

I'd agree that getting good atma like Sea Daughter, Stout Arm, Voracious Violet, Razed Ruins, Gnarled Horn are most important for a RNG to look anything but hopeless. But AF3 gear is also a biggie if you do anything with RNG outside of Abyssea.

Personally I only get to pull out RNG for non-Abyssea events like Dyna, Limbus, VNM's, Nyzul, etc. So having some decent gear is helpful. AF3+1 is not that terribly hard to obtain since often the RNG drops go unlotted. +2 is a bit of a challenge and would certainly require an Aby LS.

While my RNG gear has been a bit neglected, my general allpurpose gear:
Vulcan's/Axe grip/ Bateleur+2/Demon->Antlion
AF3+1/Seiryu's or CFG/Rajas/Arewe
Amemet+1/Scout's belt/AF3+1/Scouts socks
Race: Mithra
Server: Ifrit
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