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#1 Feb 28 2004 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm beginning to have an identity crisis with my ranger. And I'm not sure if I'm wrong, or the parties I've snagged recently are wrong.

Is the primary function of a ranger a puller or a nuker? I do a lot of pulling and don't mind since it's what I did as a THF and overall (as long as I'm awake and alert) I'm not bad at it. However I've only pulled because I, as a player, felt I was pretty good at it, not as a job class, since just about any class except for BLM and WHM (sometimes they can too) can pull with a little forthought.

I've always considered the Ranger a nuker. We have no armor, and dole out large amounts of damage. The difference between us and a BLM is that we use gil (in the form of arrows, bolts or bullets) where they use MP, the roles of both seemed very similar to me. Even with only my WS's to rely on and no archer knives I can still pull enough hate that a tank can't pull the mob off me if I'm not careful. And once I get my knives and barrage, I'll have to be even more careful about drawing aggro.

It seems to me that most non-Rangers consider Rangers puller's before anything else. And while I have to agree we don't make bad pullers, I think in most situations, we're over-rated as a job in that respect. We're very good for area's where the mobs are spread out and hard to find, but in crowded area's such as Valkrum, Qufim, and Kazham, wide scan becomes a hindrance rather than a help. In addition, I can't count the number of times I've been pulling something with my longbow - hit alt+d to fire, and have someone with WAR as a main or sub run up, hit provoke, and run off with the mob I was starting to fire on.

Like I said I don't mind pulling, I don't mind trying to find the mob my party wants while simultaneously dodging mobs in my area we can't handle, and paying attention to the ones I passed so I don't get cut off on my return trip. I don't mind dying 2-3 times more often than the rest of my party because I refuse to train mobs back to where most groups camp when I wasn't able to dodge the mobs we couldn't handle. To me it makes the game a bit more challenging rather than a rinse&repeat.

Any thoughts you guys have on this would be apprecaited

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#2 Feb 28 2004 at 6:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Use a bommerang to pull if thier is alot of competition. If ur linking 2-3 mob, your pulling to far or u suck at it. Have the group move if its a long pull. If you pull a train just tell ur pt so the paladin or whm can help. They can heal while u run for the zone, or the pali can pull one off u.
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