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whats the best starting job for a ranger?Follow

#1 Feb 19 2004 at 9:30 PM Rating: Decent
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question i just ordered this game and i am looking foward to making the switch from EQ to FFXI. After spending some time on the net and looking around i have pretty much decided i want to play a ranger but my question is what should my starting job be? was thinking warrior, monk, or theif. I have seen that warrior is sapose to be one of the two best sub classes so should i start as a warrior?
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#2 Feb 19 2004 at 9:53 PM Rating: Good
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Another fellow EQ convert...

OK, if I had to start from scratch to plan for a RNG, I would go for either the WAR or THF. I have nothing against the MNK, but they have a little bit more difficulty finding groups & you stand to gain nothing later on using the MNK as a sub for your RNG.

One of the top *three* subs. Arguably third in effectiveness behind Ninja and Samurai subs later on when you've unlocked those advanced classes. You'll find discussions till kingdom come about what sub is the end you'll probably just choose what's fun for you and decide how much time you can invest in the game.

As a WAR, you'll probably be slightly more desirable to groups for your first 30 levels because of your ability to be a meat shield. (Although these days, you might be slightly overshadowed by some of the Paladins who are climbing up the same ladders.)

EDIT: And added advantage to working up a WAR is that the WAR is a flexible job that can be used as a sub for almost any other class in the game. Say you decide to go NIN or SAM later on, you can always use the WAR as a sub. Nobody complains about having more STR and DEF.

The downside is that it's a fairly boring class to play IMHO especially as compared to a THF who can do everything from run fast, steal, and backstab (sneak attack).

As a sub, the WAR is superior to THF. I don't think anyone would argue otherwise.

But as a starting class, the THF if definitely a viable choice because not only is it just fun to play, you'll be building up GIL along the way that can be used to fund your RNG once you make the switch. I started my RNG with 80K in my reserves, I've read others who began with 100K+ That's a good start that will last you well into the first 20 levels of your RNG.

Also, as a THF, an added bonus is that you'll sometimes find yourself asked to be the puller of your group. You'll not only be gaining the advantage of understanding how to pull in FFXI, you'll be naturally working up your evasion as a attribute RNGs share a little in common with THFs (just not as much)

I made the choice to go the route of the THF. To this day I think WAR, NIN, and SAM classes are some of the more boring classes to play. No offense to those classes but that's just my play preference.

BUT, if you want to get working on your RNG the fastest without having to worry about working up another sub later on, I'd go WAR.

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#3 Feb 19 2004 at 10:56 PM Rating: Good
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For lvling purposes, war and nin are the two best sub jobs. Given the appropriate party war sub is the best sub for ranger. So it would be wise to start off as war. You should get into party easily being the meat shield and once you are done, you can use it as one of the top two sub for ranger.

You can find more information about subs in other threads. Bascially, the best sub is nin, in general. However, if you have good bard friends or ppl in LS that your group with frequently, your party should be well coordinated enough to make war sub the best sub for ranger.

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#4 Feb 20 2004 at 12:17 AM Rating: Good
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I believe he asked for starting job, in which case it would be wise to take WAR to 18, THF to 15, then WAR to 30.

Everything Kamena said = true. A lvl 15 THF will also give you the ability to farm more effectively. Once you're 30 WAR you can do the RNG quest and NIN quest (if you follow someone around). Good to see more RNGs coming through =)
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