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Leveling both Bow/MarksmanshipFollow

#1 Jan 28 2004 at 2:43 PM Rating: Decent
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I am about to hit 30 and ready to switch to ranger. I got the gil, I have lvl 3 bow lvl 2 marksmanship (hard to lvl these as a War and I just bought a bow too :(

So here is my question how do I lvl up my combat skill in both areas.

My idea....

I buy the nicest xbow and nicest bow for my lvl (plenty o' gil). I then buy bolts that give like defense down or poison and use the xbow the first half of the fight (until it has half health). And then switch to my bow to finish it off.

The reason for this is I can lvl up both skills. And also manage my hate since i dont do very much damage with xbow I can let the tank get enough hate so that I can unleesh all my might later on. Also it enfeebles the mob.

The problems I can see is will this effect my TP?? Since I am switchin weapons (I know it does it for main weapon but dont know about with ranged) And if it does should I scratch this idea.

If this is not a good idea plz share urs with me.

(btw dont worry about my gil like I said I have plenty and can make more.....but probobly won't have to)
#2 Jan 28 2004 at 3:04 PM Rating: Decent
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Aloha Kamaaina,

Here's my experience with that idea....I had 0 marksmanship when I switched to RNG.

I kinda gave it up for now because:

a) Xbow just doesn't seem to be doing good damage. Granted my hit rate is poor because I started it late in life, but looking at the dmg numbers there's no equivalent damage as compared to someone using a PowerBow +1 for instance.

The tradeoff, is the faster hit rate and around the mid 20's I believe the bolts start including effects to sleep or lower defense on MOBs. But to me it just didn't justify the time or expense to work on it much longer...

EDIT: Sorry, not faster hit rate...reduced delay is what I was trying to say.

b) I once had what I thought was a bright idea similar to yours...I thought I'd macro the xbow to use for my pulling shot...then I'd switch to Bow for the fight.

Turned out this was a pain (1) because you end up using up at least 2 extra slots of inventory for the xbow and bolts; (2) while it was easy to create the macros, it was easy to get mixed up during a fight if you're not extra careful how you have it to launch and when; and (3) every time you switch ranged weapons you lose TP.

I'm not suggesting you don't try.... this was just my own experiences with that idea....

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#3 Jan 28 2004 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
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doing those two skills is just like a meleer class working up several skills at the same time. work one up to max for your level, then switch. once you max them out, i assume like melee weapons every time you level it shouldnt take long to get there again.

and like working up skill, you may need to take a break from normal levelling to get your skill up to a decent level. i find that getting it to 20s (assuming in your new job you dont group until early teens) before you use it in group will be better than starting it from 1.

what many people didn't do still is the personal inventory quests. so they may have 1 or 2 advanced jobs in the 20s but still toting around 30 personal slots.

i now have 40 slots on me (next gob bag quest probably requires mucho fame that ill have to work long at), my highest lvl job is 28. when i start a new low level job, i'll be able to stay out longer and carry more loot not to mention, equipment and food buffs.

i can be fully decked out in gear with food items and extra weapons to switch with and still have about 20 slots to carry loot or bazaar items.

#4 Jan 28 2004 at 5:51 PM Rating: Decent
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also i dont know how many jobs you have levelled to around lvl 10 but pretty much all hte melee jobs can use archery or marksmanship or both. so if you need low level mobs for crystals or whatever and use a low lvl char to do it, you can work up your ranged skill too.

i believe the skillset is the following for the basic jobs
thf: throwing, arch, marksmanship
mnk: throwing
warr: arch, marks, maybe throwing
rdm: arch

and keep in mind, guns go with marksmanship so if you want to use guns, focus on this a little more to make sure it's maxed for your level

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