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#1 Jan 21 2004 at 1:53 AM Rating: Default
hey, im hoping to b a ranger thief. I made my guy a human thief to start with. Im only level 10. I was wondering if i could combine my archery skills n sneak attack eventually....

also can someone tell me about this combo...things to try etc....
#2 Jan 21 2004 at 2:15 AM Rating: Good
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SA is a physical attack; it won't even stack with elemental WS like burning blade or wasp sting. So, unfortunately, you can't stack SA with any Ranged WS.
I'm a hume, started as thief and am now working on my RNG. Some things to keep in mind.
Rangers are expensive; thieves are rich. The two basically work out to breaking even, except when you consider the next point.
THF(25+) and RNG together make *the* Notorious Monster hunter. You've got Wide Scan, Flee, Treasure Hunter, and all that glorious DMG you can do. Take advantage of this combo.
THF(15+) has one of the highest single melee hits in the game. THF(30+) with a TA/SA/WS is probably *the* highest melee damage in the game. RNG has the highest dps in the game, even higher than BLM. RNG also doesn't get any WS between 30-ish and late 50's. So, make 8 ranged shots and then fire off a SA/WS with your dagger, THEN hit them with an Eagle Eye Shot. Any mob that can survive this you probably shouldn't be fighting.
People love thieves after 15 for TH, even if they don't know the benefits of SA and TA. People love rangers at most levels because they are *the* puller and have such high dps (if properly equipped). Put the two together and you won't have to wait long for parties.
Rangers will get aggro; thieves' evasion bonuses will help to keep you alive. Thieves don't do much damage in normal combat; ranger WS will help to keep you alive.
The Job Traits and Abilities even pair up well - Steal and Treasure Hunter with Scavenge; Flee with Wide Scan; Hide with Camouflage; Evasion Bonus with Caution.
I could go on (and on and on and on...). Obviously, I like the pairing Smiley: smile There are probably disadvantages, or more realistically advantages that other combinations have over the RNG/THF THF/RNG combos. To each his own.
Whether you choose to go with RNG in the long run, stick with THF to at least lvl 30; TH and GF really help with obtaining all the items you need for quests, missions, etc. WHM may be the saviors of partying, but THF are the go-to guys when people need quest items.
Good luck and good hunting.

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#3 Jan 21 2004 at 3:55 PM Rating: Decent
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While I, myself, like the combo...

Consider that it isn't likely you can solo a MOB and expect to fire off sneak attack in the same fight...remember SA only works from behind. So the scenario off ranged, hit with SA, finish off with Eagle Eye... I don't think that's likely.

In a solo situation, it's likely I'd open with SA then depend on the damage of my bow to finish off the rest of the fight. Not really ideal, but it's the only method I can think of if you wanted to solo something with RNG/THF.

If I'm wrong, I'm certainly interested in hearing how this can be done. :)

Regardless, I really like the pairing because:

a) Both classes are fairly similar in attributes...such that the equipment you collected as a THF can be saved over for when you level your Ranger. No all...but most. Evasion and dagger skills complement both classes.

b) While it's not likely the THF gil drop rate will make up for the ammo you shoot away. But anything helps. The advantage comes when swapping the classes whenever you want to go out and farm for money. Over the weekend I spent roughly 4-5 hours between fishing and farming and earned 60K. I wouldn't doubt more experienced players with higher crafting skills are earning more.

I agree with Kahlyn though, you really can't lose when you level a'll always end up wanting to farm gil no matter what class you end up with.

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#4 Jan 21 2004 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Something you may also want to consider is your race. I am Elvaan, and I know that I'm one step behind when it comes to my accuracy. Knowing this, I don't try to complement it with a THF sub; instead I sub WAR so I get the massive STR and attack bonus. I may hit less often, but I hit a **** of a lot harder when I do...

I'll sub my THF when I go farming, but it's not like putting my THF sub into a PT will magically increase the amount of money that I make while leveling.
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#5 Jan 21 2004 at 4:24 PM Rating: Default
A theif will not make nearly enough gils to be a ranger. A thf sub is not a good choice. And if you think a thf will make a lot of money, you are totally wrong. TH is not all that powerful and it definitely won't cover the costs of rng. Take it from a lvl 30 thf and lvl 33 rng.
#6 Jan 21 2004 at 4:51 PM Rating: Decent
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A theif will not make nearly enough gils to be a ranger. A thf sub is not a good choice. And if you think a thf will make a lot of money, you are totally wrong. TH is not all that powerful and it definitely won't cover the costs of rng. Take it from a lvl 30 thf and lvl 33 rng.

Compared to the other classes why wouldn't the theif make a lot of money? Spell casters spend a **** load of cash on spells plus theives have gil finder and tresure hunter and even though it's not much it still puts them in front of other classes for money making. Maybe tied with soloing/farming abbilities of a drg/whm or smn/whm.

But anyways over a long run i think im gonna do rng/nin soon as my ranger gets to 20. I think rng/thf is the best thing to start rng but after a while it loses it's edge to other subs.

This is just my opinion and i dont care if u dont agree.

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#7 Jan 21 2004 at 4:56 PM Rating: Decent
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TH is not all that powerful and it definitely won't cover the costs of rng. Take it from a lvl 30 thf and lvl 33 rng.

I don't see how it couldn't help...

Consider these quick numbers:

I burn about 4.8K - 5K per night on 6 stacks of Beetle Arrows...this would be perhaps roughly about 4-5 hours of xp leveling. It's suggested on this very board that a post 50 RNG burns about 8K worth of ammo per night...

On fishing alone I already earn about 5K per hour at recruit level...a level 20+ fisherman will earn roughly 20K+ per hour.

Farming in some newbie areas I can earn a rough average rate of about 10K+ an hour as a combination of gil drop, item drop, and quest turn-ins as a THF. On an average kill, a THF earns roughly 30% more gil then an another class from my observation.

With enough patience, I'm sure there are some players who earn a lot more camping for NMs who drop items worth 6 figures, whereby a THF/RNG is almost built for this type of work. is having a THF not going to be to your advantage?

#8 Jan 22 2004 at 2:51 AM Rating: Default
Just the kind of topic I was looking for ^^ Later on after I get some other things squared away, I was thinking of leveling Rng/Thf for farming purposes since they can track down monsters and kill them just as swiftly. Would this be a good idea, or perhaps another combonation would be better?
#9 Jan 22 2004 at 4:13 AM Rating: Default
rng/thf seems fine for farming regular mobs..but consider that unless your farming some noob area (and taking thier xp btw at the same time), your going to be shooting arrows at the same time to farm. kinda counter productive dont u think. Hardly need scan to find orcs and fungar after all.
as for nm camping, *LOL* try it i suppose if u like. ive beaten every single rng/thf or thf/rng so far. (and there have been enough to count). umm...yeah, u can See the mob, true. but how will u beat a dia (ha!) or a voke with that combo? u may get lucky on some of the wider lottery pops and get to it b4 all the other campers (and if the other servers are like mine, theres always sevral at any given time who know where to go to look), but thats kinda iffy. and on somthing like the spook, or any other set spawn? lol, yeah, gl, ill cya next hour when i dia it again.
#10 Jan 22 2004 at 5:15 AM Rating: Decent
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RNG/THF adds some versatility at the expense of damage. It's up to you, but consider that most parties are inviting RNG for damage potential. I personally think RNG/NIN has the most to offer, but you can't argue with the cookie cutters; RNG/WAR and 60+RNG/SAM.

If you think THF does not make money, check AH prices for Gold Beastcoins sometime. I would call stealing items that go for 10k each (100k a stack) quite a valuable profit method, but that's me.

And yes, THF/RNG is the uber NM hunter. While there is the potentially annoying problem of Dia and/or Provoke, Steal (or at distance, Flee+Steal) levels the playing field quite nicely. I've snatched mobs away from WARs many times with Steal.
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#11 Jan 22 2004 at 2:19 PM Rating: Decent
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rng/thf seems fine for farming regular mobs..but consider that unless your farming some noob area (and taking thier xp btw at the same time), your going to be shooting arrows at the same time to farm. kinda counter productive dont u think.

Why in the world would you farm as a RNG primary? :)
#12 Jan 22 2004 at 3:41 PM Rating: Default
Where are these fishing places that you can make soo much money? And where are these harvesting places. I'm looking for places to make good money. What type of fish are you going for etc?
#13 Jan 22 2004 at 5:15 PM Rating: Decent
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It's the most booooring thing in the world. BUT you can literally do it in your backyard.

Moat carps (which can be obtained right at level 1) will fetch you between 3.7K - 4K per stack at the AH. You can pull these up right at the moat in N.Sandy for instance.

When you first start in's really slow. But your success rate can improve with level, type of bait & rod, the day of the week, the weather, etc....

At about level 10 for instance, on an average hour I can sometimes complete a full stack of moats. This is usually followed with a few tri-colored carps which sell for 150 each at the vendors and an occasional gold carp (600+ at the vendor).

At around 20+ fishing (I know this only because I'm trying to catch up to my LS friend who's in his mid-20's fishing) can improve this volume up to the point where he said he is pulling up 3 stacks of carps an hour among other bigger fish.

I'm assuming carps will always regularly sell well because there are players who will need 10,000 carps to get that LuShang fishing rod quest reward.

Edited, Thu Jan 22 17:17:06 2004 by Kamena
#14 Jan 23 2004 at 12:53 AM Rating: Default
I dont know how you can say thf doesnt make much money. I recently lvled thf to 15 for the TH bonus. Before TH it took my rdm 3.5 hrs to get 4 spools of silk. With th added I got 12 in 1.5 - 2 hr time. I was also killing other mobs during that time though so I wasnt focused just on crawlers.

The area that I farm I can make on avg 10-20k per hour. In the 2 hrs that it took to get the 12 silk I also got 12 beastman blood and a few water clusters. So in 2 hours I got roughly 30k in items.

Then I went and camped one of the NM in giddeus which drops the hunters longbow. 45 minutes after I got there the NM shows up and I get the drop on the first kill. Im sure TH had a decent hand in getting the drop so quickly. That bow sells for 15-20k depending on the market.

So total farming time 2 hrs and 45 minutes yields 45-50k in items.
#15 Feb 10 2004 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
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One very important point i see no one making here:

If you sub THF, your sneak attack will do only 2x damage, not the 4-10x damage you do when you main THF! I got my THF up to 30 and did RNG/THF until i found this out, and in my opinion it completely writes off subbing THF. Really sucks. When you have your lil archer knife and you run a sneak attack you do like, 20-30 dmg, pointless.

But, as others have mentioned, THF sub still good for steal and TH and GF, and NM camping and farming etc. So while i dont sub THF on my RNG when lvl'ing or for any occasion where dmg output matters, I use it for auxilliary purpose.

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#16 Feb 17 2004 at 5:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the info on this, i know now that im gonna be an elvan RNG/THF thanks guys
#17 Feb 17 2004 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
Im a RNG/WAR Elvaan and I pted with a Hume RNG/THF last night.I out performed him in damage,and acuracy(I have all the top gear).RNG/Thf is a crappy combo,theres no reason to sub THF unless your going NM hunting,and when farming TH doesnt even help THAT much.O and you NEVER use RNG when gil farming,are you an idiot?Your wasting money to get money,makes no sense.Heres what i do,I hunt Forest Tigers in Jugner.Theres a guy in S>Sandoria that will give you 2100 gil for 3 tiger fangs.Or you can wait and sell a stack of them in the AH for 8-10 K.Easy money,the drops are decent,and the also drop tiger hide that sells for 700 gil a pop on my server.And I can farm like two stacks in less than an hour,with my WAR/RNG combo.Its a waste of time and money using THF sub,your just not using your RNG to its fullest potential.But hey do what you want,its your dime.
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