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how much is really spent on arrows/bulletsFollow

#1 Dec 23 2003 at 7:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello all,

Im very interested in becoming a ranger but im curious about the real cost involved with arrows/bullets. from what I hear you need to be "rich" to play a ranger, of course just starting out the game I won't be so please give me some feedback :)

Thanks in advance,
#2 Dec 23 2003 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
It's not just ammo, it's also the stat foods, the cost of +ranged accuracy, +ranged attack and +agility gear, the cost of building up crafting skills to make your own ammo, etc.

I used to make my own bone arows, now I buy iron arrows from Jeuno weapon shop for 8 gil per, I use two-three stacks a night, so that's about 300x8 = 2400 gil max at my level per night.

I just paid 13k for a dagger, camped some new pants (martial slacks), and am planning ahead to further gear upgrades. It's an expensive job, and no doubt. You don't have to be rich, but you will have to have some way of making money.
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In my limited knowledge about playing a ranger, (my ranger is currently level 22), I think that people make more out of the costs than need be. Let me share some facts and the opinions I have formed over the last week of starting a ranger.

1. Wooden and Bone arrows are 4gil each, 396gil per stack of 99. A stack of arrows lasts quite a long time. Depending on whether or not you are solo or grouped, you will use up between 5-10 stacks for approximately 8 hours of game time. So you will have spent 2k - 4k. Dont ever buy arrows from the AH, at least not until past 30.

2. Save EVERYTHING that drops from mobs. Bird feather, Yagudo feathers, crystals (obviously), crawler calculus ect ect. Find the quest NPCs in your town that give money for items, you can build cash and fame at the same time. Wait until you have a stack and sell it in the AH. No matter if bird feathers sell for 300gil or 3000gil, it all adds up. You can also work up some of your tradeskills by (as an example) turning Yagudo necklaces into grass threads or copper ingots ect and selling them for substantially more than the un-synthed items.

3. Do not spend money on anything that does not directly affect your damage output. Sure you can get a few more Defense for several thousand gil more than your current armor, but its a waste. Spend money on + agility, + ranged attack, + ranged accuracy, + strength, the best bow you can have at your level. Do not waste money on a few points of defense, you are essentially a Black Mage that never runs out of mana and you should never be tanking a mob past level 10 maximum.

4. Use bone arrows through your early teens at the least, and in reality you can until about 22. At 14 when you can use iron arrows the damage increase from bone arrows is very small. It becomes more noticeable after about 17 but there is still not a drastic difference that warrants doubling the cost of your arrows. At 22 the extra damage is worth the cost.

By saving everything that drops and selling it at the AH the costs of arrows (up to level 22) doesnt even take from my savings. I am always up cash at the end of the day. So in my opinion, rangers do not have to be rich, they just have to be frugal and smart about what they spend money on.

One last thing, I search long and hard at the AH of every town from Sandoria to Jeuno to Windhurst and I really am unable to find any armor that is really worth buying and is expensive until level 24 (Martial Pants) then its pretty much level 30-34 before rangers seem to get anything really nice and really expensive. Plenty of time to save some bucks.

Hope this helps some aspiring rangers or anyone on the fence about being a ranger because of the costs.
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To get money fast I just fish while i do other stuff like right a report or whatever the case may be for you. That racks up gil really quickly if you feel up to it. But remember, to accutually catch a fish u have to press enter when it says "Something has caught the hook!" or else you will lose it. I may not be a ranger yet but i have the best stuff possible for my character and still money to spare for synthesis.

Also since ranger you have to be a least 30 you could sell all of your previous class equipment get a huge stash off 100k+ and focus on your ranger. You won't need your previous class equipment till you get to level 60 (to work on ur subjob again) an probably it will be cheaper than ever when you buy it again.

But i can't really talk cause im not a ranger yet :( so there might be flaws to these ideas i havent thought of.

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i spend about.. 15k per 2 days on making silver's, just buying all the materials to make them.. (don't have 17 goldsmithing yet, so the cost is higher) ...and 10k+ per day power lvling my crafts. making bone arrow's is easy and cost effective at lower lvls, but at those higher lvls....
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Also since ranger you have to be a least 30 you could sell all of your previous class equipment get a huge stash off 100k+ and focus on your ranger. You won't need your previous class equipment till you get to level 60 (to work on ur subjob again) an probably it will be cheaper than ever when you buy it again.

I did this exact thing. When i unlocked Ranger i headed to the AH and put all my 31 Monk's gear up for sale. I logged off that night. The next day upon logging i had about 97K ready to start my Ranger.

Dont go all out for your level on spending. Buy level 1 ranger gear and use that untill lvl 10. Almost all the gear worth spending money on opens up at lvl 10 requirement.

With the 97k i bought martial slacks for when i reach lvl 24 (20k), a beestinger(8k), a hunters longbow for when i hit 12(10k), and 2 bone ring+1for when i hit 16(6k a piece) .

With my conquest points i had saved up i bought a Royal footmans bandana which has +1 AGI for when i hit level 10, a Royal Archers Longbow for when i hit lvl 10,and some royal footman's boots also for level 10, and some footmans gloves.

I started out with a bunch of crap level 1 gear i threw together, a shortbow and some wood arrows. At lvl 7 i switched to bone arrows. At level 10 I put on all the lvl 10 gear that i had bought and filled in the empty slots with lvl 10 Scale mail.

Now at lvl 11, i have alot of my more expensive gear awaiting me in my mog safe for when i reach the appropriate level. I have 30k left for arrows and food which should last me awhile. Due to having alot of my gear bought already, i make more cash daily then i spend in arrows and food so by the time i need to upgrade again i should have plenty of cash.

Rambling, but just agreeing with the notion of selling your level 30 chars gear off to fund your ranger. Also, conquest points are a good way to get "free" gear.

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