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What's a ranger's role in groups?Follow

#1 Dec 18 2003 at 11:15 PM Rating: Default
Hi everyone. I usually post under the handle Phenomenon. However im at work and cant access my hotmail account. lame. Anyways i just completed ranger quest last night but im not a noob. i have a 32 thf, 20 ninja, 10 ranger. i have 2 years of eq under my belt and i understand the dynamics of hate, roles in groups, and what not.
Ranger seems really cool. And after reading these posts im pretty interested even further. i originally just did the quest because it's so easy. But my question is, what is a rangers roll in groups later in the game. im talking up 40. do they stand back from fight like casters and "nuke" with ranged and ws? or do they melee as well as nuke? do they have to pace themselves like blms and not grab hate?
also, they seem to have a huge potential with soloing. just bind/shoot melee mobs. i've also heard of silencing worms and attacking them from ranged.
Is it hard to get a group as rng?
And finally, pvp strategies?
Also, has anyone else had trouble with getting groups mid 30s?
im on gilgamesh server.

#2 Dec 19 2003 at 4:41 AM Rating: Default
okay sence you have played EQ
this is a Ranger:
~Archer Mastery 3~at level 1
You dont talk in groups , you stand far away , and Shoot Arrows. everyone says Oh we love rangers. you just shoot your Bow for insane damage over and over. you pull most of the time. Scan for rare spawns in some areas. everyone wants you in their PT. more so then a blackmage because most rangers are not ********. yha but thats basicly what is a ranger. your role stays the same you just get more powerful with each new ranged weapion and new armor
#3 Dec 19 2003 at 7:34 AM Rating: Decent
Definitely have to watch your hate. An IT mob was dying too slowly, I let out eagle eye shot followed by piercing arrow while under sharp shot; and its life evaporated. I had to take a couple of hits for that.

I suppose you could stand away. I don't; I'm right in there. You can't be too close to use your bow, and the attacks I get in between bow shots raise my TP. Also staying close allows the warrior to provoke it off you more easily, and if the mob goes screaming after the mage, can still plink it with arrows easy enough. The only time I stand away is if the monster has a nasty AE attack that I want no part of.

You can solo worms, but with misses and the sheer number of arrows you need to kill something tough to you, it's not really worth it. To me, anyway.

When a mob is about dead, I already am tracking the next pull.

Is there trouble getting groups? I didn't have trouble getting groups with my monk job until my late 20s, when I had to beg and scrape to get anything. So at 25, my hard times as a ranger may still be ahead of me. Time will tell.

Hope it does work out ~ rangers are really fun, and it is FUN to make jaws drop when people see your damage.

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#4 Dec 19 2003 at 12:18 PM Rating: Default
Etha - are you using Monk as your current subjob for Ranger?
If so, do you foresee any benefits of me playing as RNG/MNK rather than RNG/WAR?

Thanks for any assistance =)

And I apologise to the starter of this thread for momentarily interrupting the flow of answers :/
#5 Dec 19 2003 at 2:33 PM Rating: Decent
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I find if there are no parties available, or any invites coming your way, buff up your stone defense and kill worms... There are many worms, at various levels out there to give you that 200 xp a kill... Easy exp, and without the downtime of party AFK's, laziness, etc, etc
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#6 Dec 19 2003 at 2:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Bantam, I recognise that name from Helbreath (USA)
Did you used to play or is it just a coincidence?
#7 Dec 19 2003 at 3:11 PM Rating: Decent
Although monk was my main job before starting as a ranger, my subjob was then and continues to be red mage. Monk adds 18 hit points and +1 str at the cost of -1 agi and -all MP (48 when I switched). My monk JA are useless for ranger; boost helps only melee hits, dodge doesn't matter if you don't get hit much... Focus might be handy, but I wouldn't get to use that until 50 as a ranger (and I can always switch then if I like).

The only other non-mage jobs I could really consider would be thief; but since mine is only level 6, all I get is Gilfinder and Steal.

With Red Mage, I can use the Bar-spells to increase my resistances, which are about the only spells I cast when grouped.

Solo, it's invaluable. It's worth it all, just for Bind. As a monk, I could bind/enfeeble things to make it easy for me to kill them when they broke free, when I soloed. Bind, paralyze, blind, slow, dia, poison if I had time. Takes almost all my MP to enfeeble something that much, but if ya really want to solo, gotta have some mage in you.
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#8 Dec 19 2003 at 3:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Odd, I would have always though mixing a melee (well... ranged) job with a mage-type would be a bad idea.

I guess I'll look into it, although for now I'll probably plan with the warrior as the subjob, for the defence/attack bonuses (but I think the attack only affects melee)

Thanks for the new perspective
#9 Dec 20 2003 at 12:17 AM Rating: Default
Are you on Gilgamesh server? I have a person on my friendlist with that name. My name is Feihung. Im 32thf/18nin/10rng/10war/6mnk. If this is you, send me a tell sometime.
#10 Dec 20 2003 at 12:38 AM Rating: Decent
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Just some info for ya. Lvled War/mnk to 30 then did Ranja. love it !
AS for getting groups i have had no probs, easyer then war anyways. Dmg is insane, at lvl 15 with best bow/arrow i do 54 to a IT mob per hit. my 2hour does about 225 to a IT mob. I have tried subbing BLm for bind and it is nice even in a Pt say half way through a fight or before i WS i bind. i am using RDM now for soloing worms but even at 200exp a kill the downtime is high for healing and in a good pt id say the exp is better. AS for gil well when i get low i go back to war and camp NM .. easy and a nice break from leveling. oh fyi im a mithra well equiped on Carbuncle and yes every group ive been in has something to say about the dmg lol as long as i can live through a fight i can waste a mob. say a Snipper in the dunes. 2 wars doing 10ish dmg per hit and im doing 54 hehe .. dead mob fast but i get agro when i do it but with a good whm its np also one hint. I duo with a thief friend lvl 15 and as you know when a thief ends a skill chain with sneak/WS it like dbls the dmg now Flamming arrow>Sneak/WS from him and a IT gob in dunes takes 80% health gone instantly! UBER dmg man learn it and live by the fang!

#11 Dec 20 2003 at 5:13 AM Rating: Decent
Hi, Feihung! Yeah, I was on Gilgamesh but moved to Asura when it opened. I was pretty depressed that groups evaporated after level 30; impossible to progress, so I restarted as a ranger well before I had planned to and changed worlds to try for a new start.

Asura is no different from Gilgamesh. At 25, the groups are getting harder to get, and less productive. My link shell has maybe four active members whom I rarely ever see. Same old. If, when I get to 30 again, it is once more impossible to find groups, I'm going to stop beating my head against this wall and find a game it is possible to group in.

It is the most blatant failure of this game, that good exp depends upon people being in a very narrow level range.
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#12 Dec 23 2003 at 4:10 PM Rating: Default
I personally have found no lack of people wishing to party. This is how I have managed it, and because I put together my own groups and pull I can be selective about the types of classes I invite (mostly mage/melee balance)

the Search function in FFXI is incredible, DO not, trust that people without Seek, do not want to party.

when I am level 30/20 whatever I look for people in this method

Lvl 29-31 -> Search Region - I scan the list for ungrouped people and check out the classes, send invites in tells to any ungrouped that fit my groups needs (tank/mage etc), if I can't find a class I want I narrow my search to their job, but widen the scope

Lvl 29-31 -> Search World - or -> Search zones right next to my region. Almost Every time. I would say 7-10 times, I ask a WHM to party who is 4-5 zones away from my group, they take the time to travel, same thing with almost any other class.
I have averaged 2 lvls per night (about 4-5 hours of playing, at all level ranges, from 10-31. I may eat my words when my rng passes into the upper 20's again, But as a theif, I had no problem creating groups that had good success.

If you also use the EXP Party comment option place information like this

@5000 (xp to level listed) Speak jpn/eng / poor whatever
Khazam Pass -Mea Holla Dem GC-(gate crystals)
Dagger - Bow - Rng Acc +15

This lets people like me, know how far you are to level, this is important, when you need to keep the groups levels Below a certain point so that Exp doesn't junk out when the VT's turn T to the lowest member of your party. It lets them know what weaponskills you can bring to the group and if a WHM can pick you up and take you places once you crest lvl 36 to join a group anywhere in the world. With choco's + Gates Travel time to any zone in the world is less than 15 minutes unless you are required to wait for an Airship. You can always shift your level search to make a party in 3 ways. as well if you are level 30, go for 30-32, 29-31 or 28-30 Also - As a pointer, if you create groups, make sure your Tanks are the highest, a 28-30 party with 28tanks and 30whm, is bound for trouble, but 30 tanks 28whm, you are golden. If anything is an absolute in FFXI its the amount of people who join my groups who say they NEVER get good groups or invites, People are out there, Search.

Last night, I went from 16-20 in 6 hours. My group went from valkurm to Korroloka - in Korroloka it ended up being Rng/Nin Brd/Whm Whm/Blm Drg/War Nin/War - we netted 5kXP per hour with only 5 players. These were all people outside of my girlfriend who plays together with me that I've never met or grouped with on fairy before, this is capable every night for anyone.

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#13 Dec 23 2003 at 4:14 PM Rating: Default
I meant that when the VT's turn T's to the _highest level =p typo!
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