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#1 Jul 02 2012 at 12:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello all,
Title says it all. Took a 6 year break and decided to give it a shot again. PLD was at 38 when i left and at 44 after 1 afternoon of playing with a new LS.

Guess my question is, does anyone party like the old days? 6 man crew camping and pulling? I'm seeing all these threads about how pld's struggle to hold hate in aby, which i'm assuming is some end game content.

I guess half the fun of playing the old way was learning how to play your job, and feeling accomplished hitting a new level. Now it just seems like you get PL'd to 99 and do runs and work on merits.

Any advice for an "old school" PLD out there?

Thanks in advance.
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#2 Jul 03 2012 at 1:47 AM Rating: Excellent
Unfortunately, the "old" way of leveling is, for the most part, currently dead, as common practice nowadays is to burn through levels quickly to at least 30 (either soloing or in Grounds of Valor groups), and then either continuing on with Grounds of Valor groups, which can be up to alliance sized, or jumping in to Abyssea early on and "leeching" your way up through the levels. Although it's an experience that I think most players should experience, the old 6-man party setup, with camps, mob pulling, etc, is currently a thing of the past given how quickly you can burn through levels nowadays.

As for Paladins in Abyssea, they were pushed to the side predominantly because of the way the hate system works. Given how powerful melee jobs are in Abyssea, it's very common for them to hit the hate cap extremely quick, to where even if the mob turns away from them, a single melee swing is going to be enough to draw the mob back to them. Because of this, the "tanks" in Abyssea aren't jobs like Paladin, but just any job that can hit that enmity cap quickly and has a high enough attack rate that they can keep the mob on them (Monk as a result became such a job). Likewise, because of the larger HP pools and the fact that very few mobs had abilities that could deal such a large amount of damage that a White Mage couldn't keep up, pretty much any of the good melee jobs out there could tank reliably if they knew what they were doing.

Designated tanks in Abyssea were pushed aside in favor of "Just let who it's hitting now tank it", and current content such as Voidwatch sort of follows that same pattern, though in some fights Paladins are still useful. Legion sort of allows for the older "Paladin tank" scenario to return, and the new Limbus areas in turn allow for a bit of the same.

My recommendation to you is to not focus solely on making "tank" gear setups and hope that gets you through, but also to put together melee setups so that you can deal damage consistently. Since Paladin has access to the majority of the same melee gear that jobs like Warrior and Dark Knight have, it's not hard to put together a solid melee setup, and in having that kind of setup available, even if you're not the one that the mob is attacking, you're still contributing a fair amount to the group.
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#3 Jul 05 2012 at 2:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for all the info and a detailed explanation. I'm guessing the sword/shield setup isn't ideal for a DD set, unless there is something i'm missing. Like the cap on all the 2 hand weapons is too low to generate decent damage for pld. Thanks again, not trying to be a noob, but its hard to come back to a game that doesn't resemble what I remembered.

Thanks again!
Loordstewie of Sylph
70PLD, 49WAR, WHM 43, 18MNK, 40THF, BLM 30, 37NIN
#4 Aug 09 2012 at 12:25 PM Rating: Decent
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A PLD well geared for DD can do a fair amount of damage using a good Greatsword (Hoarfrost/Caladbolg/etc) + the new merit WS Resolution. You won't hit the same numbers a DRK will, of course, but you can do respectable dmg. The Empyrean sword WS Chant Du Cygne is pretty awesome, but again, the problem is that unless you keep hate on a mob, which probably won't happen very often, without the constant TP from shield blocks it'll take you a lot longer to get to 100% TP than basically anyone else beating on the mob. I haven't tried out the sword Merit WS, but whether it's good or bad, it'll have the same problem of slower TP gain than anyone else beating on the mob. Sword and Shield do still have their uses in damage mitigation, but the situations where you'll actually need to mitigate all that much damage aren't as numerous as they once were. Mostly I play my PLD as a 2-handed DD, unless we're fighting something that needs an Aegis/Ochain to soak up the damage, (Higher Tier or low man Voidwatch, some of the new versions of old events, stuff that was mentioned before, etc) or unless I'm soloing/proccing/etc. Most people seem to play PLD as a DD job now that can tank on the mobs with the big guns or annoying adds if they need to.
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