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PLD Exping to 80 experiences.Follow

#1 Jun 24 2010 at 8:34 AM Rating: Good
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Thought I would start this thread for people to post where good camps are at for parties with Paladins.

So far I have tired:
Promy Mea - 3rd floor Promy-Mea killing Idle Wanderers 7k/hr w/o rings. Party Setup was WHM,BRD,BLU,RNG,SAM,and PLD
MMM - Was really fun, were getting 3-4k/15 mins so 12-16k an hour w/o rings. Party Seyup was WHM,BLU,RNG,SAM/DNC,and PLD (will post the rune configuration later once we get it tweaked a bit)
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#2 Jun 24 2010 at 8:48 AM Rating: Excellent
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I've gotten to 77 in the standard meripo format. Don't be afraid to simply function like any other DD, albeit with a few different features. Company sword / Joyeuse and /nin has done me well so far. Although, it is nice to have two other good DD's with you while doing this - PLD is no master of damage I'll admit, but it can hold its own. Also PLD works great as the 'first voke' with Flash, which feels more comfortable than say provoke, I must say.

Also Bibiki bay was interesting, Rampart was a huge boon when it came to gobbie bombs, and the bunnies hit atrociously hard. Sentinel was great to hold hate off the squishy DD's, I partied with a very good sam/war and sam/drg, and being PLD certainly helped me keep them alive (riding the Cover timer, and making full use of all my MP).

So yeah, PLD is very nice in Bibiki, and with the right gear and attitude it makes a fine DD. I haven't really approached leveling PLD mcuh differently to how I'll level my other DD's.
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milich wrote:
#3 Jun 24 2010 at 3:02 PM Rating: Excellent
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We did MMM birds for about 10-14k in 30 mins with anniversary bands (so 7-11k w/o) with Rdm/whm, Sch/rdm, Pld/war, Drk/nin, Sam/notsure, and Drg/blu (me). Pld worked fine and probably would have been faster and better exp if we had a brd instead of the sch. Though our pld is very well geared and skilled as are all the DD's we brought. But thats not to say that lesser geared groups with a brd couldnt do nearly the same as us. We had synced to 75 cause there were a couple people that did not have their limit break done yet (like me for the first two runs....stupid moogle needing 3 merits when I just spent them).

This is the route that I would suggest to people as merit camps are just laughably overcrowded. I saw there were 10 parties in Bhaf Thickets last night. There is no way they are getting good exp.
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#4 Jun 25 2010 at 8:25 AM Rating: Excellent
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Nothing special last night:
* Level synced to 63 and killed birds at around 10k/hr
* Linkshell Merit Party at Bhaf Birds PLD/NIN,SCH,DNC,COR,BRD,SAM/WAR were doing 13k/hr with a competing party... so we would have rocked if we didnt have competition.

My gear setup was:
Askar Head
Chiv Chain
Homam Hands
Amemet +1
Swift Belt
Homam Legs
Aurum Feet

Cant recall my WS setup atm, will try to post later, but was doing very well.
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#5 Jun 28 2010 at 12:18 AM Rating: Decent
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Just got 8k (was 11k with empoeres band so a free 3k) Seaborad Vultures in Misureaux Coast. Camp just outside Tav South entrance. Didnt seem spectacular only chain 5s around 180- to 220 xp per kill w/o ring. PLD, Whm, Brd, Drk Drk Rng was the setup. Nothing spectacular so Im sure with some Peiceing DDs You could easily pull 13k+ there. Happy Hunting

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Edited, Jun 28th 2010 2:19am by Nihcru
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#6 Jul 05 2010 at 7:19 AM Rating: Good
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Just got PLD to 78 by making a typical TP burn for miserable coast birds and playing first voke (flash). 15kish/hr by just grabbing some friends. PLD/nin SAM SAM DRG BRD RDM was the setup. It seems like piercing doesn't help like it does in bhaflau thickets for SAM. I just first voked, flashed, cured when needed, and vorpal blade/atonement depending on whether or not i had sentinel/rampart etc to build hate fast.
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