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Viable to solo leveling pld/rdmFollow

#1 Oct 05 2009 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
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been reading alot of pld/rdm posts and watching videos on youtube, personally i enjoy playing ffxi with a friend or solo. Would it be viable to level 1-75 in a duo or solo as a pld/rdm? if not what other subjob should i look for to do so?
#2 Oct 05 2009 at 7:57 AM Rating: Decent
I would say its possible to duo /rdm, but /rdm doesn't get really good until you get phalanx/stoneskin.

You might want to try /blu at first 16+ when def actually makes a huge difference on EM and the such. Healing breeze is sick when you have native healing skill.

Or just do /dnc 30+. Pld/dnc is almost invincible once you get shield mastery@35(for extra tp).
#3 Oct 05 2009 at 8:01 AM Rating: Good
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For solo/duo work, I'd recommend the following:

PLD/PUP from 1-12
PLD/COR from 12-30
PLD/DNC from 30-68
PLD/RDM from 68-75

/PUP IS that awesome at low levels, particularly if you've gotten it to 40 and have the Soulsoother headpiece. Even without, it's either extra curing (less down time), more damage (less down time), or a mix of both. If you don't have /PUP, anything will work. /WHM would probably be the best second, though.

/COR gives huge bonuses to accuracy or attack. If you're soloing, it'll help a lot. If you're in a group, you should be /WAR for provoke, but having at least one COR or /COR is a huge benefit a lot of people forget about.

/DNC provides extra means for curing yourself which don't depend on MP. In fact, you get TP from hitting AND being hit, meaning if you're fighting the right mobs, you should be fine.

/RDM isn't really viable until Phalanx, where you actually reduce the amount of damage you're taking significantly. The hate tools are there, but for solo work, you don't need them. As such, all /RDM gives a solo PLD prior to 68 is Stoneskin (about 4 levels earlier...) and a slightly bigger MP pool.

No matter how you do it, I'd recommend fighting EP-EM mobs using Fields of Valor like everyone else. The extra regen/refresh/xp are a huge benefit. I was duoing jobs to 37 on my second character and earning merits on my first - it worked out very well.
#4 Oct 05 2009 at 8:02 AM Rating: Default
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so to get this straight, until i get my paladin till 30+ stick with subjob blu or dnc?
#5 Oct 05 2009 at 9:07 AM Rating: Good
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No, until you get to 68, stick with subjob BLU or DNC.
#6 Oct 05 2009 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Even then, pld/rdm is a defensive combo. You'll be killing super slow and if you have any serious DD with you you might have issues of not being able to deal enough damage and not taking enough damage to self cure for hate. Typical hate issues with turtling on pld in normal setups.

Would really depend on the combo you're trying because pld/rdm is more a combo for survival. It can be a fantastic combo for hate, but that usually requires some support like ballad, evoker's, or refresh so you can spam CE spells.

I would probably lean toward /dnc to help with down time, but really depends on what you're trying to fight and with who. But /rdm isn't even worth considering until you get phalanx (66).

Dancer gives you sambas at a low level, the steps can help kill mobs a bit faster, waltzes can help with limited mp, and worst case you can try to use desperate flourish to kite bad situations or links (pld has very few reliable crowd control options, only other one that comes to mind is /sch sleep).

Blue mage gives cocoon at a low level and head **** can be quite helpful against certain mobs, and iirc some of the spells can still do quite a bit of damage even when subbed. Auto regen at a low level is pretty sweet too, and if you happen to make use of any killer traits.

Dragoon can be a solid choice as well giving you attack bonus and jump at 20 and then the wyvern pieces (haste earring and shield, best attack back piece for quite awhile), all at no cost to your defense (unlike berserk). Depending on your level and what you're fighting, you could even make use of lance belt and pole arms (at 37 with 3 merits and lance belt you could have 105 polearm vs 114(120 w/merits) sword). Granted, pld polearm is VERY situational (losing shield sucks) and never really that amazing (but who doesn't like playing every job like a drg? :D).

Beastmaster is also an awesome subjob for everyone! If you've leveled it up you're just like a more durable bst/whm. Nothing will increase your damage more than an EM pet if you can find one. Also can be a fantastic crowd control option if fighting charmable mobs. Come to think of it, /bst is prolly your best option if you have access to the right pets because it gives you a huge boost to damage, gives you crowd control, and if you have the proper pets can even give you free tanks!
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#7 Oct 05 2009 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
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Remember, he's talking solo/duo, so they probably won't be tackling anything higher than T. It's trivial to use DD gear on T mobs, especially if you're PLD/RDM. As far as damage output goes, don't neglect Enspells - they do wonders for damage. Not usually worth it in a party, since you're spamming so many other things, but solo/duo, they increase kill speed drastically and are worth it.

/DNC would be a little more viable - those cures are amazing in small groups - and both allow the use of DD gear up the yin-yang, since they both rely on the Shield (albeit for different reasons).
#8 Oct 05 2009 at 4:28 PM Rating: Default
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Pld/bst would give you higher xp/hr than any other combo for most level ranges, but if that combo isn't an option or you're not fond of it, you can always go to turtling up. A pld/rdm is quite durable, but even with enspells is no killing machine.
80 Pup Brd, 75 War Rdm Drg Sam Mnk Pld Bst Thf Whm Nin Smn Blm Rng, 72 Drk, 63 Cor, 50 Blu, 40 Dnc Sch
#9 Oct 05 2009 at 5:07 PM Rating: Good
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I'm not going to argue about PLD/BST, since, if you've leveled BST, it IS a machine. Full agreement there.

But, a PLD/RDM who's soloing or duoing anything that's T or lower will get away with the SAME gear as a PLD/WAR, PLD/DNC, or PLD/DRG. Max the DD gear out and you'll see great returns. And, since the mob isn't VT or IT, enspells will hit for their full damage more often than not (PLD being one of the few jobs that have native enhancing), so they'll hit for a significant portion of damage. What job wouldn't love to increase their damage by a good chunk on every hit? It's why enspells work so well for PLD/RDM when soloing Avatars.

On any group setting you're going PLD/RDM, I'd agree with you again. But, since we're talking mobs of roughly the same level as the PLD or lower, to say they aren't a killing machine is missing the offensive benefits of /RDM. Sure, you give up 10% double attack, an attack bonus (+15 at that level? I forget), and berserk. Most people don't full time berserk when they're taking hits. The attack bonus is minor and most likely won't impact damage by more than a point. And 10% double attack pales when compared to a guaranteed increase in damage on EVERY hit.
#10 Oct 06 2009 at 8:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Well... as for offensive capabilities I certainly kill mobs as /WAR faster at campaign than PLD/RDM does, however, before I had full Chivalry Merits, Terror Shield and some other stuff, I could only solo 1 mob before having to rest to full, maybe 2 if I had 2hr, while PLD/RDM can kill nonstop. It's pretty much a tossup, I'd say.

If you have Atonement, Warcry and Provoke just before using it for the first time adds a solid 200-300 damage, so you can start spiking the WS earlier. As /RDM, most of your VE comes from sentinel, Rampart and Flash, so unless you macro in lots of enmity, it diminishes very fast and therefore isn't as effective. Nevertheless, /RDM bleeds less CE due to Phalanx and Stoneskin. I find that neglible since damage taken and curing adds CE (and experience points!), so /WAR isn't as hampered as one would think.

This is purely advice for Campaign. The real monster there is PLD/DNC.

Muzaa wrote:
The Paladin Code: First man in, last man out.
#11 Oct 06 2009 at 8:45 PM Rating: Good
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Requim wrote:
Even then, pld/rdm is a defensive combo

For solo/low man I wouldn't agree with this, Dia II plus 16+ per hit from enspells makes a huge difference to damage dealt, especially with Joyeuse. Subbing dancer is for ultra survivability in a low man setting, not red mage. I view /rdm like /war +1. It does more damage.. (arguably) and generates more hate while taking less dmg. That said /rdm does blossom late, 68+ is where it really shines but /dnc is awesome from level 10.

To the OP: if you want just one sub to serve all your needs from 1-75 in a solo setting then it would probably be /dnc. You get acc bonus, eva bonus, subtle blow, almost unlimited curing and erase. The truth is though that different subs are great at different levels, /blu at low levels and /rdm 68+ etc... The problem with /dnc is of all the viable subs it probably has the slowest kill speed. As an example I've been farming Aern's as /rdm, even though they silence frequently, I just blow them away before it becomes a problem and let the silence wear, haven't used a single echo drop in hours of farming. If I was fighting something that could paralyze me though... /dnc all the way.

It also depends on what your duo partner will be, if they're dnc then it's pointless you going /dnc really, if they're able to cast dia then /rdm loses a lot of appeal.
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