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#1 Sep 28 2009 at 5:39 AM Rating: Good
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Was having a conversation with a Paladin friend of mine and he suggested I post my question here and get the opinion of the Paladin Community. So here it is:

For a Mithra Paladin (i suppose any race really) would a Byrnie be an equivalent or atleast acceptable substitute for a Gallant Surcoat. Here are the the stats of each. (Forgive me having to write this out, first time posting I dont know how to link these to the Database like I see in other posts)

Byrnie: def:46, HP +25, Str +3, Dex -3, Vit +3, Agi -3, Int -3, Mnd -3, Chr -3,
Att +20

Gallant Surcoat: Def 47, HP +20, Vit +4, Divine Magic Skill + 5, Emn +2

I have a Haubergeon, that I will likely use for most of my exp parties. What I am really wondering is can I use the Byrnie instead of a Surcoat so I dont need to stop lvling to get the AF done. Would the +20 att and +str make up for the loss in emn. I intend fully on doin it later, for purposes of storing at the very least.

Thanks in advance.
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#2 Sep 28 2009 at 6:12 AM Rating: Excellent
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If you have a haubergeon, there is no reason a pld should be using a byrnie. The acc from hauby for a pld will do more for you than the att possibly could.

-note- to answer your question yes byrnie over AF would be fine. However use hauby, and I would still get AF for JA/Cures and Flash.

People need to stop using only 1 piece of gear always and swap in gear for w/e the action calls for it. You dont need enmity while you are swingin a sword, you need it for actions/spells you preform.

While you swing, bynie will do better than AF............but when you provoke/rampart/flash/cure Do you think 20att will do anything for you? No, keep the AF body for macro that in.

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#3 Sep 28 2009 at 6:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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No, it wouldn't. A Byrnie is a DD piece, and would serve in the same role as your Hauby - albeit less effectively due to the lack of ACC.

Most Enmity gear is macroed in only on high hate actions, which is where you'd mostly utilize the Gallant. Wouldn't normally keep it in.

IMO, having the surcoat is not going to be a make or break thing for XP - it'd be nicer, and good to have, but 2 Enmity isn't all of a sudden going to make you hold hate where you wouldn't have otherwise.

'course, you shouldn't surrender to that mentality either...things are cumulative, so I'm more stating that in terms of everything else being the same. Not passing up all your AF pieces because each only has a couple points of enmity, and so on.

You should really get your AF feet though, if you haven't already. That's about the only piece that you can't reasonably replace (outside of JAs) with something else by the time you hit endgame tanking - and really, you never replace them, you just +1 'em =P
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#4 Sep 28 2009 at 7:21 AM Rating: Good
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thank you for the answers, like you said the Hauby is def the way to go for exp, i will have the other pc's as macro pieces. (I am a 75 Brd after all, i do understand the necessity of walking around like a walmart store).

Was more a curiosity then anything else.

Definitely getting the af feet asap, shield skill ftw. :)
Mithra: Lvl 75 Brd, 75 Dnc, 61 Whm, 56 Blm, 53 Pup, 42 Rng, 37 Nin, 60 PLd, 35 War
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