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Hooray for Merits! What should I focus on?Follow

#1 Sep 09 2009 at 3:41 PM Rating: Good
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I finally hit 75 two weeks ago and now I'm curious about what merits I should focus on.

I typically use a DD setup and macro non-flashing enmity gear into JA's, Flash, and Cure spells (along with Hospitaler's Earring).

I need to start leveling NIN soon for endgame and general use. My understanding is that "General Attribute" merits carry down to different jobs and different levels, so it would seem that Enmity is my first pick.

Right now I'm looking at Enmity > Sword Skill > Shield Skill > Whatever's left.
Any advice on my priorities? I'm not going to get EVERY Merit Point I can, but I want to cover the important stuff. PLD is and always will be my main job.

Also, I'd love any help with my gear setup. Right now I'm just focusing on exp/merit parties that sync from 55-72 so it's not like I need endgame/haste gear. There are few things that I could upgrade immediately but I do not know how much I would benefit from them.

Head: Valkyrie's Mask
Body: Hauby
Hands: Fourth Division Gauntlets (+5 ACC)
Legs: AF (crap, but has Enmity)
Feet: AF

Ring1: Ecphoria Ring (is it worth spending another 70k for another Woodsman?)
/ Macro Hercule's for Enmity
Ring2: Woodsman

Neck: Parade Gorget / Royal Guard's Collar for WS (I want to Assault for Chivy Chain, but are PLD's useful in Assualt?) / Harmonia's Torque for Enmity

Earring1: Fowling Earring
Earring2: Spike Earring

Waist: Life Belt

Ammo: Bibiki Seashell (useless, I know, but will I really benefit from a Tiphia Sting?)

Weapon: Company Fleuret / Company Sword
Shield : Iron Ram Shield (Is Koenig worth it for later?)

Finally, as a PLD, what do you recommend next? I'm Rank 7, still need to finish Zilart and Promathia...still haven't done an Assault and only did a few of the CS missions for Aht Urgan. /blush I haven't even stepped into the Past yet.

So yeah...long post. But I really appreciate the help!

#2 Sep 09 2009 at 4:47 PM Rating: Excellent
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good merit discussion

Personally, I maxed Chivalry first, I felt it was that useful, and it was nice to get that huge of a chunk out of the way at the beginning.

Your point about the Other category to assist in your levelling nin is a good one though. Maxing enmity and crit merits will definitely assist in levelling your nin, as well as capped parry and eva for a very long time (my parry uncapped at nin62)

Please do not take offense to my next statement, it is meant only to be constructive, not offensive or insulting. I'm just tired, and there isn't really a soft cushy way to phrase this Smiley: frown

Stop xp'ing, and go farm (alternately, solo stuff that gives xp and money, so you can still make some progress on those merits). Yes, I saw what you said about 55-72, but pld's not exactly a meriting machine, and what's the point of taking a job to 75 if you're not going to gear it right?

Head: Valkyrie's Mask Walmart
Body: Hauby good, Nuevo 5FC 5enm is nice if you dont need for other jobs
Hands: Fourth Division Gauntlets (+5 ACC) Dusk, keep 4th for vorpals
Legs: AF (crap, but has Enmity) RK legs, dusk when you can
Feet: AF Dusk for dd, or while shadows up

Ring1: Ecphoria Ring (is it worth spending another 70k for another Woodsman?)
yes, but it's not as important as the haste, let this slide for now
/ Macro Hercule's for Enmity good ^^b
Ring2: Woodsman get sea done, get rajas =P

Neck: Parade Gorget / Royal Guard's Collar for WS (I want to Assault for Chivy Chain, but are PLD's useful in Assualt?) / Harmonia's Torque for Enmity


yes, pld/nin makes a very good hybrid, and, while perhaps not ideal, can definitely make a contribution

Collar's not THAT bad, you can put this on hold while working on haste/legs

Also, should eventually pick up a torque for max shield skill

Earring1: Fowling Earring Fowling's nice, Brutal's better
Earring2: Spike Earring Assault's nice, suppa's better

Also, should eventually pick up a buckler for max shield skill

Waist: Life Belt Good, work on getting swift, macro warwolf for enmity

Ammo: Bibiki Seashell (useless, I know, but will I really benefit from a Tiphia Sting?) Yep. Better idea for the moment though: smart grenade

Weapon: Company Fleuret / Company Sword Joy when you can, set until then
Shield : Iron Ram Shield (Is Koenig worth it for later?) This is fine, Terror/Wivre +1 for enmity, Sentinel for DD

You didn't mention back. Amemet +1. Then, when you can afford it, both Cerberus, and Gigant. Could also try camping a resentment cape. NCCoda's sticky has pretty much everything in it as well.

Noticed you haven't gone to the past. Campaign's a great tool, and the IR set is free, and, coincidentally, pld's one of the best campaign jobs. Getting CoP done should be your first priority though. Good luck, hope this helped.

#3 Sep 09 2009 at 6:26 PM Rating: Excellent
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Yay! Thank you for the advice, absolutely no offense taken. This is my first 75 job so I anything helps.

Getting lolturban was the first thing I did as 75. Other than that, I'll need about 900k-1mil to get the necessary AH pieces (not including mantles, but already have Amemet. Also, will Gigant and Cerberus be immediately necessary for early endgame?).

This isn't THAT bad considering I have about 350k on hand and 300k I could get on finishing tele-scroll quests. Farming the last 300k won't be too bad if selling imperial gold coins isn't a bad idea, let alone straight-up solo farming.

I do want to get NIN out of the way ASAP so I don't have to worry about any further unecessary gear and expenditures. Definitely going to quest for Ichi and hopefully BCNM Ni.

I guess only question is that once I get the 1mil AH gear, grab a Swift Belt, and finish the important merits, will I be pretty much set for endgame?
#4 Sep 09 2009 at 6:56 PM Rating: Excellent
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Cerberus is one of those "I'll upgrade it when everything else is upgraded" pieces. It's helpful to upgrade, but not essential. Get to it as soon as you can, but you don't need to rush.

/NIN is an absolute must unless you can find shells still doing PLD/WAR everywhere. They still exist. You're actually set for end game now. Any IR gear you can get from Sandy [S] will really help, plus, it's FREE. It rivals AF and AF2 in terms of effectiveness and is a great place to get a good "visible" end game set.

You can start tanking effectively as PLD right off the bat at 75. I did - I actually started at 74. The more subjobs you have available (WAR, NIN, RDM), the better off you'll be. The more merits you have, the better off you'll be. The more enmity gear you have, the better off you'll be. The more MDT/MDB gear you have, the better off you'll be. But, you don't need ANY of that to get started. Make friends, go out, be the "off-tank" for a little while just to see what's up. And, if you get thrown to the jackals, grit your teeth and show them the best PLD they've every seen.
#5 Sep 10 2009 at 11:19 AM Rating: Good
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Before you start doing Endgame, I would recommend picking up Swift Belt, Dusk Hands and Feet, and a Shield Torque/Buckler Earring. I wouldn't worry about a Cerb mantle, it's a minimal increase for a large expense, you have other areas to focus your spending on first. (ie, picking up 5% Haste and +10 Shield Skill for the same price as +3 Enmity, the Haste/Shield Skill will do MUCH more for you overall than the Enmity)

You don't need a Gigant Mantle to start out, it's only practical use is for a Cure cheat macro, and you can do that without a Gigant if you're aiming for a Cure 3. (Which you should to start out, a Cure 4 is more elaborate and requires a fair amount more/expensive/harder to get gear)

Koenig Shield is worth it for later, it's the best bang for the buck for an endgame tank shield.

I've found Campaign to be a great way to get XP/Merits on PLD, you can do it anytime, at your own pace, and you'll earn Allied Notes to put towards Iron Ram gear, which is incredibly nice for an endgame tank to have. (And it's free, just requires time to rank up and save Allied Notes). I do recommend /DNC or /RDM for Campaign, both offer a lot more than /WAR or /NIN, and /RDM is a good subjob to have anyway for endgame use. (A lot of LS' require a PLD to have /NIN and /RDM anyway).

As for your merits, I'd at least unlock Chivalry, then either merit for upcoming jobs or merit your PLD for endgame.

Endgame PLD would be: Shield, Sentinel recast, Enmity, HP, Sword, Chivalry, unlock Fealty, Rampart or Shield Bash recast, Guardian. Pretty much in that order, adjust for your personal situation.

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#6 Sep 10 2009 at 12:25 PM Rating: Good
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cwellthor's gear advice is fairly spot on, and all of his gear upgrades are solid choices.

For the ranged slot, you do have other options. Depending on your race, the RSE sachet could be an option (though, minimally...) and it's free! Outside of that, and the Smart Grenade (hai2u, +4 attack!) you might want to consider a Lamian Kaman as well. The NQ will cost about 20k (on most servers) and it's 10 free mp and 1 MDB in a neglected slot. It's not groundbreaking, but you'll want one for endgame and- unless skilling up on crabs- it'll do more for you than the Bibiki Seashell will ^^
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#7daisypaladin, Posted: Sep 21 2009 at 1:08 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) level 75 Merits.
#8 Sep 21 2009 at 2:04 PM Rating: Good
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Pretty much whatever daisypaladin said......

And do the opposite.

Chiv x1
Fealty x1
Guardian x1
Shield x4(Max)
Sent (Max)
HP (Max)
Enm (Max)
Sword (Max)

Then add to chiv and others as needed. I put Fealty and Guardian at the top just to open them up.

Titan Server

#9 Sep 21 2009 at 2:17 PM Rating: Excellent
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Iron ram gear is slightly worse than adaman?? And here's me thinking it was better than my af2. lol
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#10 Sep 21 2009 at 2:42 PM Rating: Excellent
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XxArchaonxX wrote:
Iron ram gear is slightly worse than adaman?? And here's me thinking it was better than my af2. lol

Iron Ram gear is VERY good, however if you look closely...

daisypaladin wrote:
Iron Ham

I, uh... suppose you could make armor out of ham. But like everything else daisypaladin said, I wouldn't suggest it.
#11 Sep 21 2009 at 2:51 PM Rating: Good
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I, uh... suppose you could make armor out of ham. But like everything else daisypaladin said, I wouldn't suggest it.

Whatever, man. My foes would be too distracted by my armor to do anything about the person inside it. Giving said person (me) the perfect opportunity to strike while they're busy drooling like a mental patient.

You only wish you came up with the idea yourself.
#12 Sep 21 2009 at 7:11 PM Rating: Excellent
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daisypaladin wrote:
level 75 Merits.

1st one (Chivilry)

Race Specific : stats to improve.

MP Merits 8/8 (useful if you have other mage jobs besides pld)
I went 8/8 MP because elvaan is starved for mp. if you were a taru pld.. maybe 8/8 HP might be more useful or if other jobs blue mage cannonball is based on maximum hp. hp builds have their place in some race specific builds. (shore up your weaknesses as needed)

Not bad advice, although with Chivalry/Devotion/Auto-Refresh/Ballad/Refresh/Parade Gorget/Ares's Cuirass (If you can get one), I don't find myself worrying about MP on my Elvaan so I went with 8/8HP. No fight has ever been lost because I didn't have MP, I can't say the same for HP.


Str ( benefits ws damage, not all that useful with elvaan high str)
Dex ( benefits critical hits and acc to some degree)
Int ( mage jobs not a pld point of interest)
Mnd ( elvaan have high mnd and really not of interest)
Agi ( ability for evasion and dodge)
Vit ( already good on vit at 75 this will not be all that useful)

that's why i pick Dex with plans of 5/5 Dex in future. ( i got 2 so far on this)

STR is actually the most useful stat for a non-mage class, it ups your fSTR.


Sword Merits definately at least 4.. more if pld and red mage mained. You seem like a warrior from your gear.. So maybe great axe merits with minor in sword.
might make more sense.

Parry, Shield, Evasion Merits
Mix of these.. remember if you can take parry merits it will raise your skill 2 pts and parry is the harder of the 3 to raise skill in. So even if you lower it later to take more shield merits your not going to ruin anything taking parry merits early.

Parry merits is a pretty horrible idea for a PLD, Shield merits will help out much more overall since Shield Mastery and Reprisal makes Shield tanking a viable means of damage reduction, whereas Parry is lacking in reliability.

Sword merits, you can't go wrong with.


Crit Hit rate 5/5
Enemy Crit Hit down 5/5

Enemity plus - is not a good thing to merit with mage jobs and dd jobs and your pld has plenty of + enemity gear and you are going to draw plenty of hate in campaign without adding more fuel to the fire.
Enemity minus - again is something a pld wont do. because if the mob starts beating on your dd's and killing the party.. its not a good thing..

Crit Hit + is the best option in this category. Beyond that, Enmity merits won't hurt your mages job if you know how the game mechanics (and enmity system) work. If you don't, check out: Kanicans Enmity Testing and Tables

About Gear.

BlueBerry Starter set.
Adamant Everything you can except feet. (sell 7 stacks of nebonites everyday and buy them pieces as you can afford them)
Koneig Shield ( gotta have it. fish and farm for this one)

Adaman is pretty crappy, especially compared to Iron Ram, which is free. (And Campaign is a good casual source of XP or Merit Points)

Machite +1 (sword.. This is a nice solid affordable hitting endgame sword.. This is a respectable sword. Unlike Durendel and misc cheaper alternatives)

Enpee Mensure - ( soloing sword. it delivers more damage when soloing hidden effect.)
Joyeuse ---> ( this is if you have a ls and help to get it)

Joyeuse is your best choice, and Charby isn't the horrible demon that he was years ago. He's very easy to duo with a NIN or THF and a RDM or WHM, and he isn't terribly hard for a PLD/RDM and RDM duo, assuming they're both skilled players. A good NIN/DNC can solo him.

Neck : wivre neck +1 or shield torque. (either of these will do nicely and both on ah in the 70-100k range)
Parade Gorget is a situational neckpiece the refresh only active in white hp. the 0 defense on neckpiece.. makes it a replace as soon as possible.

Wivre+1 is a ridiculous waste of money. Shield Torque when you're getting hit, Parade Gorget when you're not (Or not getting hit hard enough to cause you to constantly be below the latent), Harmonias Torque for Flash/Cures/JAs.


Rings - Raja's + your pick. I like unyielding for 7 pts defense and 6 pts to stats. (from ah gear standpoint.. the lvl 50 unyielding ring and garlous ring will yield you some decent stats for the gil.) Woodsman is Warrior Crap and ecphoria is situational imp xp partys ring) Patronus is decent replacement from campaign ops Ring ( gives you a defender ring in campaign)

Woodsman and Ecphoria are far superior to Unyielding or Garrulous. Base stats do nothing for you while you're just swinging away, compared to upping your hit rate a few %.

Hauby is pretty crappy too. It may be fine for a low level warrior 60-70 to run around in.. But the blueberry set will keep you alive in campaign until you can upgrade to better.

If by pretty crappy, you mean one of the best bodies PLD can use, then I agree. The Hauby+1 (And Hauby NQ only falls slightly behind) is THE best body piece a PLD can melee in. (Exceptions being Ares's if you need the Refresh or Homam for Excal PLDs). The minor defensive stat difference is nothing compared to the DD capability of large chunks of ACC/Attack, STR/DEX in one slot.

I think Iron Ham gear is just slightly worse then adamant. If you can't afford Adamant. This would be a sensible settling choice. there may be situations where iron ham gear may be better vs elemental magic..

Iron Ram is far superior to every piece of Adaman, offering large chunks of HP and Enmity for a starting PLD. Its excellent to macro into taking magic damage or using JAs. It's pretty horrible for elemental magic builds, unless you have insanely awesome resist pieces everywhere else, WHMs with a fully maxed Barspell set, and BRDs with HQ Crumhorn. (And even then, it's hard to hit enough resist using the full set to reliably resist anything endgame related)


Lamia Mantle +1 has its uses for +MDB sets.
Smidlion Mantle +1 is a cheap performer cape.

WarWolf is a great belt. Hiarchs Belt +mp belt is situational.

Lamia +1 is great for MDB sets.

Smilodon +1 is inferior to an NQ Amemet for DD capabilities. A large chunk of attack will do more for your melee damage than a few points of STR, especially on a job that gets no native attack boost.

Edited, Sep 22nd 2009 6:17am by NCCoda
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There's nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?
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