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#1 Jul 24 2011 at 10:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Anywho, I've bounced between jobs or had to create a new char due to me losing my old account login/pw .

So i've never actually made it past 37 on a war( first account). Last time I played was about say...maybe early or mid spring 2010. I remember getting 2 first 2 abyssea addons. Should I buy the final one, or buy the 20 dollar bundle online( from where though?).

Also, I honestly do not know much if at all on what warriors do endgame, what they are supposed to skill up or learn or whatever for endgame, and etc. So if its not too much trouble, could someone please either tell me about wars and what they do for endgame. Or just point me to links that will allow me to learn it myself.

I've read a little bit..but not much at all. Whats the significance of the colors? What subs should I lvl up to be successful in abyssea? Should I skill up all weapons for warrior? Are there any weaponskills I should quest or look into getting to be more successful?

I'm going to say probably .. /Sam and /nin. Sam for the dd stuff as I remember something about it being good for 2handers. Nin for hnm stuff?

(Also if its not toomuch to ask from what I've asked so far. Whats a good guideline or something to progress from like say..30 -90 or whatever the cap is now. If someone doesnt know or they know of a good guide/thread detailing that. Could ya mention it in this thread?)

FFXI is the mmo I always come back to..First mmo I played too.I think its the community or something or idk why exactly I keep coming back to FFXI. My first character was a hume war on lakshmi (didnt make it past 10 , can't rmember why)

. Currently on quetzalcoatl or however its spelled, cuz of the server merge between it and midgard.) I can;t remember if I have any crafts leveled or not though. Any good guides for that ?

I'm probably asking too much but in a way i'm still relatively newby to ffxi but veterany in a way.

P.s. If I do end up becoming a end-game warrior, I hope to be a somewhat valuable . If not relatively weird member of ze warrior community. I'll also check out the wiki..ffxiclopedia is the only one I know of, and the main thread stuff nilatai put up. Any information that anyones willing to provide will certainly be welcome.
#2 Jul 26 2011 at 12:06 PM Rating: Excellent
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Buy the whole thing from Steam for $20 or wait for it to go on sale for less than 1/2 the price.

I believe most War doing end game now would be: Tank, DD, proc NM using various weapons, Fell Cleave a lot of monsters for gil and items as well as running around with only a pair of subligar. That means it's critically important for a war to have multiple weapons skilled up (at least to 100-ish) and capping his Great Axe skills. Having access to /Nin (for dagger and spell proc), /Sam for obvious reasons and /Mnk for counterstance will be extremely helpful.

At the moment, I believe War to be amount the 6 most used jobs at lv90; others being Whm, Blm, Nin, Mnk and Thf.

I do not think much of the above matters for starting out Warrior. The old guides are OLD but they were well written and suitable for lower levels with the exception of camping grounds. It's better to take your time and let the abyssea stuff sink in naturally instead of trying for a crash course. I didn't understand half of abyssea after 2 months of coming back and playing on the weekends only.

Worry about too many things in FFXI now will get your overwhelmed. I just picked one thing at a time and focus on that. 1st leveling up to lv90 and subs, 2nd skilling up weapons, 3rd tag along LS for atma, 4th gearing up for AF3+1/+2, 5th getting some magian/empy weapons.

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