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#1 Mar 11 2011 at 11:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey there, started playing about a month ago with a friend who hasn't played in 3+ years. We were talking about what I wanted to play and I decided on War/Nin. So, I did some reading here and got up to about 50 and started doing my limit break quests. I've heard people say that I should go /sam for DD and do another job if I want to dual-wield. From the guides here it seems that /nin is viable but, then again most of these guides seem to be written some time ago. So, basically my main question after all this rambling:

Is /nin viable for DD? Or should I go level something else as a subjob?
Also, what's the difference between TP and WS sets? Stats-wise that is.

Thank you in advance.
#2 Mar 12 2011 at 1:13 PM Rating: Good
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/nin is still viable, until 60+ i think its even better for DD then /Sam due to Rampage wich is a Axe WS (1 more hit when dual wielding?).

After 60 /Sam and a Gaxe will prolly be better for DD because of Raging Rush (need to have your skill capped) and Meditate, your party will need to be able to support you tho because a dead War wont DD very well.

A WS set is a gear set you use to WS in, this will be different for each type of WS and will depend on your ACC(is the WS a multi hit) as well as the WS mods.

A TP set is a gear set you use to gain TP in as fast as possible without sacrificing DOT , higher lvl this will mostly be a mix of Haste/ACC/ATT.

I´m prolly missing alot of info here been away from the game for a while so i will let others add what i missed.

#3 Mar 12 2011 at 4:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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/NIN still has it's place. But /NIN also doesn't mean you have to dual wield axes. You can always /NIN for the shadows and still use a GAxe.
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#4 Mar 13 2011 at 12:15 AM Rating: Decent
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/NIN is typically used less for DD reasons, and more for damage mitigation. It's only a damage boost if you're dual wielding, which isn't typically the preferred WAR config these days (it was for a long time, and thus may have been last your friend played).
Utsusemi is reliable in its function, and works against magic, whereas Seigan/TE can be better or worse, and only works against physical attacks (plus you won't get access to it until 70WAR/35SAM).

For the more common Great Axe setups, /SAM is preferable due to actually increasing damage output, plus you still get some damage mitigation. That's not to say you'll always use it, but that from a DD perspective, it's typically better.

Ideally you'll have /NIN, /SAM, /DNC (for soloing) and possibly more subs available to you. Honestly, I would stick with /NIN until 70+ anyway, unless you're very confident in your party's support. Ichi->Ichi may not be great, but it's a lot more than one Third Eye anticipate.

Far as TP/WS, that can vary somewhat on your level/activity. Things are rather different at level 90 due to gear selection, mobs targeted, and in the case of Abyssea, massive buffs available.

TP set is geared towards gaining TP, and ideally, doing decent damage per hit at the same time. ACC is a key stat for a while (mostly moot at 90 right now). Haste is great, though you have little available yet - this becomes a much greater focus at high level, and so becomes a key difference between TP and WS sets. Another thing that you'll eventually focus on will be Store TP (for Great Axe) - you'll see people refer to a 6-hit or 5-hit build. Knocking attack rounds off of getting 100% TP means a big jump in overall damage dealt. Lack of gear/trait availability until later make this not really viable for you yet.
ATT is a good thing to have as well, but often is secondary to other things. High level WARs right now are also putting Double Attack items in due to not really needing ACC. That's not something to emulate until you're also higher level.

WS sets depend on the WS in question. As a general statement, you put in a WS set what helps the WS you're using. Haste, for example, doesn't help WS, so for high level, you'd swap out your Haste items for something that would boost WS damage.
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#5 Mar 28 2011 at 8:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Is anybody willing to help me out by sending me a linkshell invite (Tode). My lickshell broke off and now i'm sitting around and its hard to find parties. I'm a lvl 30 War
#6 Mar 30 2011 at 6:47 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm sure someone could toss you a pearl..... need to ask on your Server Forum though. (for better results)
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