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Fell Cleave and all around being a good War...Follow

#1 Dec 08 2010 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
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Looking for advice on my newest and potentially tied for favorite job!

Through this forum I have learned boatloads of information in conjunction with friends who introduced me to jobs (Samurai, Monk, Blu) and through this I've grown very good at those jobs.

War however, is a stand out. I know absolutely zero War players.

I'm working on skilling up now, but I'm lost on what to do for Magians. I read the forum a little bit but am unaware of some of the finer points. Right now I am working on my WSD+10% G.Axe because it is ridiculously easy and I figure huge dmg +10% = good. Plus, I can only do 5 trials at once D: (H2H Fire, Sword Fire, Sword OA2-3, GKT +100TP, Axe OA2-3) This way I can finish it in 1 day, rather than a week+.

My questions are pretty simple:

Gear to aim for? Anything that jumps out as vital? I cannot kill Fafnir, don't do Dynamis/Ein/Salvage/Assault, and Sky is basically done. Here's a list of junk I have:

Main: WSD+10% GAxe Trial / Byakko's Axe
Sub: Pole Grip
Ammo: Tiphia Sting (Darn you Thew Bomblet not being for War!)
Head: Perle / Walahra / O.Hat / Genbu's
Neck: Chiv Chain
Earrings: Brutal / Spike x2 / Minuet / Bushi
Body: Perle
Hands: Perle / Dusk
Rings: Rajas / Sniper's x2 / Ruby Ring
Back: Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Swift Belt / Warwolf Belt
Legs: Perle
Feet: Perle / Dusk

As you can see, pretty bland :/

2: Merits? I figured so far I did 5/5 DA 5/5 Warrior's Charge 1 Tomahawk and then after maybe 5/5 Bers (acc with 2h should be fine right?) 4... Savagery or more Tomahawk?
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#2Neisan, Posted: Dec 08 2010 at 12:33 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) 5/5 Zerk 5/5 DA (GA setup) 5/5 charge 4/5 Savagery 1 Tomahawk,
#3 Dec 08 2010 at 12:37 PM Rating: Good
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Someone, I'd like to think it was either bsphil or milich, did the math and it came out that 5/5 Berserk/Double Attack is pretty much the best option, regardless of Dual Wield/Great Axe builds. Warrior Charge is a given, but beyond that the rest are pretty lackluster.

As far as gear, the +2 Legs and Feet are spectacular, and the +2 Body coming out is as well. With that, the +2 Head is a good upgrade, since you're not losing haste, but you're also not really near the cap either. There are a lot of options to upgrade for the back, so you should check on that as well.
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#4 Dec 08 2010 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Neisan wrote:
5/5 Zerk 5/5 DA (GA setup) 5/5 charge 4/5 Savagery 1 Tomahawk,

Ammo Bomb Core/fire bomblet No excuses.

No idea why you have O hat, work on Emp head+1, Rings you shouldn't need x2 sniper's ever, Rajas for 5/6 hit, hoard if it drops an xhit and only if it does otherwise yes look into blitz, get a better Str ring doesn't matter what, Back Forager's/Charger's/Belenos/Cavaros for WS with crit atmas, waist look into goading from Lacovie in tahrongi/bullwhip from Ovni in La theine, Legs work on Emp +1, Body work on Emp+1 (can get seals from Dominion Ops, it's random from what I've seen so far however), Feet I have no idea why you have dusk if that's NQ if you own perle, work on Emp+1.

Edited, Dec 8th 2010 2:34pm by Neisan

Thanks for reply. Was just listing all gear avail atm.

Emp items of course, but I have AWFUL luck with them let alone winning lots on seals.

Hoard Ring/Blitz Ring are well outside of my current spending range just yet(plus none an AH) if I need the Ammo as well. As is Forager's since the increase is so tiny.
Goading and Bullwhip are doubtful. I have 0 solo viable jobs and the people I do Ovni with have never gotten it to drop, and if it did first goes to Nin before me. If AbyLS did it, I don't want to think of how long I'd have to wait lol.

But I do appreciate the info to look into long term. In the immediate soloable range, I guess I am set aside Ammo and buying ring when I get a chance :)

Also thanks lolgaxe.

*edit* WOW Bomb Core is 5k? really? but other is 300k and 0 up... this empty AH crap is getting so old :(

Edited, Dec 8th 2010 2:59pm by Dinishte
In my line of work the title "Doc" isn't earned with some fancy degree.
I'm a Combat Medic, I will always come for you.
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