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#1 Apr 24 2010 at 10:24 AM Rating: Decent
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Recently hit 75 war and this is my gear. Great Axe is Fourth Division Toporok. On Zm6 working my way through to get sky. Leveling bard to help get some more gear for warrior. Currently have no raging rush/rampage swaps. I just ws in my Tp gear.

Race: Elvaan

Any Tips on gear would be appreciated.
#2 Apr 24 2010 at 9:30 PM Rating: Good
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We have a sticky devoted to this.
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#3 Apr 24 2010 at 10:39 PM Rating: Decent
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I'll assume you are working towards larger goals, like Rajas, Brutal, mission earrings, Haste build, and etc (look for lolGaxe's gear guide in the stickies). I can give you some suggestions on Auction House and easily campable stuff that will get you by until you get a wider selection of stuff in your inventory.

Here's what I'd do. Changes are italics.

xxx/xxx/---/Bomb Core
Turban/Chivalrous Chain/Fowling/Assault Earring
Forager's Mantle/Headlong Belt/Exorcist Hose or Thick Breeches/Dusk Ledelsens

With this build, you'll have about 345 accuracy with dual axes (380 w/ Pizza), and 365 with GAxe (400 w/ Pizza). This gives you options... by choosing either meat or pizza, you can pick and choose which weapon you want for a situation.

xxx/xxx/---/Bomb Core
Optical Hat/Chivalrous Chain/Fowling/Assault Earring
Hauberk/Tarasque Mitts (+1)/+4-5 STR Ring/+4-5 STR Ring
Forager's Mantle/Warwolf Belt/Exorcist Hose or Thick Breeches/Thick Sollerets

This will get you almost the exact same accuracy as your TP build, while increasing STR, DEX, and Attack.

Knowing about how much accuracy you need for different events will help you to decide which weapon/food combo is best. About 380 is enough to cap you in most things... Dynamis cities, Salvage floors, most Limbus. Pretty much everything else you will want between 410-430 accuracy to cap. This is stuff like Beau/Xarc/Dreamworlds Dyna, Einherjar, and Salvage bosses.

So maybe sometimes you will dual axes and use Pizza for a Limbus zone, or for Salvage. This is fine, but you will need some sort of accuracy buffs to help you with bosses, or on bird floor Appolyon. WHM can do Auspice, THF has Feint, you can save Aggressor, BRD can give a Madrigal, COR can give a Hunter's... there's a lot of stuff that can be switched up. If you are doing a long event that requires 400+ accuracy, you might want to use GAxe and Pizza right from the start, since getting attack and Haste buffs is generally better than getting accuracy buffs.

That should give you a good start, anyways. My final suggestion is to not dual wield axes unless you are just doing it for ***** n' giggles... without access to something like Joyeuse or the new OAT Magian Trial Axe, you'll always be better off with GAxe. It will let you eat attack food in more situations, and let you keep a respectable hit rate (with pizza) in others.

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