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What are the basics of BLM in Abyssea?Follow

#1 Jun 12 2011 at 2:34 PM Rating: Good
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I have been researching as much as I can and I think I have a decent/average grasp on the trigger stuff in Abyssea. I have not yet joined an Abyssea party and I want to make sure I at least have some clue about whats going on in there. As I understand it, my role will likely be to process (proc?) yellow triggers. Does this mean my main macro set should include all tier 3 (and tier 4?) elemental nukes? Will I be counted on for doing damage as well, or simply processing triggers?

Or does trigger processing not even matter in an exp party? Is that only for getting certain drops and farming?

At what point in the fight should I try to proc a trigger.... and, how do I determine if the mob has a yellow trigger?

Sorry for all of the questions. Abyssea seems a lot different than everything up to this point in the game.

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In an EXP pt, you won't be triggering anything. Your role as a BLM will be crowd control, magic DD and azure light building (kill a mob with magic).

When it comes to killing NMs though, your role will most likely be to trigger Yellow!!, Stun, and damage. Most every NM will have a Yellow!! weakness (not sure about roaming avatars), but sometimes Yellow!! is pointless (Piasa for example).

Yellow!! is predetermined by the day that you pop/claim the NM on. It will always be a spell of the element that is Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow.
Elemental spells fall under: Tier 3. Tier 4. AM1. Tier 3 AGA. Dark spells are Drain, Aspir, Bio2, Dispel.

So if it was Firesday, Yellow!! could be: Fire 3, Fire 4, Firaga 3, Flare. Stone 3, Stone 4, Stonega 3, Quake. Dispel, Drain, Aspir, Bio 2.

There is a chance it could be none of those, which means it's either a Song, Blue Magic, or Ninjutsu. Lightsday is also a hassle for us, as you'd need to /WHM to access a few of those spells.

In order for a spell to proc, it has to land when: The NM is NOT casting a spell, charging a TP move, during TP move animation, Stunned/Terrored, or under another weakness effect (amnesia from blue!!). So don't toss out stun randomly!
Can be problematic for NMs that like to spam spells/TP moves. /SCH is great for Alacrity AM1 if your party is fine on healing. Certain NMs can't be proc'd during 2hr effects. For Dispel, you have to land it unresisted. If the chatlog says "No effect", it still counts as landing unresisted.

As to when to proc, if you're not sure, ask your leader. Sometimes parties/alliances want to prioritize Red/Blue!! beforehand. Other times, parties will only want Yellow!! (seal NMs)
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