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#1 Jun 10 2009 at 7:32 PM Rating: Good
Ok this is my first post. I often get on here and watch everyone else post...But I was laying in bed after playing entirely too much ffxi and began to think about the elements and how they correlate (if this has already been dreamed up, forgive me. I am nub sometimes.). Also this has no game pertinent info, it is strictly composed of my late night ramblings. I hope you find it at least sort of interesting ( :

Anyways, here goes.

So we have eight elements, fire, earth, wind, water, ice, lightning, light, and dark. Im going to divide these up into 3 categories, elemental, composite (made of more than one), and aligned (forced of "good" and "evil").


Lightning (is a plasma, superheated air. Fire+Wind)
Ice (solid and composed of water. Earth+Water)


These can also be divided as Light or Dark elements, which I perfer to call Kinetic (in motion) and Potential (contains the possibilty to be put in motion but is naturally still).

Light (one could say Light is the dominant Kinetic element. Perhaps being comprised by Fire Wind and Lightning)

Dark (same as light...only...backwards lol)

Pretty much obvious. But what I think is interesting is how drastically they impact vanadiel. Even the nations seem to be aligned with particular elements based upon the races that live there. This is purely speculative so feel free to add in. But I think...

Earth (Galka(High vit))
Lightning (Humans(balanced stats but very innovative))
Water (Religous (High mnd))
Fire (Warlike (High str))
Ice (Taru (High int))
Wind (Mithra (High agi))

Elements also determine stats of course. One can plainly see this from the rings we can equip.
STR Fire
DEX Lightning
VIT Earth
AGI Wind
MND Water
CHA Light

I put this in the BLM forum though because I thought that I might figure out why we get certain spells in the order we do. This assumes the Black Magic uses existing elements in the area around them as material components for spellcasting. Also explains why magic is amplified during certaing weather (there is an abundance of a particular magical energy in the environment)

First we get stone. It throws some rocks up from the ground. You always have ground (unless your in the air...). Because it is such a basic, stable, and readily available element it makes perfect sense that this would be a young BLM's first spell.

Next is water. Water, like earth, is everywhere. Perhaps the BLM concentrates the water particles in the air to converge on a targe. Just a thought.

Now we have aero, the wind spell. Air is far more common than earth, but because it is an element in constant motion (a kinetic element, see above) it is far more difficult to control.

Then there is fire. I can only imagine that the use of fire either requires the concentration of oxygen which is then combusted with a magic spark (like Mustang from FMA) or the air is just super heated. I really have no idea here >.>

Then we have Blizzard. Perhaps that the BLM combines the elemental energies of earth and water (both potential elements thus easier to control. also explains why you get Blizzard before Thunder) to create a solidified water, or a giant spikey ice ball.

Lastly there is Thunder (strange since Thunder is the sound Lightning makes. Oh well). If combining two potential elements is difficult I should imagine combinging two constantly moving elements would be even more difficult. By superheating air, you get plasma, which is effectivley what you see when you casy the spell. It is more damaging than the other spells, possibly because of the fact that it is constantly in motion and is damaging on its own. Ice only hurts when it hits you, but electricity can hurt simply by coming into contact.

I cant really put too much speculation on Light and Dark. Light is most likely Divine and Id rather not think of where dark spells come from.

I would imagine the elements hold sway on jobs too. At least the basic jobs.
Warrior. I would say fire, but Im really thinking its lightning.
Monk. Earth, hands down (no pun intended).
Thief. Wind. Just look at dagger WSs
White Mage. Water. Heavily affected by the mind stat.
Black Mage. Ice. Int stat.
Red Mage. Fire is the only one left. Fitting of the crimson armor.

This is all I can come up with at the moment. If you thought it was interesting let me know ( : If not I understand lol. Feel free to post your own insight onto the world of Vana'Diel's elements!
#2 Jun 11 2009 at 5:11 AM Rating: Default
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Well thought out and written. The correlations make a lot of sense. (Just finished a college physics class and it helped with fully understanding what you meant.)

Rate up!!!
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#3 Jun 11 2009 at 5:52 AM Rating: Decent
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Ice (solid and composed of water. Earth+Water)

I really don't see how solid water can be related to earth...

Interesting read though, even if you mostly just tried to make associations where there are none.

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#4 Jun 11 2009 at 9:57 AM Rating: Decent
I meant like the physical properties. Earth is hard, a solid. Ice is composed of a liquid. It is solid, like earth yet composed what would under normal circumstances be a liquid.
#5 Jun 12 2009 at 7:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Interesting thoughts. It could explain how SE arrived at Thunder and Blizzard as the highest tiers of regular elemental nukes!

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#6 Jun 13 2009 at 10:15 AM Rating: Good
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How does thunder go from "balanced stats to represent humes" to dex? Everyone knows it's just DEX, which would go with mithra. It doesn't represent humes at all.

I always thought of ice as removing the heat from the air around your target, hence why it comes right after fire. Then you superheat the air around them and put it in motion (wind+fire) to make the thunder. Idk though, it's fantasy magic, not a parlor trick - it's just as likely they're pulling elements out of their *** and throwing them at the enemy.

The job thing is really just forcing a pattern where none exists. How is war lightning? And almost all dagger WSes rely on DEX, which should be lightning. Sure they have 2 dagger WSes that are wind based, but they also have 2 that drain MP (dark, based on things like the dark resist rings and earrings being MP rings and earrings) and 2 that poison (water).

RDM is a primarily MND based job too. You can't base the basic job elements on stuff all over the place, like RDM is fire cause their armor is red while BLM is ice cause they use INT. Inconsistency = bad.
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