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Apocolypse Nigh earrings Poll:Follow

#1 May 20 2009 at 10:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Given: You have interest in maximizing Blu, Blm, Nin, Whm, & Smn.

Given: You are an end game Blm and hope to optimize your priority jobs -> #1 Blm and #2 Blu.

Given: It is rare that you MB as a Blm.

Given: Your Blu spell setup is str+50ish (Taru Taru ^^) and dex/acc/merits/gear is sufficient for reliable effectiveness (Acc I guess) vs IT mobs.

Given (Edit): You have Lac earring, Suppa, Brutal, and Moldy - I'm thinking those are the appropriate earring choices.

Would you:

1. Get a Magnetic?
2. Get an Ethereal?
3. Get a Static?
4. Get a Hollow?

Thanks in advance :)
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#2 May 21 2009 at 1:54 AM Rating: Decent
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AN earring isn't for BLM unless you MB a lot, somehow.

Hollow would probably be the most useful to your jobs overall. However, if you have any inkling for leveling DRG or PLD, I would keep Ethereal under consideration.

Fortunately, redoing AN isn't as much of a ***** as redoing Divine Might... at least, not to me. Even if you do think you'll level DRG or PLD, you may want to just grab the Hollow and benefit from it now.

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#3 May 21 2009 at 5:28 AM Rating: Decent
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Given: You have interest in maximizing Blu, Blm, Nin, Whm, & Smn.

you immediately have made the AN earrings situational at best.

I personally chose the ethreal earring for the situations where id want MP back from being hit. e.g drg, pld

The AN earrings are highly situational at best for the jobs you have listed.

Example would be blm and blu magnetic for MBing. Hollow for NIN on Jin, Ethreal for when taking hits on blu or blm.

Its claimed that hollow is the best earring for many jobs like drg, war and mnk for dding. While this is true I personally just rely on diablo's earring or minuets or some such. For your NIN it will be a WS macro piece at best and then only be of any use if it helps you break a DEX tier.

Really from the jobs you have listed it doesnt really matter which earring you choose - you are very unlikely to see the full benifit of what the earrings give without leveling a new job.
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