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At the Air Travel Agency in Jeuno, you can go into the Kazham part of the building and talk to a Galka, who issues you a quest to find him three keys in return for an Airship Pass that will let you take the Airships to Kazham. (island continent below Windurst)

Kazham is said to be a very good place for level ~25+ people to level up, and I was told that Black Mages are in high demand there. 2 of the 3 keys can be soloed successfully with some caution. One you will need a group for. Groups take a long time, and if you are like me you will get left out of groups often, even when one of the people in the group leaving you out is someone who didn't know about the quest until you told them. :(

Anyway here are the details, and be sure to buy maps. The keys can be gotten in any order:

Key 1: Yoghott Chest Key

Go to Yoghott Grotto, which is in the Sandoria area. Set home point in town and then go out to West Ro. and head to the North West part of the map to an unmarked zone to an Orc town. From there look at your map and around the lower right corner you see an open part in the wall. Run into the zone and hug the left wall and you will see a path that leads off the map. This will take you to Yoghott Grotto.

Once inside open the map and you will see a long chain of rooms. Head all the way to the end of the cave and to the zone to the fort. This zone is where you will fight, because being a mage, things can go bad quickly and you may need to zone. When you are there just look for these monsters:

Cursemaker and Fighter

They should con easy to you, but they are tough. However being easy they are very easily kept under control with Bind and Sleep. So just bind and nuke them. If bind breaks before it can be casted again, then use sleep and heal up while you wait for Bind to be useable again.

Continue until you get the Key.

Key 2: Pashburough Chest Key

This is in the Bastok region. Go to Bastok and set home point and then run out to North Gustaberg and head to the NE corner of zone to an unmarked zone. Once inside, there is an elevator next to a river in the center of the map that you take to the second floor. Once on the second floor your map changes. Head to the hole that is burnt out on your map. You cannont make it straight there due to locked gates. You will end up having to run toward the west side of the area and then back around.

Be very careful and try to avoid all monsters when possible. Continue down this path and go up some dirt stairs to an unmarked zone. At level 25ish they won't usually go after you the second they see you. So if you keep moving you should be able to make it, but no guaruntees. Once at the top of the stairs and at the unmarked zone use the same strategy as before to kill these monsters:

Copper Quadav and Old Quadav.

Key 3: Giddeus Chest Key

You will most likely need a group for this unless there are enough people after keys to keep the Yagudos mostly dead so more won't agro on you. Enter the zone and head to the most Southern area of the map. You will need to enter a cave and drop through an invisible hole in the ground at one point. The hole is in a round room in a cave and has a lot of grass on it.

Once at that area kill these monsters:

Theologist, Priest and another that begins with a "V" which I cannot remember.

Anyway after this you should return to Jueno and give him the keys, which at the time of typing this I have not yet. Hopefully the exp and experience at Kazham will be worth it. I will let you guys know soon. But either way at least I get to ride on an airship, if it is only to Kazham and back.
#2 Dec 01 2003 at 5:24 PM Rating: Default
Can anyone tell me how I can obtain the 3 maps for this 3 areas?
#3 Dec 02 2003 at 2:42 AM Rating: Default
they can be bought from NPCs in the respective towns...
Ghelsba map - North San D'oria. parade square... an old man
Giddeus map - Windurst woods, in 1 of the tents at bloominga square
Pasborrough map - no idea =P seldom go bastok, and i went there with my friends and they got the map... sorry
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