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#1 Nov 11 2003 at 1:52 PM Rating: Default
As a Black, we get the weapon skill throwing.

This seems like a worthwhile pursiut to use while waiting for spells to become available again or whatnot.

But I haven't found a single throwing weapon that a black mage can use.

What are they and where can I find them????
#2 Nov 19 2003 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
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good question... i was browsing this forum hoping to find an answer about the throwing skill. I only have a bit a info so far. according to the strat guide, blm has 3 throwing weps (considered a projectile, so you may have to stock up on them)

the first one is a Pebble lvl 1 dmg 5 delay 276
the second is a Tathlum lvl 35 dmg 24 delay 276
the third is an Astragalos lvl 50 dmg 32 delay 276

Im willing to bet theres more throwing weps in between lvls 1 and 35, theres got to be.

but heres my question.... lets say i wanted to break the norm with the blm, and go blm/ninja. As a blm main job, having the throw ability already, will I be able to use/throw Ninjutsu things since ninja is my sub job? i wish i could ask ninja's in game right now without getting a kanji response but hey, what can ya do...

As far as actually proceeding to make the blm/ninja, my first impression of it was naturally 'dont mix caster with melee'... but! then i started thinkin, as far as the pros go, the cons are a given, so here are the pros: (oh yeah, keep in mind that a blm/ninja has ONLY PvP in mind)

stealth- not to be seen is one thing, not to be seen and being a powerful caster is another

duel wield- im not talkin duel swords, if youre a caster, you boost what youre supposed to be good at, so we can put 2 wands in our hands... so lets take a Tct. Mac. Wand lvl 50 dmg 15 -not big on damage but it has MP +5 INT +5 and MND +5 and then multiply that twice

throwing- Ninjas get abilities to 'weaken' thier enemies, that includes lowering ones resistance to earth, wind, ice, fire, etc... so, just imagine (if youre solo in this case) darting a foe with a fire debuff then casting Flare right after. also, you can poison, stun, blind, and reduce foes attack speed with ninjutsu

those are the 3 main advantages i think of at the moment for blm/ninja... i would like others to post what they think of this combo... remember, this if for PvP oriented folks (when and if PvP will be in FF, which was announced so who knows)

I probably will still go with blm/rdm for the offensive/utility (but mostly offensive) spells that are offered with this combo and the additional casting speed and best INT bonus, but who knows, theres still alot of time and changes that might come over the year that will shoot my idea down the drain
#3 Dec 01 2003 at 10:40 AM Rating: Decent
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#4 Dec 01 2003 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
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If you sub a job, you get the skills of that job, but not the equipment of that job. So as a BLM/NIN, you'd get the Katana skill, but since there aren't any katanas that the BLM class can use, you wouldn't actually be able to use them.

So no throwing stars for your BLM/NIN.

You could, however, dual wield the "paddles" and deliver the ultimate spanking to your enemies.

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