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SCH roles and how do you use this thing?Follow

#1 Apr 02 2012 at 11:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Alright well, where to start. For my LS I am basically the only WHM, I generally role WHM/SCH. Being such I leveled SCH to 99 mainly to acquire a lot of cruor, I have never really used it but recently it has peaked my interest quite a bit as I've been a full-time WHM for years.

I'm interested in knowing what a SCH's role is, I mean is it basically a BLM with some other cool gizmos? Is there really anything that separates a SCH from a BLM? Being that I do WHM a lot, could I do most of the same things with my LS as a SCH/WHM? What do I need as far as gear is concerned? Even though I leveled SCH in aby I will not be gimp seeing as my BLM, RDM, and WHM have capped out my appropriate skills. I have club and staff capped as well. Just kind of wondering what in the world I do with this thing. I have most of the AF3, I need the hands and the feet. I have a lot of mage gear due to my other jobs, but in all honestly I hardly see SCH anywhere. So it is kind of a mystery to me. I'm interested in being able to use it as kind of a psuedo-WHM for LS stuff that doesn't require a full-blown WHM for. Or maybe to help some people with seals and not "need" a BLM around while still being able to cure effectively. It seems as though SCH gets a lot of spells that could make it a pretty powerful and fun job, but thus far I've only used it on some worms.

What are SCH primarily used for anymore nowadays? I know they are desired for some things in Voidwatch, but have not really seen them anywhere outside of that. Looking for some direction on this thing as my bonnet is collecting dust!
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#2 Apr 03 2012 at 2:22 PM Rating: Good
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As a BLM: You can't do as much damage per spell, but you can cast more spells without running out of MP. If you use Ebullience (thats the +dmg strat, right? I'm forgetful.) you can come close to matching a BLM spell for spell, but in most cases it's better to just cast twice.

As a WHM: Cure, spread some AoE buffs, abuse Regen V. In abyssea (or in key fights), Embrava is the order of the day. Huge regen, huge haste (stacks with the spell haste), and like 6 tp/tick regain. Delicious.

Eat all the Intense Soothing Light chests and keep Embrava up fulltime if you can manage. That'll make you vastly more useful than a WHM on anything that does not require constant Cure V-VI bombing.
#3 Apr 04 2012 at 8:47 AM Rating: Good
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ItsAMyri wrote:
As a BLM: You can't do as much damage per spell, but you can cast more spells without running out of MP. If you use Ebullience (thats the +dmg strat, right? I'm forgetful.) you can easily surpass a BLM spell for spell, but in most cases it's better to just cast twice.

Now that's more like it.
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#4 Apr 10 2012 at 10:17 AM Rating: Default
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You can self skillchain with 0 or 100 tp. Light or dark

Club can make light, staff darkness.

This is fun even if you just set up distortion for sams. Check out the self skillchain sch thread. You can try it out on worms. When you get better you can use your fast cast to t5 self sc.

Nysle isle, sch Embrava owns. Whm is left in the dust for this event.

Want to have fun? Sch/whm, put right buffs on and cactalism in exps kill all.

Or my favorite lately is sch/drk

You can get the ful benefit of all absorbs, Aoe stun, absprb tp. LR SE. Put this with regen five or a multi hit staff and shaffersoul. You will become a top DD in exps.

JA luminhelix. JA stone 1-5 = distortion. 24 dmg, swing your staff ws Osmosous or shattersoul, monster dies with WS plus darkness.

Or make light and do the same.

I also can use my sch as a mule, regen 5 on at all times prevents sleep and helps on dmg midigation if solo in abby or elsewhere.

#5 Jul 08 2012 at 5:55 AM Rating: Good
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Embrava's only really powerful in the right hands. You'll need capped Enhancing Magic and a ton of Enhancing gear to get the most out of it. 500 enhancing skill is needed for the strongest benefits and the 6tp/tick. If you're uncapped expect closer to 4tp/tick and a much slower Haste.

Embrava is really our main role now. We're not invited as Black Mage roles outside of XP because BLM has access to all black magic procs while we don't. We're not really invited as a main heal role, because WHM's solace pretty much blows our healing ability out of the water. We can do both fairly effectively, but often times players don't see it that way and will invite the dedicated roles instead.

In short, get your Enhancing capped, get a ton of Enhancing Magic gear and macro Tabula Rasa. It's really our only claim to fame these days.
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