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#1 Oct 28 2009 at 1:01 PM Rating: Decent
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So i recently got lv60 and had followed the blm guides lower lv, and partied mostly until now anyways. I have been itching to try soloing out again though. I have read alot of solo guides but all are referring to blm and AM killing. The traditional pet camps usually are 1 shot, and those that arent involve it seem chigeos. I am unsure how sch can fair at these camps. The bibiki bay one is all right.. but the xp/hr you get is not really anything to write home about (rather campaign for 4k~ hr where i can afk after curaga4ing a dozen npcs few times, then risk dying and only getting 5k/hr).

Also I hear we can take Qiqirin too but im a galka and my mp hovers 430~, thats tons of resting for me, probably will not be able to chain past c1. How viable are these mobs come the 65 area where im told we start killing them?

Thanks guys for the help! Post your experiences too i like to read them.
#2 Oct 28 2009 at 3:24 PM Rating: Good
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Personally I never bothered with Chigoes or Qiqirn; you can get better xp/hr healing a ToAU party. I would stick with Bibiki Bay til 65; pull with Gravity and use Parsimony/Alacrity to kill it before it wears; you shouldn't have many issues with resists at 60+ with AF and decent gear on Rabbits.

Once the XP dries up there, head to Vunkerl Inlet [S] and kill Gigas' Tigers. You'll need /NIN to survive, and the strategy is a little different. The Gigas don't wander aroundn nearly as much as Goblins do, so you can pull with your best nuke. Follow that up with Alacrity and your next best nuke, then Sleep it, recast Utsusemi, and finish it off with a 3rd nuke. At that level you should be able to Parsimony your first nuke, Alacrity the second nuke, and keep up on charges/MP to maintain good chains.

If you're having issues with resists at the early levels for that camp, grab a BLM/SCH/RDM to duo with; XP/kill won't suffer til 67-68 if i remember correctly.

Once the XP dries up on Tigers in the early 70s there's several options available:

-Main heal merit parties, probably the best option; Accession+Stoneskin, Regen2, watch TV.
-Xarcabard [S] Tiger camps; these weren't available when I was leveling, but I hear they're pretty decent.
rdmcandie wrote:
RDM can attain an almost static 50% reduction to recast time, SCH can over shoot this for a total of 60% reduction under Alacrity (provided you are wearing loafers and keeping dark weather on yourself)

rdmcandie wrote:
MACC is a joke, any job with access to mage gear can hit close the MACC cap on legion mobs, which is why my BRD/RDM can land slow/para/blind despite having only 150 skill (from /RDM.)
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