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#1 Jul 30 2009 at 10:16 PM Rating: Good
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Hey Scholars,

I posted in this forum once a while back and you guys helped me determine that, yes!, /sch was worth doing as a sub for COR (my main). Anyway, I'm back for another piece of advice.

The situation: I have 7 75 jobs already and not a single other job past 37. I'm content for the most part with my job selection (COR, SAM, WAR, BLM, THF, RNG and NIN are my 75s). However, I'm reaching a point where leveling an 8th job to 75 is almost necessary. Everything but my NIN is MAX merited and NIN merits suck as is (I have subtle blow and nin tool expert maxed on it). Plus I actually LOVE meriting on COR and SAM and it would suck to do it for absolutely no purpose.

So I'm considering a few jobs to be next, SCH among them. I think SCH and DRG are the leaders in the clubhouse at the moment. I like the idea of SCH because it would give me a legit healing job (COR/WHM is the best I can do in that department for now) and I could easily switch gears and become a nuker on SCH also. DRG appeals because it's a little different than what I already have and has some kickass merits like Angon.

Another factor is that I don't have a ton time to play (at least not at NA peak hours, I find myself on more during EU peak hours because I work nights). I've plowed through sky, limbus, nyzul etc and gotten all I needed from there so I'd like to avoid a job that would necessitate me going back to them if possible lol. My main focus is and always will be strengthening my COR and my SAM gear-wise. That being said, I also don't want to lvl a job and suck at it. That's not how I play (obviously by the merits I've put in).

For DRG, I already *know* I could put together a pretty solid set of eq at 75 as is. Unfortunately I'd be missing homam body and hands but I have legs and feet. I have 3 pieces of askar, 2 pieces of aurum and 3 pieces of hecatomb. Also have the standard stuff all-DDs use so I think I could lvl DRG to 75 and have some nice gear already.

My question is how much gear would I need to acquire to become a quality SCH? I don't need to be super-omg-wtf elite but I'd want to be considered good. Obviously I'd need a diff gear set based on light arts/healing vs. dark arts/nuking.

My BLM is pretty well geared. I have 7 HQ staves (obviously I'd need to invest in an Apollos to do SCH but for BLM and COR it's not that necessary). I have 7 obis (heh, again light the one I don't have BUT I have the tissue for it and plan on getting one when i'm bored). I guess I'm wondering how a typical SCH nuke eq set differs from BLM. What pieces are the standards etc etc. Obviously on the healing side, I'd need a lot of new gear or can SCH use (and do they use) errant pieces for healing? idk if SCH can even use and i'm at work atm so forgive me if they cant lol.

I'm mainly looking for what gears I'd need to acquire otw to 75 (37 now) to be a pretty good SCH. Thanks in advance.
#2 Jul 30 2009 at 11:28 PM Rating: Excellent
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In reallity; SCH is kind of blessed in that most of the gear is easy to access.

On the Nuking side. SCH is a lot like BLM. You'll share your HQ Staves, Obi's, Novio, Yigit, Torques, etc.
You already have the most of it it seems. So you should be OK for nuking.

For healing; you'll need some decent -Enmity if you want to abuse the Light Arts aspect. I've personally never needed to go overboard (-25 has been fine for everything I've done); but that depends on your situation.
Other than that, there are really not many things to improve upon. A better hMP set, some +Enhancing for Phalanx/Enspells, and some +MP.

And invest on a good iddle set (-Damage taken, Regen, +Sublimation/Auto-Refresh). It really makes a difference.

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#3 Jul 31 2009 at 3:04 AM Rating: Good
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Drakonite pretty much said it all. ^^

Your fortunate that you have blm and what would seem to be very impressive gear already.

Healing... Its all about hmp, mp ticks, and hate management. Best thing i can advise you on is to abuse the **** out of regen/regen2. Its your most efficient tool for watching hate.

As for gear, pick up argute head/body/hands, other than that you should be covered for a more than efficiently geared sch. gl with the levels to come ^^
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#4 Jul 31 2009 at 7:07 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks for the advice,

Don't actually have any yigit yet. I had a captain rank assault static for a while, a nyzul static plus salvage 3 times a week so my AP was constantly drained. ATM though I have tags to spare and could probably work toward some of that as needed.

I have a pretty good hMP set for BLM but off the top of my head, not sure how much is usable on SCH. MP+ I'd hope i'm good there too. I can push my MP on COR/WHM to well over 500 without food so again it's just a matter of how much of that gear transfers over.

Still havent made up my mind but at the rate i'm spamming campaign atm, i'll probably need to sooner than later lol. Entertaining the idea of just lvling both. Why not? :P

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