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Elemental gear and inventory?Follow

#1 Jul 11 2009 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
8 wands,
~5 obi's
~6 accuracy straps

Thats a ton of gear to be hauling around. And thats not considering two sets of armor for light and dark arts, and around 5 pieces for a regen set?

How do yall manage? Do you take all of these or just pick and choose a few?

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#2 Jul 11 2009 at 6:54 PM Rating: Decent
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Eight staves are a given, but in my mind, the grips aren't. If you're overly ****, I can see getting a Dark grip, maybe, but the boost is marginal. And as far as obis go, some may disagree, but the most useful in my opinion is the Anrin(dark) obi.

The boost from staves is a much more significant boost than any of the other pieces of gear listed, and is always there. There are too many spells that benefit from staves. Sure, there are lesser-used elements, but you still use them on occasion.

Grips - I'm sure you're eyeing these for the 2 m.acc. Does that boost warrant the loss of inventory space to you? That's the question. If you have a satchel, or if you're exclusively a mage player, you can probably warrant their purchase to min/max yourself. Otherwise, I don't really believe they're worth it. If it was one grip with a plain, 2 m.acc boost, and if it had no elemental affinity, I can see its purchase. Since it's not, I'll use Bugard +1.

Obis are another min/max item. I know that a lot of people advocate getting Hyorin(ice), Rairin(thunder), and Anrin at the very least, I think that their usage is too situational for my tastes. If you do a lot of Dynamis, Anrin could pay off with the constant double weather. Personally, I don't make sure that every one of my nukes is weathered or Stormsurged. Again, that's my play-style.

Min/max'ing a mage job requires a great deal of inventory. If you're not prepared to load up on all the element-specific gear, I don't think anyone will judge you for it. But at the very least, make sure you have your elemental staves.
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#3 Jul 11 2009 at 7:58 PM Rating: Excellent
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As far as how you handle all the gear your "expected" to carry, well I guess you have to make the decision to either live with the lack of space, or cut out piece your really don't think you need.

I'll be one of those ppl who advocate Obi's. One of the unique perks Sch's have is being able to gain benefits from Weather. You should exploit that advantage when ever possible. Whether it be for healing(korin obi) or any other exploitation of spells, you should take that opportunity if its within your ability, anything less and your just stunting your performance. In the end though, its how much you want to devote to the job and how efficient you want to be.

On a side note to the OP, I carry all my Sch gear on me all the time when using sch. Regardless of what I'm doing or have planned. Better to be prepared than to not be.
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#4 Jul 11 2009 at 11:43 PM Rating: Good
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Elemental Staves are an unfortunate necessity; they're too good to do without. Sometimes you can leave the less useful ones behind, like Fire/Thunder if you know you're going to be spamming Light Arts, but the majority of the time these don't leave your inventory.

With all due respect to individual playstyles, Elemental Obis are not situational for SCH, they're right behind Staves in effectiveness if you use them properly. The Hyorin Obi in particular never leaves my inventory. Once you've maxed Stormsurge merits and use the Obi for your nukes, you're looking at INT+7 and DMG+10% on your ice nukes that can be activated at any time; the increase in damage is quite noticeable. Even on Firesday, casting Hailstorm and using the Obi will activate both effects on your spell, allowing you to cast Blizzard without the chance of reduced damage. You can take this further by using Klimaform, trading out any skill/accuracy for more damage gear for the minute duration; your Blizzard damage will skyrocket. Use Hailstorm on Iceday and enjoy DMG+20% on Blizzard; use Hyorin and Rairin Obis on Thundersday for INT+7 DMG+10% on your two best nukes. If you time things correctly and start your nuking session on iceday, you'll have just under two hours of dealing greatly enhanced damage with just two Obis; I really can't overstate just how powerful they are when used intelligently.

The others I would pick up for sure would be Rairin (Thunder nukes), Anrin (Drain/Aspir, extremely useful in Dynamis and Apollyon), Korin (Cures, nice for Temenos and especially Nyzul), and Dorin (For Sandstorm/Geohelix/StoneIV kiting). It's really much less difficult to use them effectively now that we have a Mog Satchel; simply macro the obis into your spells fulltime, and add/remove them from your satchel when they'll be of use.

Grips are a tough sell even with the additional Satchel inventory; INT+1 Inventory-1 (Bugard+1) vs. M.ACC+2 Inventory-8 (Grip x8). I only own 2 in particular; Ice Grip is nice to have for Blizzard spells, but not necessary; however, more M.ACC for Bind is hard to pass up for harder solos. I also have a Dark Grip for Sleep/Sleep2/Aspir/Drain, all very useful spells for which Accuracy is key. The rest aren't really worth the inventory space, sadly.

Also when looking at weapon slots, don't overlook clubs and shields. Fourth Mace is a really solid piece for a variety of tasks; lots of HP for Sublimation builds, and MP & Conserve MP for all the spells which don't benefit from Elemental Staves, like Enhancing magic in particular. Don't underestimate Conserve MP on SCH; there's a few pieces you should be carrying for other purposes that have Conserve MP on them (Goliard Saio, maybe Magnetic Earring, **** even Cobra gear if that's your thing), and when coupled with SCH's passive trait, will definitely save you MP over time on all the utility spells you cast often. (Pro/Shell/Reraise/Regen/Storm/etc.) Mythic Wand +1 gives INT+9/MND+9, great for Enfeebling potency and Dark Arts Stoneskin builds.

In general, I have all 8 staves, 1-2 Obis (Hyorin/depends on current day/weather), 2 clubs (Fourth/Mythic+1), 1 Shield (Astral), and 3-4 grips (Bugard+1/Staff/Dark/maybe Ice) in my inventory, which I find to be quite manageable given the narrower choice of gear for SCH compared to other mage jobs. Granted, as I gain more gear, the clubs and shield are probably the first to go to make room, but for the time being they're certainly useful to have around.
rdmcandie wrote:
RDM can attain an almost static 50% reduction to recast time, SCH can over shoot this for a total of 60% reduction under Alacrity (provided you are wearing loafers and keeping dark weather on yourself)

rdmcandie wrote:
MACC is a joke, any job with access to mage gear can hit close the MACC cap on legion mobs, which is why my BRD/RDM can land slow/para/blind despite having only 150 skill (from /RDM.)
#5 Jul 12 2009 at 4:38 AM Rating: Decent
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Elemental Grips: I personally don't bother with them. I can't talk myself into giving up 3~8 inventory slots for MACC+2 over INT+1. Once SE gives us 85+ slots, I will consider getting a Wind Grip (Gravity), an Ice Grip (Bind) and a Dark Grip (Sleeps, Drain, Aspir). I don't think the Elemental Grips are useful outside these use cases, because Helices don't really benefit from them (you will virtually never be resisted with 150-ish INT and 5/5 Helix MAB/MACC) and nukes don't either (Klimaform + a slight Elemental Magic gear build is sufficient).

Elemental Obis: I have Korin Obi, Anrin Obi and Hyorin Obi in my inventory and Rairin Obi as well as Furin Obi ready to be Satchel'd over. The other ones I just do not carry around full-time, because I have my complete BRD gear in my Satchel and it takes up a lot of space. As a SCH, you can actively trigger your Obi at any given time. So why not use that +10%~35%?

Elemental Staves: You "need" them all. At least NQ. MACC+20-ish and MAB+10~ (more than that, because of the way Staff bonus is applied) is just that juicy. I upgraded my Vulcan's Staff and Neptune's Staff last, because those are the ones I use least; you might consider placing them into your Satchel and swap over whenever needed. But whenever I use them, I'm happy to have them HQ (Vulcan's Staff on Bardha in Apollyon NW 1F, for example).

The others I would pick up for sure would be [...] Dorin (For Sandstorm/Geohelix/StoneIV kiting).

Not sure whether you referred to Stone IV only by that, but Helices don't need Elemental Obis to gain the weather and day benefits. Geohelix will always get a +10% boost under Sandstorm.

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#6 Jul 12 2009 at 5:46 PM Rating: Good
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I will consider getting a Wind Grip (Gravity)

Gravity is naturally very accurate, carrying a Wind Grip solely for this spell would be a waste of inventory in every situation. If you're getting resisted, either the mob is naturally resistant, in which case your strategy should not include relying on Gravity; or you're spamming it too much so that it builds resistance, in which case you have more serious problems to worry about.

Not sure whether you referred to Stone IV only by that, but Helices don't need Elemental Obis to gain the weather and day benefits. Geohelix will always get a +10% boost under Sandstorm.

This is common knowledge; I was referring to the overarching strategy where you use Sandstorm to aid in kiting while casting Earth-based spells for damage to take advantage of the Storm bonus.

Also SKudo I'm curious, why do you carry your BRD gear in your satchel? You have to stop at a moogle to change to BRD anyway, why not make better use of all that extra room? (meds/food/supplies/situationalgear/coins/drops/seals/etc.)
rdmcandie wrote:
RDM can attain an almost static 50% reduction to recast time, SCH can over shoot this for a total of 60% reduction under Alacrity (provided you are wearing loafers and keeping dark weather on yourself)

rdmcandie wrote:
MACC is a joke, any job with access to mage gear can hit close the MACC cap on legion mobs, which is why my BRD/RDM can land slow/para/blind despite having only 150 skill (from /RDM.)
#7 Jul 12 2009 at 5:49 PM Rating: Good
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80 inventory and 80 token slots available gives us the ability to carry anything we need pretty much. Generally, I carry all my grips along with specific set gear in my satchel and just pull them out if I switch what I am doing. IE, I leave my enmity down gear in my token when in dark arts soloing because I wont need it. If I am playing healer, I'll leave my max nuke gear in my satchel.

Basically, if you cant fit your gear into your inventory, you should consider farming to get 80 slots. If you don't want to buy the token, thats may just have to leave some of your gear you wont use in the mog.

As far as Obi's go, they are absolutely a must for a SCH. 10%+ damage on nearly every nuke you cast is pretty substantial. Generally, I have ice, thunder, and dark with me any time I am in Dark Arts.
#8 Jul 13 2009 at 9:13 AM Rating: Good
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I carry 8 staves, a Bugard Strap +1, Dark Grip and P. Rope so far. Just got Sea a little while ago and haven't farmed enough organs yet but when I do I'll only be carrying 3 obi's most of the time light, ice, and thunder because 90% of the time I'm either casting Bliz/Thunder or Cure Spells. I full time the Dark Grip because either I'm soloing doing an event where a Sleep or a little more MACC on drain/aspir helps.

The only time I carry the MACC straps is when I know I'll get resists and then its only ice/thunder because those are usually the only spells I cast that I need to worry about getting resisted.
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#9 Jul 13 2009 at 9:21 AM Rating: Good
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I tend to carry 8 staves, 1 elemental grip (Dark), and at most 4 Obis -- Ice, Thunder, Dark and Light. I also own 2 other Obis (Wind and Fire), but they stay in my satchel most of the time. For Obis, you can probably get away with just carrying Dark, Light, the element that matches the day, and the element you plan to change your weather to.
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#10 Jul 18 2009 at 8:46 AM Rating: Good
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Elemental staves and most obis are not optional on SCH and you're gimping yourself if you don't carry them around. Light/dark/ice/thunder at an absolute minimum for obis. Earth falls into this category if you solo without gaiters.

Straps are optional for most situations but some are definitely helpful.

Of all my jobs, SCH takes up the most inventory hands down at about 65 slots. Its just a fact I deal with because of the nature of the job :x
#11 Jul 18 2009 at 6:58 PM Rating: Decent
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Funny, I have no issue carrying all the gear I've got SCH-wise in my inventory:

9 Staves (8 Ele + Kirin's Pole)
8 Grips (7 Ele (missing light) + Bugard)
Errant Hands ******** **** I want my damned V Cuffs ; ; Haet SE for leaving SCH off Z set)
Cobra Trews/Baron Slops (haven't bothered finding my Errant slops or buying new rest pants yet)
Numerist Pumps/Rostrum Pumps/Desert Boots
Errant Body
Rainbow Cloak/Solitaire
Holy Phial/Restingneckchainthingie/Nukingneckscarfthingie ***** I'm tired)
Don't have resting earrings yet, laziness on my part so just two there
P rope/Quirin
Int Rings
Phantom Tath..

So that's... 41 slots. Normally carry a stack of pies and one of cookies, so tack on 2 more, 43. Royal Cloak too... 44...

Yea, leaves me wit enough to eventually have all obis and the rest of my resting set.
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#12 Jul 19 2009 at 6:41 AM Rating: Good
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I just tend to carry around a bunch of situational stuff:

8 Staves
5 Ele Grips + 3 straps (Raptor/Bugard/Staff)
Seveneyes+Genbu Shield
Errant Hpl, Royal Redingote
goliard cuffs, devotee's +1, errant cuffs, cobra mitts
4 Obis, Pentients Rope, Hierarch Belt
Enf/Ele/Enh/Dark Torques. Uggly Pendant. Morgana's Choker. Enlightened/Grandoise Chain.
Moldavite/Abyssal/Magnetic/Loquacious/Relaxing earrings.
Gleemans/Aslan/Intensifying/merciful capes
Tamas/Snow/Aqua/Balhrans rings
Cobra/Mahatma legs
River Gaiters/Yigit Crackows/Herald's Gaiters/Hydra Gaiters/Cobra Feet
HHBomb/Phantom Tath

Which is... 67 slots... I was hoping that I was exaggerating a bit @.@

I'm not complaining tho. I still have room for meds, food and misc drops.
#13 Jul 20 2009 at 6:30 AM Rating: Good
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While I definately agree we have more than enough inventory, I actually run a bit closer to mid-upper70s/80. That being said, I use spellcast and generally have most of my gear sets with me at any given time.

8 Staves (Kirins Pole, + Elementals minus Fire/Water which are in Satchel)
6 Grips (Ice, Wind, Dark, Staff, + Bugard Leather +1, Raptor +1)
2 Ammo (Hedgehog + Phantom Tathlum)
6 Hats (Argute, AF+1, Elite +1, Turban, Goliard, Errant)
9 Necks (Caract, Uggi, Elemental, Dark, Enfeebling, Grandoise, Orochi, Enlightened, Enhancing)
7 Earrings (Loq, Morion+1, Moldy, Dark, Elemental, Antivenom, Boroka)
7 Bodies (Errant, AF, Argute, Goliard, Vermy, Royal Red, Morgana)
5 Hands (Argute, Vicious, Yigit, Garden Bangles, Genie)
8 Rings (Jelly, Omega, SnowX2, Troopers, Ether, Electrum, Insect)
5 Back (Gleemans, Errant, Prism, Cheviot, Invigorating)
6 Belts (Swift, Penitents, Heirarch, Hyorin, Anrin, Rairin)
4 Legs (Argute, Mahatma, AF, Yigit)
3 Feet (AF, Goliard, Yigit)

Total: 76/80

With that, I still have 4 slots for random things in my inventory, not to mention another 80 slots in my Token for food, meds, and other pieces of gear that I wont necessarily need but may want just in case. Bolded are the pieces you were asking about. I feel that these Obis are a must for SCH. I also feel that due to the frequency we use Gravity, Bind, Sleep, and Aspir/Drain that Dark, Ice, and Wind Grips are important to SCH. Keep in mind these grips also help reach a 320/120 set for nuking higher resisted mobs and generally the +2Macc > 1INT for resisted nuking. I also keep Thunder Grip in my satchel for this purpose.
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