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#1 Jul 04 2009 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
I've had it. To many gear swaps are driving me nuts. I've always used spellcastLite, but I need help with making the sets for Spellcast.

Anyone able to post there's for a scholar or at least give some examples on how to throw it together? (Particularlly in a auto-mated healing set and staff swaps per elemental spells?)
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#2Sir Crystan, Posted: Jul 05 2009 at 12:11 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ...or you could try macros. I know it's old fashioned, but it really works! I have a macro which equips in all of my nuking gear, then I add elemental staves/grips/obi's of appropriate element in the individual nuke macro.
#3 Jul 05 2009 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
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Pastebin: Spellcast
Pastebin: Macro set (Binds and G15 Aliases)

Couple comments I'd make (and can alter, but 3am...) are -

Midcast doesn't work properly if I have no arts active - I assume I always have at least one form up. It is only really a problem in salvage pre-JA cell, and even then I only notice it on stoneskin (the auto cancel fires late and removes it *right* after you cast). Easy Fix - either don't run cancel, or remove line 558, or alter it to cancel on precast instead of midcast, or (much more difficult) set up midcast correction for no arts.

Sleeptimers are something I *thought* I copied over from blm spellcast, but apparently didn't. You can just ignore any mention of them, the variables that talk about them do nothing as is.

Line 490, for autocancelling sneak, replace <YOUR NAME> with your name.

Lines 361 to 489 are correcting the midcast timer for use of arts, /rdm, etc. I assume 22% fastcast gear here since that is what I have (af feet, relic hat, loq. earring) but unless you have more (say, fastcast ACP body) you won't notice much of a difference, you'll just swap into your damage/-enmity/skill/whatever set a second early occasionally. (Wow, just noticed a big error here, but I /rdm 99% of the time so never came up... lines 438-464 should look like 469-480, and not like the /rdm lines above them.)

Blue Magic Spells I use for commands where I want spellcast to register my current state as well as update gear - rather than "sc set resting" to swap into my resting gear, "cannonball" checks if I sublimation up and picks either my resting-with-sub set or resting-without-sub set as required. Disseverment is "standing" gear with the same kind of checks, head **** is me being lazy - creates dynamis glasses or einherjar lamps depending on the zone I'm in.

Exuviation is special, and only really used in Add. White - I've set it up to when cast attempt to remove the status effects on myself in the order I find most harmful. Poison is not included to prevent removing a potion. In this setup, I just have 1 macro "exuviation <me>" that I can tap repeatedly to clean myself up.

More spell swapping - to save macro space, all JA's are doubled. If I hit Dark Arts while in Dark Arts, it uses Addendum: Black - if I hit Alacrity in LightArts or Add. White, it uses Celerity instead. Note this only works one way, since my macros are all the darkarts versions. Trying to use celerity in darkarts won't use alacrity.

Line 359 is one I struggled with for a while... I prefer to idle in max defensive (or hp when sublimating) gear, and fastcast parts don't really fit into that, but they must be equipped before the spell goes off.. so I have spellcast insert a 0.3 second pause between the first gear swap and casting the spell to allow this effect to take place.

Lines 606 to 687 are not really used anymore since the newest version of silence started blocking most "cannot be equiped" messages, but they can be used to lock any slot in place - note you can use the disable command to remove a slot, but I copied/wrote that before I learned disable.

You'll note resting gear doesn't swap in as soon as you rest - it is timed to stay in refresh/sublimation until shortly before your first tic. As of yet, I haven't found a good way (aside from manually doing it) to swap refresh > hmp > refresh as I rest.

I *think* I've covered everything that is a little screwy. Feel free to post/PM if anything doesn't make sense.

Edit: Requireversion on line 4 should be 2.30 rather than 2.20 as I've converted from <action type="Equip".../> to <equip .../> tags.

Edited, Jul 5th 2009 3:39am by Radecx
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#4 Jul 05 2009 at 4:47 AM Rating: Decent
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Using SC v2.3
Staff swaps

		<!-- Elemental Staffs, input what staff to use for each element here --> 
			<var name="Staff-Ice">Aquilo's Staff</var> 
			<var name="Staff-Dark">Pluto's Staff</var> 
			<var name="Staff-Thunder">Jupiter's Staff</var> 
			<var name="Staff-Light">Apollo's Staff</var> 
			<var name="Staff-Wind">Auster's Staff</var> 
			<var name="Staff-Fire">Vulcan's Staff</var> 
			<var name="Staff-Earth">Terra's Staff</var> 
			<var name="Staff-Water">Neptune's Staff</var> 
<if type="White Magic|Black Magic"> 
<if validtarget="Enemy"> 
<equip when="midcast"><main>$Staff-%SpellElement</main></equip> 

Cure equip
<if spell="cur*"> 
<equip when="midcast" set="EnmityDown" /> 
<equip when="midcast"><main>$Staff-%SpellElement</main></equip> 


In regards to post above, line 490 instead of spelltargetname="myname", I use spelltargettype="self"


My xml is on the spellcast wiki, but I think its more than you are interested in.
#5 Jul 06 2009 at 1:28 AM Rating: Decent
Alright, thanks much for the help guys.

I actually found the library of spellcast profiles on the windower site just after I posted here too. I was initially trying to deconstruct yours Inept, but it totally proved way beyond anything I wanted to do at a beginners level. Though the staff swap you just posted definately looks alot cleaner then the one I'm using now.

I'm for trying to keep it simple.
A set for dark arts.
A set for light arts.
A set for resting.
Stave switching.

Because of what yall gave me here I got it working... one last thing I'm trying for, more for a cosmetic thing, is trying to get an Autoexec working to change me to a town set whenever I zone in to a town.
#6 Jul 06 2009 at 1:33 AM Rating: Decent
Heres the bit I have in mine:

<if NotStatus="Engaged" TPLT="20">
<if mode="or" spell="Bio*|Sleep*|Drain*|Aspir*|Cure*|Cura*" skill="ElementalMagic|EnfeeblingMagic">
<action type="equip">

Honestly, I have no clue what that whole "if mode" line does.
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LVL 31 Mithra Warrior - "Onegai" - Titan Server

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#7 Jul 06 2009 at 4:03 AM Rating: Decent
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The 2nd if clause says that you will equip staves only if one of the following conditions are true:

a) You're casting one of the listed spells (they don't belong to Elemental Magic or Enfeebling Magic, except for Sleep*).
b) You're casting either an Elemental Magic spell or an Enfeebling Magic spell. Don't ask me why Sleep* is explicitly listed.

As to say, you won't swap Elemental Staves unless it's necessary. Like on En-spells, where you would technically cast Enfire in a Vulcan's Staff or Fire Staff without that clause.

mode="or" makes the following conditions be applied with an OR operator. By default, they are applied with an AND operator, so the whole if clause just applies if all of the conditions are true.

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