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#1 Apr 27 2009 at 7:56 AM Rating: Good
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So I was gonna do (relevant to SCH)

7 Enfeebling (currently 6 enfeebling, 5 elemental, 1 wind, 1 singing)
7 Elemental (eventually 8 for each possibly, depending on how much I want to merit)

A bunch of HP/MP (currently 2 HP and 4 MP)
5 INT (currently 1)

5 Helix Acc/Att (currently 1/5)
5 Modus Veritas Duration (Currently 0/5)

5 Stormsurge (currently 1)
1 Enlightenment

Then maybe some of the other Stratagems for use during SP? I dunno. What does everyone else do as endgame SCH?

37 NIN/37 WAR/37 DRK/37 THF/37 PLD
37 RNG/37 DNC/43 WHM/59 NPC

Bastok, ZM,CoP, ToAU complete
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#2 Apr 27 2009 at 9:11 AM Rating: Decent
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First off, having as many lvl75 jobs that you have, its hard to say where you should put which merits. Mostly because you have to keep other jobs in mind.

heres how my set up looks and will look after a few more merits.

8/8 Enfeebling Skill
8/8 Elemental Skill

I removed 8/8 wind and 4/8 singing from that category and I have yet to notice a huge difference in brd resists. looking at your lvl75's, sch, rdm, blm will all benefit from this.

3/8 Mp

At least for sch, hp+ is kinda meh. ya it increases sublimation, but even if you were to cap it hp merits, its only stores 20mp more. 80mp max > 20mp extra on sublimation.

0/5 Stat Skill(either gonna be Dex, Str, Int)

This is a huge dilemma for me.

5/5 Helix Macc/Matt
5/5 Sublimation Max

This was hard decision to make, but in the end, you will use sublimation wayyy more than helix'. I recommend my set up. Or least Sublimation. extra 50mp stored is pretty big when your getting ready to nuke from full mp and max sublimation. i currently get 326 Sublimations.

5/5 Stormsurge
1/1 Enlightenment
4/4 Focalization

Stormsurge is a given, no questions asked! After that it depends entirely on your play style. Enlightenment is nice to have at least unlocked. Even better if you can spam it. But the ability to land debuffs that normally only a rdm could do... /drool.

I have a semi firm belief that merits should be optimized to greatly increase a specific ability/attribute. I dont recommend overly dividing up your last 5 slots in Group2 merits. Having 1 amazing ability > 4 slighty better abilities. And plus, look at it this way. Your using 2 strategems for which ever you choose. Don't you want to make sure that those 2 Gems are going to be well worth it?

Good luck in which ever direction you choose. As long as your merits work for you, its all good. ^^
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#3 Apr 27 2009 at 10:23 AM Rating: Decent
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8 enfeeble > 8 elemental priority

HP/MP however you want, will depend on race

5 INT is best for SCH, but take into account other jobs

5 helix 5 modus, sublimation merits are mostly useless and modus merits make it a very potent JA

5 stormsurge, 1+ enlightenment if you want to merit it out (better to spend elsewhere really after unlocking), rest junk

Focalization is sh*t because it takes 2 charges to use and isn't gonna be worth it in pretty much any situation other than 2hr use. Toss on alacrity+klimaform instead for much better effect.

Edited, Apr 27th 2009 11:24am by Ellatrix
Ellatrix | Vincere
#4 Apr 27 2009 at 10:58 AM Rating: Good
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5 helix is a given, but modus vs. sublimation is very much a matter of preference. ^_^;; I went back and forth on it, till I finally decided that in the end sublimation will benefit my playstyle more. I don't do anything end-game'ish that'd use helixes (if I'm soloing some big NM, I'm probably rdm/nin and if I'm duoing, it's with a blm which means that hate should stay close to even), and merit fodder mobs barely live long enough for modus'd helix without any merits.

Just pick whichever strikes your fancy OP, can always change if you don't like it. ^_^

I should still merit stormsurge, but I don't wanna >.> category 2s take too many merits! So many other jobs that need merits too. ;_; Most likely I'll never spend the last 4 merits in that category.
#5 Apr 27 2009 at 12:17 PM Rating: Decent
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The beauty of Sch is that it can be played many different ways. I've tried to keep a balance between 'Dark Arts' and 'Light Arts', as well as I like to solo a lot. So much to what Sharain and I expressed, your merits depend on what you expect to get out of the job.

Long time ago, when choosing how to do my merits I was originally going to do Helix/modus veritas merits. I came across this blurb and it deterred me away from Modus Veritas merits.

This isn't to say that those merits are bad. I just weighed the likely hood of what I would use most while soloing or doing events in general. To say that Sublimation Max is useless just proves ignorance about the ability. Yes, you can always start and stop it anytime making the outcome the same. But when your starting at max mp and max sublimation, its a nice addition to your mp pool when fighting lets say.. UFO's..

I will agree that besides Stormsurge, the rest of our group2 merits are kind of lame. Enlightment is nice for those moments when you dont want to swap 'Arts', but hardly needed to 5/5 it. Though I almost wanted to because the idea of using 2 gems for one spell seems like a waste. After SS 5/5 and enlightenment 1/~, just decide for yourself what you think you mite use. If nothing, just don't merit anything else.
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#6 Apr 27 2009 at 4:37 PM Rating: Good
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Sublimation x5
Helix m.acc/m.atk x5
Focalization x4
Enlightenment x1
Stormsurge x5

Helix m.acc/m.atk is the obvious 5/5 choice; Arts Recast the obvious 0/5 choice. It took me a long time to decide between meriting Modus Veritas and Sublimation; really they're both small upgrades. If MV merits reduced the recast I would've gone 5/5 on that for sure, but +25% damage on a helix every 10 minutes, while nice and all, just wouldn't be used nearly enough to justify the merits. If I were a 100% Dark Arts at all times SCH, yeah, MV all the way, but that's just not the case for me. Not that Sublimation merits are awesome or anything, the increase to your efficiency is small, but it's a bonus that you'll receive pretty much constantly no matter what situation you find yourself in. Also, they're nice to have when you want to go into an event with the largest possible Sublimation stock, like Limbus. Throw on some HP equipment to get to 1400HP, and that's a 400MP stock right there. Again, I don't want to make it sound like Sublimation merits > MV merits for everyone, that's just the choice I ended up making, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Stormsurge and Helix m.acc/m.atk are no-brainers of course, but the remaining category 2 merits are difficult. I agree that unlocking Enlightenment is something everyone should do, simply because of the versatility if offers. However the last 4 points are kind of difficult to decide on. Both Light Arts Strategems are useless of course. Focalization seems the obvious choice and that's what I ended up meriting, but I did give serious thought to Equanimity.

My logic goes like this: I'd only really ever use either during Tabula Rasa nuke spam, during which I would have the appropriate Storm + Klimaform up, making Focalization kind of redundant. On the other hand, Equanimity is completely useless while soloing. However, in a party situation, Equanimity could come in handy by eliminating the need to hold back, allowing you to spam as many nukes as possible without fear of death. In the end I went with Focalization because my LS has me on Light Arts during events more often than not, but I think Equanimity deserves a serious look, depending on what you use your SCH for.

Look at it this way; Category 2 Strategems are essentially Tabula Rasa upgrades, so look at the situations in which you find yourself using your 2hr ability most, and merit accordingly. Don't bother looking at the Light Arts strategems; Capped -Enmity is attainable through gear alone, and how many White Magic spells do you cast that accuracy matters enough to use two charges on, or cast during Tabula Rasa?

As for other merits, Enfeebling > Elemental > MP <> INT, depending on your needs. If you really have nowhere else to put your Combat merits, Evasion never hurts. Under Other, one can make a case for Enemy Critical -%, but I went with Enmity -% and Spell Interrupt -%.
rdmcandie wrote:
RDM can attain an almost static 50% reduction to recast time, SCH can over shoot this for a total of 60% reduction under Alacrity (provided you are wearing loafers and keeping dark weather on yourself)

rdmcandie wrote:
MACC is a joke, any job with access to mage gear can hit close the MACC cap on legion mobs, which is why my BRD/RDM can land slow/para/blind despite having only 150 skill (from /RDM.)
#7 Apr 28 2009 at 4:50 AM Rating: Decent
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8 enfeeble over 8 elemental depending on how you play sch.
I've never found myself casting any enfeeble in all my sch career,and when i had to do it,artifact body + torque were more then enough.
Agreed for hp/mp , int, helix merits,stormsurge and 1 on enlightenment.
5 on Modus imho are not worth it,at least until (and if) SE does something for these "on paper" powerful spells.
I went for 5 Sublimation,just cause i find myself healing very often in mostly any situation.
About Focalization,i went for 4/4 and they work pretty well.
Saying that this ability is sh*t means that you didn't even try it as 4/4.
I don't know where's the problem on "wasting charges",i usually use only parsimony while nuking,for a perfect dmg output,so 2 charges for when you have to nuke something hard are fine.
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